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News: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Announces His Retirement

Bob Malm, the Episcopal priest who lied under oath in his efforts to obtain a protective order against former parishioner Eric Bonetti, has announced his retirement. The news comes as the church faces ongoing financial and other challenges resulting from Malm’s misconduct.

As part of Malm’s effort, he and attorney Jeffery Chiow, a shareholder in the law firm of Rogers, Joseph, O’Donnell, attempted to subpoena Bonetti’s terminally ill mother, Sigrid Yahner, in violation of relevant local law. Additionally, Chiow and Malm submitted numerous inaccurate statements to the courts, calling Bonetti a “domestic terrorist,” and referencing a fictional church shooting in the nonexistent town of “Sugarland Texas.” They also falsely informed the court that Bonetti had not previously served as a police officer, and that he has not been admitted to practice law.

Subsequently, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia refused to address Malm’s perjury, on the grounds that he had not been convicted of the crime of perjury. Thus, it would seem that all criminal behavior is okay for Episcopal clergy, as long as a criminal conviction doesn’t result.

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