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Update 4: Episcopal Priest Bob Malm Refers to Me and Mom as “Domestic Terrorists”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any uglier and less Christian, along comes Episcopal priest Bob Malm via his attorney, telling the court that mom and I are “domestic terrorists.”

See for yourself:
Perjuring priest Bob Malm refers to me and mom as “domestic terrorists”

Meanwhile, Jeff Chiow continues to claim that this is a case of “domestic terrorism,” in his court filings, even while he sends forward settlement proposals.

If nothing else, a really stupid approach. If one concludes that Jeff is lying, then folks are likely to avoid the church for that very reason. If, on the other hand, one concludes that Jeff is telling the truth, then one is likely to avoid the church for that reason. Either way, not good. And the fact that the police have not gotten involved speaks compellingly to Jeff’s claims of “domestic terrorism.”


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  2. Although my comment has nothing to do with restraining orders, the whole term "domestic terrorism" is an oxymoron. Terrorism, by definition, is a public act. It is a crime generally intended to produce fear and terror in the public to illegally further some type of political agenda. A terrorist act is, by definition, the direct opposite of a domestic crime, which is a very private crime.

    This is not to minimize the seriousness of either real acts of terrorism or real acts of domestic violence. Both types of crimes--assuming there is evidence to prove they occurred--are very serious. But they are almost exact opposites as far as crimes go. Terrorism is a very public crime. Domestic violence is a very private crime.

  3. Agree. Nor is either something to be trotted out to try to get the upper hand in a divorce case, or, as here, to try to prevent criticism. Doing so is a grave disservice to those affected by both.