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Update 2: Trash Settlement Agreement Received

Late this past week, I received a trash settlement agreement from Episcopal priest Bob Malm and his attorney. In it, they basically offered to drop the protective order if I quit blogging about them—proof, if any was ever needed, that Bob’s entire effort has been bogus from the get-go, and is a flagrant abuse of the Virginia protective order statute.

That tacit admission is exactly what I wanted to get from litigation, so I have rejected the settlement offer and dropped my appeal. That saves money, while freeing me up to spread word far and wide of several very simple truths:

  1. Episcopal priest Bob Malm is toxic.
  2. Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria Virginia is toxic.
  3. Episcopal Bishop Shannon Johnston is toxic.
  4. The Episcopal diocese of Virginia is toxic.
So, going forward, I to intend to make sure that anyone considering getting involved in the systemic narcissism that is Grace Episcopal Church has the information needed to make the right decision for them.

If you want to visit the church’s website, it’s here.

To visit my blog, which contains dozens of screen caps illustrating the behind-the-scenes conversations that people at Grace Church have been having about this conflict and their disgraceful comments, go here. Or Google Fairfax Underground and visit the Alexandria section.

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