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Update: Episcopal Priest Bob Malm‘s Abusive Restraining Order

I wanted to provide an update to the earlier post about my situation with Episcopal priest Bob Malm, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA

While I cannot yet share specifics, Bob continues to try to bully me and my family, including suggesting to various people that I somehow am mentally ill. For example, in an email to my friend Dee Parsons, publisher of The Wartburg Watch, Bob notes that several of the posts on my blog are posted in the early hours of the morning—something that happens when a person travels. He then asks her, “Is that healthy?”

I also can confirm that Bob indeed trades on his status as clergy by taking comments out of context and trying to somehow make them into threats. But if we use the same approach to the church’s website, it mentions “white supremacists” a number of times, which would mean that Grace Church supports white supremacists. It also has dozens of references to terrorism; does that mean that Bob Malm supports terrorism? If you use his logic, it does.

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is fully aware of Bob Malm’s conduct and continues to turn a willfully blind eye to the entire situation. In fact, Bishop Shannon Johnston has sent a letter to the parish supporting Bob Malm, which tells you that this is one bishop who has absolutely zero moral compass.

Meanwhile, Jeff Chiow, Bob’s attorney, continues to object to sharing of information about the case. But if this were really about being threatened, wouldn’t Bob want as much information as possible out there? Our legal system is based on open courts, in which the public can see and hear firsthand what is going on. The fact that Bob Malm appears to want to conduct things in secret speaks volumes about his real motive, which is to try and use a restraining order as a way to shut down criticism of his bullying and other bad conduct.

I’ve also uncovered several emails between Bob Malm and the City of Alexandria that he did not share during discovery; there are also a number of emails he sent to Dee Parsons, mentioned above, that he has not provided. Sketch alert.

My appeal is set for October 5th in Alexandria VA Circuit Court and is open to the public. If you are in the area I encourage you to see for yourself a really bad example of how someone in a position of perceived authority can use and abuse our court system.

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