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Episcopal Priest Bob Malm Files Bogus Protective Order

Episcopal priest Bob Malm, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, has filed a bogus restraining order against my son.

In his filing, Malm claims that a blog I write, located at, somehow threatens him because I, and two female family members, use the handle, “The Killer B’s,” on the site. The moniker, which is the name of a classic rock band in Richmond VA, is one we use because, like the band members, we all have names that begin with the letter B.

Malm also knowingly takes other words and phrases out of context. For instance, his campaign of shunning, which he directed at my son after he complained about questionable business and governance practices in the parish, has been described as “psychological torture,” by experts. Yet he claims that somehow using those words is a threat.

The trial court judge listened to a whole lot of bull from Malm about people allegedly being mean to him and more, none of which has anything to do with a restraining order. Malm also acknowledged that my son has never threatened him. Yet the judge granted the order anyway.

The case is going up on appeal, but regardless of the outcome, you should know the facts about Bob Malm’s behavior. To make matters worse, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia so far is backing Malm and refuses to address his bullying behavior.

Meanwhile, Malm has taken to calling my son’s employer, his current church, and even family friends in an effort at harassment and intimidation. Malm’s wife, Leslie, has ignored a previous written request for no further contact on at least three occasions. Starting to sound to me like they are stalkers.

Oh, and I am dying of emphysema. Needless to say, this is the last thing I or my family need to be dealing with right now. The fact that Bob Malm and the Episcopal Church think it’s okay to bully a dying woman and her family tells you everything you need to know about them.

Shame on the Episcopal Church for allowing such outrageous and appalling behavior by a priest.

PS Leslie Malm has started telling people that my son has admitted that my blog is his, and that he has claimed I am 92. Both statements are false.