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Victimized By Florida Restraining Order

I'm being victimized in the same way as the blog mentions my wife lied to get into shelter and had painted me as an abuser when she's never been abused ever in her life. They pressured her to file a Florida restraining order with promise of $1500 which she did it to get this money but now can't text or call me
Any help how to deal with this please contact me - it seems the government is against me based on her word alone and prevents me from talking to my spouse to work out the marital problems and uses its taxpayer funds to help her when she is not in any real need - it's like an innocent man trying to go against a system that is above the law and the injustice is rampant with no recourse for the innocent man like myself... 
I feel like I'm the victim in this whole thing being victimized by the shelter and system that's above the law and is funded by tax dollars with no checks to see if the woman's telling the truth just believe whatever lie she tells to give her benefits and free legal help etc when I have to hire lawyer to defend myself etc and they prevent married people from working out their issues because you aren't allowed to speak to your spouse etc instead they should offer counseling to try to save marriages - this is Florida it's happening to me in and they claim to be family friendly state - bs 
If anyone has any help please post something here for me


  1. It is likely too late to help the original poster, but one resource I recently found that may be of help to those fighting restraining orders is the book "Fight Back Now: Guerrilla Tactics to Defend against Restraining Orders". It appears to only be available for download for a fee from the site , but I think that if someone has just become aware of an ex parte order against them, this guide could be very useful.

    It describes in detail the restraining order process and how to fight it at each stage. These cases happen fast so I'd recommend purchasing it as soon as you become aware of an order so that you are prepared for each stage. In my own restraining order defense, I wasn't well prepared for the final hearing and so I lost, but this guide gives such excellent tips for preparing for the hearing itself, and if I'd had this guide at the time I believe I could have won.

  2. I wish I would have had the information in Guerrilla Tactics to Defend against Restraining Orders myself. LOL, I would probably have won my domestic violence case, but then there would not have been this Restraining Order Blog.

  3. Another book that is available is "Restraining Order 911" by Ron Lasorsa.