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Warren Sapp accused in domestic violence case

Poor Warren Sapp, it looks like his trouble with women and domestic violence  just will not go away. He lost his job on NFL Network for soliciting a prostitute in Las Vegas. We think that sucks, because we feel prostitution should be legalized, taxed, and regulated. While we don't feel it is right for any man to put his hands on a woman, we can understand Warren Sapp's anger. After all, he paid the 2 prostitutes 300 dollars EACH for Sex. Then, they failed to deliver what they had already been paid very well for, and demanded even more money.
His mistake was losing his temper. staff 
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend Warren Sapp is facing more legal problems,
according to TMZ.
According to the website, a domestic violence report has been filed against the
Pro Football Hall of Famer, after a woman accused him of getting into a
physical altercation with her at a Las Vegas casino on April 28.
The website said police have not arrested or charged Sapp, but an investigation
is underway.
Sapp made headlines in February when he was accused of hiring prostitutes
 in Phoenix while he was there for the Super Bowl. He accepted a plea agreement in May
 in which he pled guilty to a charge of solicitation
 and agreed to take two counseling programs.


Injunction for a paranoid schizophrenic ?

This is a letter from a reader, sharing her experience with an injunction, and asking for advice.

My name is ****** and I have been heartbroken by a man I am still madly in love with. He is such a sweet man when he is in his right mind but he is not now. A year ago this past January after spending six months with me hours and hours talking with me and telling me how deeply in love with me he was, he dropped out of my life, told me to stay away, and chased me out of his store for no discernable reason. Several months later my son and I went to his store and he was angry at first but eventually was telling me how deeply in love with me he was. Red flags? He also told my son and I that "entities" were telling him he was a "killer and it is my job to kill people." We had seen a therapist together who had diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic but I didn't want to believe it. After many months of hearing nothing from him and being suicidal over it and him, I wrote several emails to him that bounced back to me.I thought he never received them and tried to kill myself. While I was in the hospital he tried to serve papers against me for harassment. when I got home they were served. The judge at the hearing was a joke. She heard only his testimony and refused me the right to testify or defend myself so I shouted over her in order to get into the court record that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and heard voices telling him to kill people. She ruled against me anyway. 

So I filed an appeal based on the fact that one I did not threaten or harass a "reasonable person" as he was legally insane and was requesting he be evaluated by a court ordered psychiatrist. I am requesting that the injunction be dropped on that basis and because I was denied a chance to make a stand in my own defense. My reply brief to his lawyer must have been significantly damaging or he wouldn't have tried to have it thrown out based on a lie about a nonexistent law(he lied). He never uses lawyers as he is paranoid of using up all his money, but his worst fear is of being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. My question is, what do I do if he tries to or does contact me? if I call the police won't they take 
me to jail? Will they take him to jail? i am scared because he tried to talk to me in court and the judge kept telling him I could go to jail if he talked to me even though he filed the injunction. I feel so sad. He really did love me but is so afraid of the hospital he would rather never see me than get well and be with me. Nothing else matters anymore.