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Restraining Order Questions From A Reader

Hi I saw your website

...and I have a question about restraining orders.

I am 32 years old,  and I was invited to live at my parents house because they knew I had difficulties paying rent while in School. I just about finished my courses. and asked my parents if I could finish a few things this year to graduate,  or if they needed me to get a job.

My older sister (48) had been accusing me of not getting a job because I was lazy, but I actually am trying to finish school, and it requires me to be on Campus,  for submitting proposals, etc. It has taken a lot longer than I had planned.

Today, both of my parents were stand-offish with me when I was asking a single question and then they accused me of being "violent" when I was about 30 feet away from them and literally asked if there was cleaning agent on the kitchen floor. They did not answer the question directly and I kept asking because I did not want to get a chemical burn from someone cleaning the kitchen. Then they said that I had an attitude problem. They keep saying things to me and I am saying back to them "no, what do you mean, I am just asking about the kitchen" and by the end of it because I still asked them to answer the question they said I need to "get out".

So it is clear they don't want me here, but my main problem is they are accusing me things I did not do or even say. How do I protect myself from their accusations when they are literally making things up in front of me? I feel as though I need a restraining order on them and my sister because they don't listen to me. But I need to move out ASAP too. The problem is that I am not working, I am a FT college student and have no work schedule time available.

 Thank you,
Marcus Dupree 


  1. A restraining order is not going to protect you from your parents, as long as they are not violent. IMHO, it would be the misuse of a restraining order to stifle their rights to free speech. No one likes to be yelled at, or intimidated, I get that. However, you are living in their home, and I don't believe there are any laws to protect you from the verbal abuse of your family. If it were me, and I could, I would simply move.

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