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Protective order in Fulton County Superior court Georgia

This is an email from a reader, does anyone have a similar experience, or advice they want to share with her ?

My sister is my nightmare. I came from Los Angeles California to Atlanta, Georgia to care for my mother because she broke her hip also she has dementia. In the 3 months that I've been here, my sister has.  Had me in 3 courts eviction, probate and family protection order. My sister had our mother sign a quitclaim to the house. Then she had me served with an eviction which would've taken 30 days. She couldn't wait 30 days so the next step was she had the sheriff serve me with a protection order. It says I threatened to kidnap her baby. Im living in a hotel and i don't know where my mother is. I filed an objection to her petitiotn for our mother's guardianship in probate court. The ridiculous protective order will definitely be dropped because i hired a lawyer but I would love to have my sister be punished by the court for lying and for all the suffering she  put me through.

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