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False allegations of domestic violence arrest and dv-tro

False allegations of domestic violence arrest and dv-tro

Hayward Hall of Justice northern calif. Superior Court
June 2014 my sons father common law situation , illegal Alien
started causing arguments 4 years into the relationship , then if I got mad he would act like I was crazy and call the cops. janurary 3 times in one day , I was arrested jailed because I accidently caught his ear when I grabbed our son from him he blew it all out of proportion said I punched him . liar in june he picked up my son from school had me served at my doctors office by my neighbor and as a result I am evicted , homeless ,don't have my son , but there is a Brightside my friend is a pro per  champ she helped me respond to the dv-tro go to court and pointed out all of the lies in his application package , inconsistent with police reports , contradicted his own statements , pointed out his motives  immigration status under VAWA , and not wanting to pay child support , the judge terminated the dv-tro awarded joint legal and physical custody and granting me continuances to get myself together job wise and a roof over my head so that I will be able  to fight for sole custody or custodial joint on equal footing . never let a final custody order issue until you are givin a fair chance to overcome the unjust fraudulent allegation related harm . don't give up or give in to injustice .

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