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Why I Want To Go To Prison

My idea on how to remove myself from a living hell. :::::::: Today, I'm 47 years old, and I want to go to prison. Here is what happened: Over 7 years ago, I filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Novartis Pharmaceuticals. They were my employer, and they were fracturing federal laws. You can read about what I did here: click here That lawsuit I filed is public record. So I learned that no one wanted to hire me after blowing the whistle against this huge corporation. In 2009, weeks after learning I would not receive a settlement for that lawsuit I filed, my then wife falsely accused me of violently abusing her. You can read about that here: click here As a result of my unemployment and losing everything and everyone, I became homeless for a few years. Presently, I have a part time job that pays next to nothing. It's a struggle for me to pay bills. And I continue to have very few possessions. You can read about my present situation here: click here It's important to note that my life presently really is not that bad. Right now I have two lovers. They are both wonderful and beautiful girls who take care of me in different ways. And they are both fully aware of my at times amplified emotional state. My mental health really is at times questionable. However my physical health is excellent. For my age, I have a great deal of strength and energy. So I'm really thankful and greatful for my present condition. But I am understandably completely exhausted. I'm tired from being beat up so traumatically by my life and how it has evolved. I've lost so much and I have you could say so little right now. In many ways my life is at times a living hell. Often I wake up in the morning hoping tomorrow will somehow be better then today. Being alone is at times very difficult for me. So going to prison seems like a very good ideal to me at times. While there, I could sleep, read and write. And I would be free I think of any worries or concerns. while in prison, I could attempt to rest and refuel for the next chapter in my life. Prepare for what is next for me after my time in prison. And I'm sure I'd make some new friends while incarcerated. But what is a good way to go to prison? I'm unjable to harm anyone, so that is not an avenue I could take. And I don't steal. Although I've thought about stealing a car so I could go to prison for awhile. There overall is no desirable way for me to go to prison. If my desire however increases to go to prison, I'll probably end up stealing something. But I'll steam from an establishment. Not another individual. I was in jail once for a few weeks. And I understand that prison is better in many different ways instead of jail. For now I'll continue with my life as it is right now. I'll continue to be with those who are very good for my soul. They are people who understand me in some way and who do not judge me. Such people include real brothers and soul mates. People who definitely are the reason I still exist today. Ill truly miss them when I go to prison. So I hope they write me when I am there.

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  1. i feel you bro. prison can be a great place