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Restraining Order Petition

My boyfriend and I were both served "stay away" orders by his ex (she files restraining orders on anyone and everyone), we were served by publication meaning his ex put an ad in a newspaper where we don't even live and that was identified as proper service. Her claims are outrageous and blatant lies, I work with kids (I teach, volunteer) and now this order is forever on my record even though we are in the process of trying to vacate the order. Order of protections are against all our civil rights, we were not even present when the judge granted a plenary order which is against what the law entails. I launched a petition on in efforts to raise awareness to how much this law is being abused, and how it is unjustly served. I'm looking for people to join in and help spread the word and I know your blog has been super helpful to me with all the information and stories of other victims shared. Is there anyway you could post it to your blog? I'd appreciate any help you could give, thank you!

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