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Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order Questions

Here is an email we received from a reader of this Blog, full of questions about what to do about the Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order, his wife was able to get in Court in Tampa  against him recently.

Hello to the injustice system in Tampa! I'm from Hillsborough County, Florida, where my life is
currently being ruined. Back in October of 2012 I decided to have a
night out with my wife in Tampa. I stayed the night out, not returning until
9 am the following morning(my wrong doing and I accept that). As I
pulled into the driveway, my wife met me in rage, stating that she was
done and for me to get my belongings out which she had already packed.
I entered the house, walked into the kitchen and popped 2 tylenols for
my headache, the she shouts dramatically to my stepmom over the phone
" dont take all those pills, he's trying to kill his self". I walk off
into our bedroom, she follows behind me and closes the door. She began
to punch me, then shoves me into the wall by my throat screaming she
hates me and wish I would die. I then yelled if this makes you feel
better then go ahead. She began punching me again. My co-worker then
calls me wondering if I was coming in to work, my wife tells her I'm
too ashamed to come to the phone nor work because she had just beat me
up. Ok, further along I went on to work, co-worker witnessed the
bruising and scratches on my face. My wife decides she doesnt want to
split up. We went along for 2 days with no speaking, yet still under
the same roof. On the 3rd day I was awakened at 3am, she enters the
room screaming get up and switch on the lights. I didnt  move. She
then snatches the covers off the bed. I sat up and she began punching
me,  and biting my in the crown of my head as she was on my back.
Enough was enough, I slung her off of my back and held her arm behind
her back to diffuse the situation. She calmed down, I then let her up,
I tried to walk away but she began to punch again. I picked up an
statue, not in fear of her, but in fear that she was trying to provoke
me to have me arrested. I figured she would stay away from me, Never
threatened her. I sat the statue down, she began to follow again, i
grabbed a knife from the kitchen, again never threatening her. I held
the knife down to my side as I got dressed then I left. She called me
87 times, begging me to come home and that she was sorry, she just
want us to talk. I eventually returned home that morning. We some what
made up. 3 weeks of arguing went on about me staying out all night. I
had told her the reasoning behind it, and told her our marraige was
over. We conversated about divorce, I told he that I would give her
child support and if she could give me 30 days to find my own place I
would still help her out with the bills that following month. I had
stayed out a second time. She packed my clothing waiting at the front
door. She stated If I still felt that I was tired of working on the
marraige I needed to leave then. I left with 2 days of clothing. I
left in one of two vehicles we owned. 2 days later the  Hillsborough County, Florida, cops pull up to
my job and demanded me to hand her over the car keys. She called me on
my job through out the week begging me to come home. She also called
my family members begging them to talk to me. A week went by, I had a Tampa
cop escort me to get the rest of my belongings and the officer was
informed by my mom inlaw that my wife had taken out a  Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order, So I was
unable to get my belongings. She continued to harrass me at work,
begging me to cone home and that she didnt show up for court so I
wouldnt have to worry about the Hillsborough County  Restraining Order. I told her I wasnt coming back,
she then stated she will have to do what she has to,  I'll be served.
No later than 4 hours later the Tampa Police were pulling up. I was
served with a ex parte, domestic violence restraining order. Requesting no contact
with wife or daughter, 400.00 in child support and 1250.00 in spousal
support. A total of 1650.00, which I have 3 other children outside her
that I support. With my income That only left me with 100.00 to
survive off of. My wife still continued to call my job and family
members begging me to come home. I called the Tampa Police and reported the
harassing calls. We finally went to Hillsborough County Florida Court in December in downtown Tampa. I was sure I
would be okay with representing my self in Hillsborough County Florida Criminal Court. I had proof wifey was not in
fear of me(tampa police report). I had statements from my co-worker, my
supervisor. I had statments from my mom whom had proof of all the
texts she recieved from my wife begging. The judge in Tampa didnt hear any of
it, didnt ask proof of anything. Now I'm stuck in restraining order hell for 12 months. What do
I do.


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