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Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Injunction

Below is a letter from a reader who just had his life ruined by a questionably awarded Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Injunction, granted by the infamous  Judge Christene Vogel.
 I have personally been in front of Judge Vogel, and all I can say is "Thank God she is retired, and no longer a Judge in Hillsborough County, Florida.

I was in a short-term marriage.  We married on Christmas 2011.  We had communicated online via for several years and finally got together.  She told me how she never felt this way about anyone before, etc.  
Very shortly after our marriage, my wife began to accuse me of adultery and other things.  She would have episodes where she would threaten domestic violence.  Before our marriage I had paid for a neck operation for her in Europe for $40,000 because she said they were the only ones who could do it correctly.  She insisted I have her sign a promissory note for the amount.
She never worked or contributed anything to the marriage.  I would give her cash weekly, usually $200, for spending money.  I had a good job, a nice home, a great credit rating and never had any trouble, not even a traffic ticket, since moving to Hillsborough County Florida in 2000.  In March 2012 she moved out of the bedroom, saying she was not getting enough rest.  I bought a new Lexus that month and we used her Nissan with 165,000 miles as a down-payment, for which we got $3,000.  I let her have the 2009 Lexus I had before our marriage, saying we would transfer the title after it was paid off.  
During our marriage she would "visit her parents" or go to Pinellas County to "get her hair done..."  It turns out she was seeing at least one other man during these trips.  She left the house in early May; I asked her to come home several times.  She returned in late May and we spent a wonderful five days together.  The following Monday she said she was going on a job interview.  That evening I was served with divorce papers in Hillsborough County, with her seeking alimony, health insurance and a bunch of other things.  I called her and told her she was not getting anything.  On May 26 the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department was at my door with a domestic violence filing, and they came into my house and searched it for weapons and drugs. She told them I was dealing marijuana out of the house.
The domestic violence hearing date came and my attorney said I had nothing to worry about, that nobody could believe the outrageous allegations on the filing.  My Wife testified that I told her I was a "pistelero" and I would shoot her with my "pistole" if she ever left.  She also based most of her domestic violence testimony on hearsay, saying things like "our therapist said he's dangerous" and "he told my trainer he would sue her if she continued to train me".  I asked my attorney why she was not objecting and she said, again, that "nobody could possibly believe this..."
Well, Hillsborough County Judge Vogel granted the domestic violence injunction.  Several days later I texted my Wife, asking her what was going on and please come home.  She called the Hillsborough County Sheriff and I had a criminal violation filed against me by the Hillsborough County State Attorney's office.  I eventually had to plead guilty to this.
My Wife and her attorney continued to allege domestic violence violations, none of which were true.  In the original hearing, she testified that she had filed one previous domestic violence filing; I subsequently located four, and was told that others exist but would be difficult to locate.  I got affadavits from all the people she "quoted" rebutting her testimony.  I found out she filed false information on our marriage application, saying this was her third wedding and her last divorce was in Pinellas County in 2004;  I found out she had been married at least six times previously, and her last divorce was in 2011 in Brevard County.
She also has forged many official documents against me and former husbands, stealing cars, checks, houses, ruining businesses... she got me fired from my job as her attorney contacted my employer and made a bunch of allegations based on the domestic violence injunction.  Apparently my Wife likes to ruin careers too, and uses the DVI's to try and jail her former husbands.
At every subsequent domestic violence hearing, Hillsborough County Judge Vogel would not let me speak.  A new attorney came in for a violation hearing and did not even know her name, or try to question her witnesses who lied blatently on her behalf.  
Judge Vogel's awful decisions aided my ex in ruining my life.  I have lost everything, soon I will lose my home as it is in default.  I cannot get a job because each potential employer has found the domestic violence injunction.  And I have been in a state of shock and disbelief about the actions, and the incredible rulings of Judge Vogel.  Her rulings had no basis in domestic violence law or fact, and defied any reasonable thinking.  She is retired now but not before she ruined my life entirely.
I am under a no-contact order so we may have to redact my wives  name.  She apparently lurks on dating websites, locates vulnerable men and steals everything they have.  She then lies and files a domestic violence injunction, it is almost the same story for all of her exes.  And they she disappears.  She has lived in over 35 locations in the past 10 years.  And I am sure she has her sights on her next victim and again, she is able to do this based on the incompetence of the HCSO and Hillsborough County Criminal Court Judge Christene Vogel.  
Thank you,

Name withheld by request


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  2. that's the worst thing ive ever heard, dude. I'm literally afraid to get married now

  3. Not everyone is like that, guys, but please, for the love of everything sacred, have a background check done by a PI. My PI has asked me to do this even before I go out on the very first date. And, yes, I am a woman, but everyone is vulnerable. And I have known my PI for 10 years and he is a good family friend.