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Stalking In Orlando Florida

This is a recent email to me, from one of our Blog Followers.

Hi Chris,

First of all, I want to let your readers know that there's a new season of Stalked, on Discovery ID channel. One of the new episodes
chronicles a story of stalking which took place in my back yard, Orlando. 

If your readers tune into  this series, they will learn to distinguish the difference between real stalking cases, and those which are contrived
in order to gain the upper hand in a divorce/custody dispute. The psychology and science which relates to stalking is 
fairly clear cut, in our present day. 

The problem with these bogus claims is: there are victims of domestic violence in REAL CRISIS. Filing a bogus report only 
takes away from their claims. Let me relate this in a way that may outrage your readers even more. 

Someone has a personal vendetta
against you. They call child services, and anonymously make a complaint about your parenting skills, even though you're a model parent. It happens every day in our society.  Here's the problem with that: THERE ARE FAMILIES

These bogus claims of domestic violence and stalking are no different. When you make a bogus claim of domestic violence,
it cheapens the claims of REAL victims, and it is a deplorable action, for which there is NO EXCUSE, and for which there
should be consequences. 

I took the route of blogging about my accuser taking me to court. He has decided to SUE me for telling the truth.
He has decided that the court system is in place for his own, personal recreation. Sound familiar? 

Here is the link to the latest piece of harassment he has hurled at me. Please, urge your friends and loved ones, to ONLY
use the courts in the most dire of circumstances. Otherwise, we all suffer. Did I mention that my abuser is not even


  1. My attorney basically told me to abandon my pursuit to get my day(s) in court. But how could I let such false allegations to continue? How can someone be sued for telling the truth? I pray I don't have to concede and injunction will be thrown out but I fear of whatever public record that is left behind because, even though there's nothing to back allegations, some people just hang on and believe mistruths!

  2. Aimee, Yesterday, a circuit judge upheld my counter claim against my ex, for malicious prosecution. This is a very difficult tort to prosecute, but my opponent's attorney with 40 years' experience, couldn't have it thrown out. If you are taken to court, and the proceeding ends in your favor, you have a clear cut case of malicious prosecution. The Invasion of Privacy count against me was dismissed in July, so I used that as grounds. Now, I'm going back to Swuannee county, where my accuser filed a motion for contempt of court against me, and lost. There are ways to hold these abusers of the system accountable. Best of luck.

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