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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Chartric Darby Arrested

 Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers nose tackle Chartric Darby has been arrested and charged with domestic battery.
The Pasco County Sheriff's office says an officer responded to a call about an argument at Darby's home in Land O'Lakes. Darby's wife told police they started arguing when she wanted to leave to take care of some things and Darby pushed her in the chest.
Darby told police he had been arguing but it was not physical. The officer did not see any marks or redness on Darby's wife, but he was arrested based on her statement.
They have been married 11 years and have three children together.
Darby was the starting nose tackle for Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win in 2002. He also played for Seattle and Detroit.
It is important to note that he has not been found guilty of anything. They have 3 kids together, and hopefully they will work things out for themselves, w/o the Pasco County Florida Criminal Justice systems help.


Restraining Order Petition

My boyfriend and I were both served "stay away" orders by his ex (she files restraining orders on anyone and everyone), we were served by publication meaning his ex put an ad in a newspaper where we don't even live and that was identified as proper service. Her claims are outrageous and blatant lies, I work with kids (I teach, volunteer) and now this order is forever on my record even though we are in the process of trying to vacate the order. Order of protections are against all our civil rights, we were not even present when the judge granted a plenary order which is against what the law entails. I launched a petition on in efforts to raise awareness to how much this law is being abused, and how it is unjustly served. I'm looking for people to join in and help spread the word and I know your blog has been super helpful to me with all the information and stories of other victims shared. Is there anyway you could post it to your blog? I'd appreciate any help you could give, thank you!


Falsely Accused In Marion County Florida

Back in Nov.2010 my husband and his ex broke up. He filed a temporary restraining order on her. His daughter was given to him. 2 Weeks later he went to court. Because of lack of evidence he was denied the final restraining order. On that same day in Nov.2010 after he was denied, his ex went and filed a temp. restraining order on him. They removed his daughter and gave her back to the ex. 3 days later she called the police and falsely stated that he tried to place a hit on their daughter for $ 60.00. The police questioned him and no evidence was found for it to be true. They went to court 2 weeks later and while under oath he asked her and her mother if his ex had ever been baker acted or ever been diagnosed with mental health disorders. They both lied under oath and said no. The judge decided to award the final restraining order because my husband didn't have evidence of anything he was trying to prove. She had friends and family go under oath and state he had been abusive to their child. Over the next year, she proceded to contact him through different social networks, and then tried to violate him. He did not communicate with her. Then in December of 2012 She contacted me his wife. We began talking. She requested that the judge modify the restraining order to allow communication. It was permited and they began communicating. We lived in TN by this time. She was in FL. She asked him to come back to FL and she would request the judge to vacate the restraining order so that he can start seeing his daughter. We moved back in Feb.2013. She filed a motion to vacate in Feb. 2013.The judge did not respond to the Motion. I lived with her for 2 weeks until my apartment was ready, and then I moved into my apartment with my husband.  The judge still did not respond to the Motion by May 2013. Then in May 2013 he filed a petition for visitation. In May 2013 she decided she didn't want him to see her so she claimed she was moving to Miami with their daughter. I went into her apartment office and requested information on whether she was still residing there. The apartment manager said she had not seen her in over 3 weeks, and would have to check in on the situation. My husband decided to go and file a contempt and return of child and a appointment for a guardian ad litem to be assigned to the case for his daughter. His ex had the apartment manager lie in a written statement and is now trying to violate him. If this judge had vacated this restraining order this would not even be and issue. But in the mean time, my husband has collected evidence that his ex has been Baker Acted on multiple occasions from childhood until adulthood, She has multiple domestic violence charges from childhood on her mother and father, brother and pregnant cousin, she has been arrested a few short months prior to her 18th birthday for breaking into a house and stealing alcohol and drug paraphenilia and expensive items from a neighbor. She and her mother an grandmother all lied under oath when asked if she had mental problems or ever been baker acted originally. My husband has provided all the proof to the judge along with filing a motion to vacate the injunction and also has filed a motion to set final hearing. He has also filed an amended petition to obtain sole custody of his daughter. And have her removed from her mothers care and place back into his care. He has subpoenaed people to witness that she has been neglectful and abusive to their child from infancy to recently. She has left her in her mothers care and her mother tried to commit suicide in front of her. At her own confession to my wife DCF was brought in and she was told she could not be left in the care of her grandmother. He has proof of that as well. She has a legal aid lawyer and who is from Marion County, who states in her response that she lives in Gainesville and has not willing fully moved the child to any other place. That she never said she was taking the child to Miami. I, myself, my step-daughter and her husband all heard her say it and she text messaged me that she had moved 3 weeks prior an would not disclose to where she would be living. She responded with mail anything to my mothers. Falsely Accused


Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order Questions

Here is an email we received from a reader of this Blog, full of questions about what to do about the Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order, his wife was able to get in Court in Tampa  against him recently.

Hello to the injustice system in Tampa! I'm from Hillsborough County, Florida, where my life is
currently being ruined. Back in October of 2012 I decided to have a
night out with my wife in Tampa. I stayed the night out, not returning until
9 am the following morning(my wrong doing and I accept that). As I
pulled into the driveway, my wife met me in rage, stating that she was
done and for me to get my belongings out which she had already packed.
I entered the house, walked into the kitchen and popped 2 tylenols for
my headache, the she shouts dramatically to my stepmom over the phone
" dont take all those pills, he's trying to kill his self". I walk off
into our bedroom, she follows behind me and closes the door. She began
to punch me, then shoves me into the wall by my throat screaming she
hates me and wish I would die. I then yelled if this makes you feel
better then go ahead. She began punching me again. My co-worker then
calls me wondering if I was coming in to work, my wife tells her I'm
too ashamed to come to the phone nor work because she had just beat me
up. Ok, further along I went on to work, co-worker witnessed the
bruising and scratches on my face. My wife decides she doesnt want to
split up. We went along for 2 days with no speaking, yet still under
the same roof. On the 3rd day I was awakened at 3am, she enters the
room screaming get up and switch on the lights. I didnt  move. She
then snatches the covers off the bed. I sat up and she began punching
me,  and biting my in the crown of my head as she was on my back.
Enough was enough, I slung her off of my back and held her arm behind
her back to diffuse the situation. She calmed down, I then let her up,
I tried to walk away but she began to punch again. I picked up an
statue, not in fear of her, but in fear that she was trying to provoke
me to have me arrested. I figured she would stay away from me, Never
threatened her. I sat the statue down, she began to follow again, i
grabbed a knife from the kitchen, again never threatening her. I held
the knife down to my side as I got dressed then I left. She called me
87 times, begging me to come home and that she was sorry, she just
want us to talk. I eventually returned home that morning. We some what
made up. 3 weeks of arguing went on about me staying out all night. I
had told her the reasoning behind it, and told her our marraige was
over. We conversated about divorce, I told he that I would give her
child support and if she could give me 30 days to find my own place I
would still help her out with the bills that following month. I had
stayed out a second time. She packed my clothing waiting at the front
door. She stated If I still felt that I was tired of working on the
marraige I needed to leave then. I left with 2 days of clothing. I
left in one of two vehicles we owned. 2 days later the  Hillsborough County, Florida, cops pull up to
my job and demanded me to hand her over the car keys. She called me on
my job through out the week begging me to come home. She also called
my family members begging them to talk to me. A week went by, I had a Tampa
cop escort me to get the rest of my belongings and the officer was
informed by my mom inlaw that my wife had taken out a  Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order, So I was
unable to get my belongings. She continued to harrass me at work,
begging me to cone home and that she didnt show up for court so I
wouldnt have to worry about the Hillsborough County  Restraining Order. I told her I wasnt coming back,
she then stated she will have to do what she has to,  I'll be served.
No later than 4 hours later the Tampa Police were pulling up. I was
served with a ex parte, domestic violence restraining order. Requesting no contact
with wife or daughter, 400.00 in child support and 1250.00 in spousal
support. A total of 1650.00, which I have 3 other children outside her
that I support. With my income That only left me with 100.00 to
survive off of. My wife still continued to call my job and family
members begging me to come home. I called the Tampa Police and reported the
harassing calls. We finally went to Hillsborough County Florida Court in December in downtown Tampa. I was sure I
would be okay with representing my self in Hillsborough County Florida Criminal Court. I had proof wifey was not in
fear of me(tampa police report). I had statements from my co-worker, my
supervisor. I had statments from my mom whom had proof of all the
texts she recieved from my wife begging. The judge in Tampa didnt hear any of
it, didnt ask proof of anything. Now I'm stuck in restraining order hell for 12 months. What do
I do.


San Francisco Domestic Violence Shelter Liars

Here is a letter we received about his experience with liars at a San Francisco Domestic Violence Shelter.

Ran across you Restraining Order Blog Site. Was hoping to post the following, but apparently my post is too long:

I am in this same situation. My ex-wife (was my wife at the time) went off on a "Religious Quest" where she decided she wanted to become a Buddhist Nun. She said that to do this, she needed to end her relationship with me and follow her path to enlightenment. As it turned out, her path to enlightenment included a relationship with another another man. After 13 years of marriage, I was devastated. Certainly I was an emotional wreck. I pleaded and begged my wife to work with me to save our marriage. We had two children at the time ages 7 and 4. There were the routine brushes with the police where she would call them because I was emotionally distraught and she'd claim I was "emotionally abusing her" by trying to convince her that there was merit in saving our marriage. Ultimately, she left our home, called a San Francisco Domestic Violence  hotline, and managed to get into this system of Women's Domestic Violence Shelters where she and my children lived for over a year now, moving from place to place every couple of months. In the beginning, she was at least good enough to allow me to see my children regularly. In fact, this occurred for most of the year leading up to the situation I am in today. She even spent an entire day with my sons and I at a local amusement park. Throughout all of this, there was never any domestic violence. The person who was suffering through all of this was me as she used my children, and these DV shelters, as tools to manipulate me.

THen, so suddenly, she ended all contact with me. All along she kept telling me she wanted "a divorce from me and she was willing to work with me in any way". Her last text message were words to this effect, and that was it. She terminated all contact with me. I tried one last time to contact her at one of these San Francisco Domestic Violence  shelters she was living at, and she had the police standing by to handcuff me and stuff me in a police car. One of the shelter staff even blatantly lied saying they have seen me earlier in the day and I brandished a firearm. While I did own firearms at the time, they were not within 100 miles of this location where my ex-wife was living. The end result of this temporary contact was a 1 week TRO and the investigating police officer telling me she apologizes for these actions taken, that I'm not the sort of person they usually encounter on the streets, and that my ex-wife needs to stop all this running around with our kids. She realized what was going on. But with my ex-wife living in a San Francisco Domestic Violence  shelter, her hands were tied.

Fast forward to today. I grew tired of all of this. It was time to move on. I filed for divorce. My wife (now ex-wife) still decided to remain in hiding. There was no way to properly serve her the divorce paperwork. In the end, I got approved to serve via publication. Obviously she didn't respond. The terms of the divorce were in my favor. I felt like finally I had some closure. During this time, I met someone new, developed a relationship, and we've since been married and have a baby on the way.

But it didn't end there. My ex-wife decided now it was time to have her revenge. The DV shelters moved her to the City of San Francisco clearly for the purpose of filing a custody case and DV case against me. It didn't matter in court what I had to say or what my divorce decree stated. The judge took her at her word, and claimed jurisdiction over our kids because they had been with her. The end result, a three year CLETS DV restraining order, loss of my second amendment rights (I had to give up my guns), a possible loss of a 17+ year career in the US Navy if my Security Clearance is affected, and the worst environment for my children due to a ridiculous visitation schedule. 

I once had a respect for the rule of law and what this great nation stood for But I'm sorry, our courts (especially those in California) have morphed into nothing but a tool to be used by those who wish to seek revenge on their partners. I'm disgusted with it all and all of this is taking a toll on my new relationship. I've dealt with all of this up to this point without the need of attorney's representing me (I used them solely for paperwork and advice). But seems now I need to get some legal assistance.

For all of you who have been in this San Francisco Domestic Violence  boat. I feel for you. In the end, I want only what is best for my children. And I do not believe that is an adversarial situation with my ex-wife setup my a screwed up court system.



Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Injunction

Below is a letter from a reader who just had his life ruined by a questionably awarded Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Injunction, granted by the infamous  Judge Christene Vogel.
 I have personally been in front of Judge Vogel, and all I can say is "Thank God she is retired, and no longer a Judge in Hillsborough County, Florida.

I was in a short-term marriage.  We married on Christmas 2011.  We had communicated online via for several years and finally got together.  She told me how she never felt this way about anyone before, etc.  
Very shortly after our marriage, my wife began to accuse me of adultery and other things.  She would have episodes where she would threaten domestic violence.  Before our marriage I had paid for a neck operation for her in Europe for $40,000 because she said they were the only ones who could do it correctly.  She insisted I have her sign a promissory note for the amount.
She never worked or contributed anything to the marriage.  I would give her cash weekly, usually $200, for spending money.  I had a good job, a nice home, a great credit rating and never had any trouble, not even a traffic ticket, since moving to Hillsborough County Florida in 2000.  In March 2012 she moved out of the bedroom, saying she was not getting enough rest.  I bought a new Lexus that month and we used her Nissan with 165,000 miles as a down-payment, for which we got $3,000.  I let her have the 2009 Lexus I had before our marriage, saying we would transfer the title after it was paid off.  
During our marriage she would "visit her parents" or go to Pinellas County to "get her hair done..."  It turns out she was seeing at least one other man during these trips.  She left the house in early May; I asked her to come home several times.  She returned in late May and we spent a wonderful five days together.  The following Monday she said she was going on a job interview.  That evening I was served with divorce papers in Hillsborough County, with her seeking alimony, health insurance and a bunch of other things.  I called her and told her she was not getting anything.  On May 26 the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department was at my door with a domestic violence filing, and they came into my house and searched it for weapons and drugs. She told them I was dealing marijuana out of the house.
The domestic violence hearing date came and my attorney said I had nothing to worry about, that nobody could believe the outrageous allegations on the filing.  My Wife testified that I told her I was a "pistelero" and I would shoot her with my "pistole" if she ever left.  She also based most of her domestic violence testimony on hearsay, saying things like "our therapist said he's dangerous" and "he told my trainer he would sue her if she continued to train me".  I asked my attorney why she was not objecting and she said, again, that "nobody could possibly believe this..."
Well, Hillsborough County Judge Vogel granted the domestic violence injunction.  Several days later I texted my Wife, asking her what was going on and please come home.  She called the Hillsborough County Sheriff and I had a criminal violation filed against me by the Hillsborough County State Attorney's office.  I eventually had to plead guilty to this.
My Wife and her attorney continued to allege domestic violence violations, none of which were true.  In the original hearing, she testified that she had filed one previous domestic violence filing; I subsequently located four, and was told that others exist but would be difficult to locate.  I got affadavits from all the people she "quoted" rebutting her testimony.  I found out she filed false information on our marriage application, saying this was her third wedding and her last divorce was in Pinellas County in 2004;  I found out she had been married at least six times previously, and her last divorce was in 2011 in Brevard County.
She also has forged many official documents against me and former husbands, stealing cars, checks, houses, ruining businesses... she got me fired from my job as her attorney contacted my employer and made a bunch of allegations based on the domestic violence injunction.  Apparently my Wife likes to ruin careers too, and uses the DVI's to try and jail her former husbands.
At every subsequent domestic violence hearing, Hillsborough County Judge Vogel would not let me speak.  A new attorney came in for a violation hearing and did not even know her name, or try to question her witnesses who lied blatently on her behalf.  
Judge Vogel's awful decisions aided my ex in ruining my life.  I have lost everything, soon I will lose my home as it is in default.  I cannot get a job because each potential employer has found the domestic violence injunction.  And I have been in a state of shock and disbelief about the actions, and the incredible rulings of Judge Vogel.  Her rulings had no basis in domestic violence law or fact, and defied any reasonable thinking.  She is retired now but not before she ruined my life entirely.
I am under a no-contact order so we may have to redact my wives  name.  She apparently lurks on dating websites, locates vulnerable men and steals everything they have.  She then lies and files a domestic violence injunction, it is almost the same story for all of her exes.  And they she disappears.  She has lived in over 35 locations in the past 10 years.  And I am sure she has her sights on her next victim and again, she is able to do this based on the incompetence of the HCSO and Hillsborough County Criminal Court Judge Christene Vogel.  
Thank you,

Name withheld by request


Letter From A Reader

I met my boyfriend in July of 2010....  Innocent and simple.  He was separated and living in his own place.  From day one the ex despised me.  I'm a wee bit younger and thinner than her and I think that set a tone for her.  I come from a big family and have 14 nieces and nephews so needless to say I have experience with kids :) Which tells you how full of love and compassion I am with children.  She has demeaned me, minimized me and put me down from the get go!  I didn't have a chance with the kids from "hello" :(  !!!! One night under complete anger and rage that boiled to the point I couldn't take anymore I stepped out of line. 
 Joe (my boyfriend) and I went for dinner and a few beers and the chatter set me off!  Clamor of abusive kid stories regarding her telling the oldest (who's a girl) she's fat or slapping her in the face, yelling at the middle aged son and telling him to "fuck off" or even worse dropping him at the local pool joint to meet a friend and giving him 4 quarters like we are living in the 60's!!!!  I lost my cool....
She came to pick the kids up and I waited outside just to make a hooplah!  I knew it was wrong but, I was so dead set on raging on her (verbally) I didn't care.  I had called my brother over to just be outside with me because I figured with him there I wouldn't lose my cool. OUT THE WINDOW that went because the moment I saw her I just was hateful.  I called her "fatso" (which is what Joe and I call her) She jumped out of the car and ran and stood in front f me, danced around and asked my brother if she was sexy and or fat, lol....  I laughed out loud literally and said that's my brother.  She called me a dumb bitch and without a flinch I bitch slapped her so hard I saw red :(!!!!!!!  Long story short crazy lady called the cops.  Shame there were no witnesses... ;) wink.  Filed a restraining order against me stating that we had previous physical encounters that never took place!  Since then the kids have been forbidden to come over according to her.  Were in the middle of an ugly battle to have them in our life.  I'm no fool, not naive in any way.  I know that the life we provide is the best for the kids but the ex is president of the lying committee and I can't compete with that :(  We have home cooked meals and clean clothes.  She is queen of fast food and never running a load.  They literally bring their clothes over in a supermarket bag :( :( :( !!!!!!!  I'm at a loss here!  He went to court for custody and the court appointed the kids an attorney to speak for them but, its unfair because she has manipulated and lied her way through all of this and set the stage for me being the biggest devil of all :(  I don't know what to do.  Joe is depressed and sad he will lose his kids!  KIDS I WANT HERE IN OUR LIFE! I don't know what to do, where to turn.....  help? :(

Yours truly,

Bruised girl :(


Stalking In Orlando Florida

This is a recent email to me, from one of our Blog Followers.

Hi Chris,

First of all, I want to let your readers know that there's a new season of Stalked, on Discovery ID channel. One of the new episodes
chronicles a story of stalking which took place in my back yard, Orlando. 

If your readers tune into  this series, they will learn to distinguish the difference between real stalking cases, and those which are contrived
in order to gain the upper hand in a divorce/custody dispute. The psychology and science which relates to stalking is 
fairly clear cut, in our present day. 

The problem with these bogus claims is: there are victims of domestic violence in REAL CRISIS. Filing a bogus report only 
takes away from their claims. Let me relate this in a way that may outrage your readers even more. 

Someone has a personal vendetta
against you. They call child services, and anonymously make a complaint about your parenting skills, even though you're a model parent. It happens every day in our society.  Here's the problem with that: THERE ARE FAMILIES

These bogus claims of domestic violence and stalking are no different. When you make a bogus claim of domestic violence,
it cheapens the claims of REAL victims, and it is a deplorable action, for which there is NO EXCUSE, and for which there
should be consequences. 

I took the route of blogging about my accuser taking me to court. He has decided to SUE me for telling the truth.
He has decided that the court system is in place for his own, personal recreation. Sound familiar? 

Here is the link to the latest piece of harassment he has hurled at me. Please, urge your friends and loved ones, to ONLY
use the courts in the most dire of circumstances. Otherwise, we all suffer. Did I mention that my abuser is not even