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Removing Restraining Orders From Your Record

This Blog receives a lot of letters (emails) from readers who want to share their restraining order stories with others.
If you want to share your story, get advice, or just vent about how you got screwed by a restraining order, stalking, harassment, or domestic violence related Law, this Blog is a good place to do it! 
With that said, here is Lisa's story below.

I would like to share my story.  I met this guy on facebook.  Seemed nice
enough to have a friendship with.  Anyway, this guy turned out to be a total
crazy person.  He blocked me on facebook, but then got his friends to befriend
me, I wasn't even aware it was his friends until later.  They played mind games
with me, stalked me,  harassed me.  He even went as far as requesting my
friends friendship, setting up fake profiles and tried to see my profile
details in that way.  I had to open a whole new profile just to get rid of the
constant harassment.  I did see a lawyer who, because we lived cities apart,
said I could only send him a warning letter and maybe go down to that city and
file an order for peace ( harassment order) but he would have to sign for it
and if he wants to, he can contest it.  So I found out later he somehow, with
the help of his police officer friends, got a restraining order against me,
without my knowledge.  I am going to see a lawyer about this, because if I was
not aware of it and no documents was send to me, how on earth would I know to
not bump into him in the city he lives, as my family lives there and I visit
them once a year.  I just want to warn people that there are crazy people out
there that think they are above the law, when they are the ones stalking and
harassing people.  Don't allow people to bully you like that.  I am just
waiting for us to get our inheritance and I will be applying to have all those
restraining orders removed, because it was gained illegally and with the help
of corrupt police personal.  They could loose their jobs, but should have
thought about that, before helping their friend.  

Kind regards Lisa

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