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Divorce Restraining Order Tampa Florida

My wife issued a Tampa Florida Restraining Order against me in preparation for a divorce. I live in NorthTampa, and I have never even had a parking ticket in Hillsborough County. She said her scumbag divorce lawyer would not take her case, unless she filed for a  temporary restraining order in Tampa, and got one. Anyway, this "order of protection" has been in effect for about a month. Yesterday, she came over to pick up the rest of her stuff. Everything she listed that she wanted on the Tampa Court Document, was boxed up, labeled, and placed in our Garage. I left before she showed up, and my son handled the transfer. Here is the problem. On arrival, she demanded to be let into the house, even though ALL her items on list was in our garage ready to go. She threatened to call the Tampa Police if he wouldn't let her in. He did, and she proceeded to take another 53 items out of the house that were NOT on the  list! Can she do that? She even took all my towels out of the bathroom which sadly, I found out too late. Is this legal? Can I demand she return these items? 
I have retained a well known Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney, who also is well known for handling Divorce cases, who lives and works here in North Tampa. (I live in the Tampa Palms Subdivison)  But  then I found this awesome Restraining Order Blog in a Google Web Search! 
LOL, Every time I ask a simple quesion of my Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer, I am "on the clock" as far as billing goes. 
My Attorney is expensive, and not "Shy" at all for socking it to me, financially, every chance he gets, it seems .... ! 
Hey, another question. Do all Divorce and Criminal Lawyers here in theTampa Florida area do that shit ? I mean bill you for answering a simple question ?


  1. I don't know the answer to your question about what your ex took when you weren't there. However I do agree with you that it was wrong for her to take advantage of you not being there.

    I do know for sure that you will be hard pressed to find a lawyer that wont bill you for every second of their time once you have agreed to be represented.

    About the only time you are going to get any free advice from a lawyer is when he is trying to sign you up, or if the lawyer happens to be a very close friend. Otherwise you will be expected to pay for all your time. Good luck with your case.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I have the list of items she took. I am meeting with my lawyer next week. We shall see.