Here is a letter from a reader regarding the anti stalking and cyber stalking laws in Orlando, Florida.

Hey Kris,

Kudos to keeping your blog up to date. I've never wanted to submit an article, until now. The lead story on our news is that they've passed stricter
anti-stalking laws here in Orlando. Now, you don't need ANY proof whatsoever, in order to obtain an injunction. You only need to say that you
OR one of your family members is being stalked or cyber-stalked. I don't think I have to tell you the implications. The abuse of the system
will be immeasurable. 

Meanwhile, we've had 3 domestic violence deaths this week in Orlando. One of the victims, (maybe 2), had permanent injunctions against their
killers. If someone is going to kill you, no piece of paper can stop them. They'll just make sure they get it right the first time. 

Please alert your readers to this new piece of legislation. I wish the news channels would debate the other side of this new law. 

If we all hadn't been on the other side of this issue, we would have no idea why anyone would object to stricter anti-stalking laws, but mark my words, 
this is going to get so far out of control, the fallout will be epic. God help us all.