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Dating Violence Injunction Tampa Florida

A reader here in the Tampa Florida area has some questions for her Dating Violence Injunction appeal. Here is the email we recently received from her. We have omitted her name, to protect her privacy, and not compromise her day in court.
These Dating Violence Injunctions can sometimes be a total mockery of the Legal System here in Tampa Florida, and other jurisdictions as well. I have personally been arrested, and had to appear in Hillsborough County Criminal Court several time, to face charges of violation Restraining Orders and Dating Violence Injunctions. I was under the mistaken belief that a Hillsborough County Florida Domestic Violence Injunction could not be enforced, if you had proof the Petitioner was in constant contact, with you!  Think about it  for a minute ? Petitioners here in Tampa claim fear, and are granted these too easy to get Injunctions everyday. Now, how can someone "be in fear", when they are contacting you, when they have an injunction in place against you ?
In fact, when the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputies came to my home to arrest me, I showed them my ex girlfriends panties she had left the night before, as well as other evidence! The Police said it did not matter, since she can contact me all she wanted. I was the one restrained from contact with her.

 It became quite clear to me that an arrest for a violation of the injunction, was all the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office cared about. Get the arrest and the conviction at all costs, seems to be the order of the day for the Sheriffs Office, here in Hillsborough County Florida.

Here is the email we just received.


I have been reading your blog for over a year now.  I am in the midst of an appeal and could really use some help.

The Petitioner filed for a Dating Violence Injunction against me in Tampa, and the hearing was held in March 2012.  The petitioner was granted the injunction ex parte initially.  During the time between the filing of the petition and the hearing, the petitioner had contact with me, the respondent, on 6 occasions.  Ultimately, the injunction was granted by the judge in Tampa for 1 year. 

I am in the midst of an appeal as a pro se Appellant.  I have argued that the petition states that ANY party who makes contacts has violated the injunction.  I have a reply brief due in 20 days.  Does anyone know of any citations, statutes, or case law (preferred) in which a petitioner is found to have violated their own injunction?  I would so very much appreciate the help.  The petitioner has made numerous accusations that are not true and I really need to win this appeal. 



  1. I'm not an attorney, but was also a female pro se respondent. I beat my petitioner in court 3 times, but we had a mutual no contact, so it was a little different from yours. I'll be happy to take a look at your docs, and help you any way I can. If it indeed stated that they weren't allowed to contact you, you should be fine. Even if that was a mistake on the part of the court, too bad. Sometimes the paper work is worded with such ambiguity, even the attorneys don't understand it. Also, if your Petitioner lied, you may want to do what the other woman and I did: sue them for abuse of justice and malicious prosecution. At any rate, best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.

  2. Dear Mspms,
    I need an attorney to help me file for abuse of justice and malicious prosecution. Can you refer some lawyers; possibly in Lee County, FL?

  3. Anyone know how much it costs to file an appeal on a dating violence injunction in Tampa? And how I do that?