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Manhattan Restraining Order Questions

I just received an Email from a reader of this Blog.
He is seeking our advice on what to do about a temporary order of protection In New York City he did not ask for. The 2 incidences occurred in Manhattan he says, and his information must be complete, so he can obtain a Gun Permit.
I am not familiar with the NYC or Manhattan Legal System. I was hoping one of our readers could help him track down the TPO information..

I came across your site while trying to find information on restraining orders in NYC
I was a peace officer in NYC for five years (unarmed but with full arrest powers) I was assigned to several different shelters in the city and we made a good amount of arrests during this 5 years, most were misdemeanors but some were felonies. Make a long story short I was twice assualted while making the arrest. Both guys were "bad" guys just released from prison and with no where to go ended up in the shelters. 
When I arrested these indiviuals I was assualted and the district attorney's office gave me an order of protection in both cases. I did not request the TPO but I received it anyway. I do not remember the guy's name or even the arrest dates but they both took place in Manhattan between 1998 - 2000. 
Now I recently went to apply for a NYC pistol license and right there on the paperwork is questions about restaining orders. I need to find out all of the information about the TRO issued to me for the application. I do not know where to go to find out the info.
Is there a web site or number I can call?
Thanks for any help you can offer

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  1. Having a problem with ex school mates that were in my neighborhood I have moved into.
    They are trying to brainwash by actually projecting a light into my home and it is seen on metal objects and it hasn't worked for over twelve years even though they have someone twenty four seven trying this method and screaming from the house caddy corner to us. I had the phone company find the phone line run into his backyard so we had it run into the usual place, into the front yard into the corner.
    I had AOL then and it constantly was shutting down. Now my cell then smartphones shut off and are hacked into.
    Someone tell me who can tell me more. I will check back with this blog in the future.
    That would be nice to have them die.