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Stalking in Manatee County Florida

Here is an email we received from a reader about her Manatee County Florida Court Experiences. Since it deals with Stalking and Restraining Orders, we are publishing it.

 I was granted a order of protection against domestic violence in Manatee County Fl back in June 2010. This was extended to a lifetime order a few months later. My ex stalked be for 18 months, he was served with an arraignment date and never showed up to court. The court date was rescheduled six time and he never showed up. He continued to stalk me and no one in Fl helped. For nine months I was told (and this appeared on the court site) that he had a WRIT (war rent). Later I learned that the court had dropped the ball and never delivered the necessary paperwork to the sheriff. As he continued to stalk me I continued to file violations with the court. The only thing that resultedfrom this was that he obtained my confidential phone number from court records. Then he called me from a pay as you go phone and blocking his number. He called me over a thousand times with in three days. The police in Fl or the court did nothing to help me. I got the phone records on my own with the help of the local police in my home town. The police in my state helped me get the phone records to the state attorney in FL. Finally almost two years later he is charged (not with stalking) with contempt. The only reason he is found and served is that he is in jail on a UN related charge. He is released form jail and shows up for court, he sees me at court and walks up to me and says hello I love you . He gets arrested and the trial is rescheduled, finally he gets charged. In the months of June and July I file 20 complaints (with photos of his number on my phone) , The court rolls all his charges together and he receives ( after 18 months of stalking) 12 months probation and an additional 6 months probation and 5 days in jail.
The probation is backwards,, the first 12 months he has to fill out paper work one time a month, the second six months he has to report weekly and have drug and Alochol testing. He has never provided the court with a correct address. He still reports the wrong address to his PO and they do nothing. The judge I had has Janette Dunningham and she had the nerve to ask me when I said that he was calling my friends " how do you know it was him" Clearly this judge spent no time looking over myhundred es of pages of complaints. Had she done this she would have known it was him, I had witnesses and voice recordings. So he stalks me for 18 months, never shows up in court, makes me live in fear for all most two years. All he gets is 5 days in jail and backwards probation.  best of all he plead guilty but  got adjudication .Fl law is a joke and this is why women that leave abusive men end up dead!! And remember FL is the state taht set Casey Anthony free.  I have no faith in FL courts. This same judge had my divorce case and he never has shown up in court for that case either.. yet no charges no contempt no failure to appear. The assistant DA David Davidson has been helpful, but he is the only one I can say that about. If you are a criminal and you get Judge Dunningham, you are lucky. If you are a victiam and you get her ask for another judge, be your own advocate do your own home work, do not expect the state of FL to do their job! gather your own evidence, they will do nothing for you!


  1. My daughter is a victim of domestic violence in Manatee Co. Fl. She has been unable to secure a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. Even with the support of Hope Services in Bradenton she was unable to get a temporary retraining order until the next court hearing. This guy has a rap sheet many pages long dating back to the early 90's. He is a raging alcoholic and buys, sells and uses drugs in any and all capacities including needles. He broke into her apartment this week and burned many personal items she treasured in her apartment complex parking lot. He threatened to kill someone in front of 4 officers, defiantly told them NO when asked to remove articles from parking lot, He spray painted hateful words on her walls. He threw all of her clothes out of the unit. Let me mention she has two children..ages 2 and 3 that are witnessing this behavior. The cops did NOTHING!!!! They actually verbally slammed my daughter! This has been going on for 3 years! His attacks short of physically harming her have escalated and I worry everyday that he when he does finally attack her he will kill her. Why..why..why won't the law protect my girls? I want to contact someone that can investigate why he is allowed to torment her. I should also mention that he has never ever supported the children, my daughter has always done that on her own and at every opportunity he has to break into her residence he steals whatever money or items he can pawn to buy pills and booze. Still the Manatee County Sherriff's Office does nothing. Who can I call to have THEM investigated? Doesn't something sound shady? Oh and this guy has an outstanding warrant in CA for drug trafficking..he left the state and they don't extradite but if he were to go within 3 states of CA he would spend at least 7 years in San Quentin. Thanks for letting me vent and hopefully someone can direct me to the proper channels to get some justice.

  2. Read with interest the comment,
    "you were given a restraining order against
    violence." Not true.

    You were given an order against
    a person, most likely one that
    you thought was good enough to
    have sex with, move in with and
    maybe even have children with.

    Likely if and when you get or
    keep the order you ex will move
    in, have sex with and be just
    fine in another relationship.

    I've been 12 years with my
    third wife no complaint of violence to
    anyone. The last wife of 20 years
    went to or got advice from a group
    of men haters and got a life-time
    order. Ladies who use these legal
    systems, unwarrented in many cases
    and ill advised in others...need to
    remember one thing..If you are really
    in danger or fear for your life,
    and if the guy is as bad as you say
    he is, if or when you lie to the court.

    All the court, at the end of the day,
    can give you is a order (a piece of paper)
    and you know what you can do with it
    if he really wants you hurt or dead right?

    Just saying, don't misuse these legal
    system, it may come back to bite you
    in the ass someday.

    My advice, if you're really in fear for your
    life, leave now, get out of the state or
    country if you have too....then maybe then
    get a restraing order. Likely, you won't
    need it though...but that's not what you
    really want is it?

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    a legal company in LA county with 4,000
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  3. My advice sir, contact me, buy me a ticket and let me move in with your daughter until the next time her ex shows up to steal or harm her....