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Georgia Restraining Order Help

Here is a letter from a reader in Georgia asking for restraining order advice we recently received.

From: Kimberley S
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: Georgia Restraining Order

Restraining Order Help
I will send you the attached info and also let you know background info.
1.       Yes I colored and put play tattoos on the children we were just playing.
2.       Yes they rode on the go cart with my son and no accident occurred me and Eric ( her x husband ) were watching.
3.        Yes I went to her work but with my sister to find out sex of the baby which all I did was smile when I saw her.
4.       Yes I emailed her asking her to leave me alone.
I’m just not sure what to expect or to even trust our court system she has went through a woman’s advocate group to get this TRO and I am fin with being kept from her but she is trying to keep kids from me, which is very sad. Because she has jealousy issues. This is a fake a non sense report but yet it has caused major embarrassment in my life. What can I do?
You will see her tro attached we have court coming up in Georgia any advice? Can you tell me what laws I broke and anything that might be helpful to get me through this craziness.


  1. Let me clarify a little I am seeing a man whom has 2 children and his x is very controlling to the fact she wwent and filed a tro saying that I put tattoos on kids and let them ride go carts and unsupervised and that I showed up to her work which she just so happens to be working at a doc. office my sister goes to whom is pregnant, which I went with her to doctor to find out sex of baby... I was not harrassing or stalking her all I did was smile and hold my head high since then she has filed report trying to keep me away from her kids nad her, I dont care being restrained from her but her kids are clearly not in danger.... Any Advice? Thank you.

  2. The Time to Fight a Georgia Restraining Order is at the first court hearing. Because once a vindictive person is successful at getting a Georgia TRO against you, they can lie, say you violated it, and have you arrested.
    I suggest you see a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney ASAP.
    Always fight a restraining order BEFORE it is granted, or you will wish you had.

  3. Well I am from Ohio and check all Ohio public records but I am sure there is a place to check on records in Georgia as well. Restraining orders can be taken well out of proportion but in any case talk to a lawyer

  4. If court grants it for 6 months for a tro however no acts of physical violence happened because she lied. What can I do? In in atl ga