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False Statements On A Protective Order

Here are some protective order  questions from a reader.

        My ex wife obtained a protective order against me.She gave falsified statements to obtain it.I can prove this with physical evidence.She has none.She was granted an ex-parte P.O. based on these statements and then a one year p.o. a short time after the hearing after she had me jailed. As it states in your blog,I had no chance to defend myself while incarcerated.Can I still submit a motion to show just cause for criminal contempt of court?
Thank you for your time


  1. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it's nearly impossible to get a prosecutor to TOUCH, perjury charges. That said, don't let it stop you from trying. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. My friend and I are STILL, trying to the the prosecutor to look more closely at the evidence against our petitioner. I'm sorry for what you went through. It sucks, believe me, I know. To see how I channeled my frustration with the system, check out my humorous account of my experience with a bogus tro.

  2. Hey Chris! I have an update about the hearing against Andras on Wed. He ALMOST got ejected for contempt of court, TWICE! I can't tell you how good, and just, if felt, to be there as the petitioner, this time around. Can you believe Andras had the gall to tell the judge it was illegal in the state of Florida to extend a mutual no contact order? I almost peed my pants! This new judge is BAD ASS. He's not having any of Andras' b.s. Now Andras is trying to say I violated the order, by going to his "place of work", and taking pictures of him, in MARCH! NOT! I ran into him at a public horse show, and his girlfriend was taking pictures of me! I hope the judge slaps him with perjury, for trying to spin that even as "his place of work".

  3. Oh Chris, I think he also filed a motion saying that my blog, about the tro, was 3rd party contact. Can you tell this guy isn't even an American citizen? He knows NOTHING about our laws, does he?

  4. mspms,..Some people acts as they Dont know anything. He knows about the court law.

    Sample Statements

    1. My wife went to the police and told them i was going to hurt a police officer.I was on propation at the time and she hide a gun in the house..The next day i went to the store i look in my rearview mirror and see all these light im like whats going on i get out of my car and i have 9 cops pointing guns at me.Im like wtf why am i being arrested. treat againt a police officer.I told them the only thing i did was take money out of the bank.I spent 8 days in jail while in jail she put a pfa against me.Well when it came to my court case she pleaded the 5th.My charges were droped and they charged her with making a false police report and falsly accuseing annother.can i go back and get the pfa lifted cause this is what she based the pfa on.

    2. Got a good one......

      a little background first.
      Im an Iraqi Combat Veteran, Had a Court Commissioner hear my Divorce case (first mistake)
      he screwed me over bad. any way . I lost my third appeal of his order, and got upset, to the point I felt like killing him. My new Wife called the VA suicide hotline (second Mistake) they asked me questions, and I answered those questions, they did a reverse phone lookup, the the sheriff came and arrested me for making threats. The judge got a workplace violence restraining order for three years he is now asking it to be extending it for another 3 years. he has come into the local coffee shop many time when I was already there and sat at the next table. a bunch of BS.