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Granting Restraining Orders To Mentally Ill People

Restraining Orders  Are far too easy to get here in Hillsborough County Florida! Judge Christine Vogel in Plant City granted a restraining order my mentally Ill ex girlfriend Eileen Riordan asked for. I attempted to defend myself against my ex girlfriends irrational fears, but Judge Vogel didn't even listen to me. Here, in my ex girlfriends own words and handwriting is a description of her mental conditions, and all the medications she is, and has been on.
Eileen Riordan Mental Illness Admission She Wrote
Eileen Riordan Mental Illness Admission She Wrote
I told Hillsborough County Judge Christine Vogel that Eileen Riordan cuts herself when stressed, I even begged her to order Eileen Riordan to show the razor blade scars from previous attempts to end her life, but she did not even listen to my request, much less grant it. I even  told her that Eileen Riordan tried to pull this restraining order shit on me before, and it was thrown out by another Hillsborough County Judge, but still Plant City Florida Judge Christine Vogel did not listen! I did a Google Search for Judge Christine Vogel Rating as a Judge. I was not surprised she does not have a good rating. A restraining order puts a lot of power in the hands of the person who has one in place against you. All they need is to convince a close friend or new boyfriend they are scared of you, get them to lie and say they saw you violate the order of protection, and off to jail you go. Just as we as a society try not to issue Gun Permits to those with Mental Problems, is it right to give a mentally unbalanced person this amount of power over someone ? As long as we continue to elect Judges that rubber stamp almost every restraining order that comes in front of them, with out considering any mental  illness the petitioner might have, abuse of restraining orders will continue to be common.

I am not talking about simple depression either, and it is no shame to have a chemical imbalance that can sometimes be corrected by medication.  In fact, there is no shame in having a mental illness either. But when the mental illness effects another persons freedom as it can in a restraining order case, the Judge needs to take the mental illness into account. My ex girlfriend Eileen Riordan suffers from severe, uncontrollable anxiety, by her own admission. Severe Anxiety can make a person believe 'something bad  is going to happen', so they call the Police for every little disagreement, normal to any relationship.  Armed with plenty of Police Reports that were not really necessary, they march into the court system and are granted restraining orders by Judges like Christine Vogel of Hillsborough County Florida. My ex girlfriend is a nurse, though she is on permanent Social Security Disability for Chronic and Disabling Mental Conditions. She was able to secure a job while on full Social Security Disability for mental impairment at the Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail !
Can you believe that ?
She put right in her restraining order request that she was a Nurse at Hillsborough County Jail. Perhaps that's what caused Judge Vogel not to pay any attention when I tried in vain to get her to look at the scars on Eileen Riordan's arms from her cutting episodes ? You would think the Tampa Psychiatrist who disabled her would have contacted the Florida Board Of Nursing, to be sure her Nursing License was not active ?
This never happened, and somehow Eileen Riordan managed to keep an active Florida Nursing License.
Eileen Riordan and I were together when she worked as a Nurse at the Jail. She had a lot of problems handling this nursing job, and even wrote me an email saying she was going to end her life, if she failed at this job!
Eileen Riordan's Suicide Threat Email 

Eileen scared me so much with this Email and other suicide indicators, that I sent the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office to check on her.
I sent HCSO Deputies to make sure Eileen Riordan did not harm herself


  1. The person who got a temporary restraining order against me is also mentally ill, but he refuses therapy or treatment. I feel lucky after reading this update. Andras was telling his new girlfriend that I was still calling him all the time, even after I was served. He probably did this, because his phone was ringing in the middle of the night, and when she asked who it was, he said it was me. Of course, he wouldn't show her the phone, and had no proof. At the end of my hearing, the judge ordered a 6 month mutual no contact order. I expressed my concern that Mr. Szieberth would attempt to contrive a situation in which I would appear to have violated the order. The judge looked at me, smiled, and said, "it's one thing to make accusations, but it's another thing to prove them".

  2. I also want to thank you, Chris for the coaching you gave me before my hearing, and the invaluable information on your blog. I definitely got in a couple of good licks at the hearing...his attorney was visibly shaken, thanks to you!

  3. I think judges here in Hillsborough County Florida (Tampa) are much more inclined to grant restraining orders then not to. They figure if they grant a restraining order, no one is really "harmed" as long as the restraining order is not violated. But if Tampa Judges don't grant a restraining order, and someone gets hurt, it will be politically devastating to their chances for re election. And so, Restraining Orders in Tampa are nearly always granted, just for the asking. All one has to do pretty much is claim fear.
    Once a restraining order is granted, all it takes is constant calling or complaining to the Police, and a sympathetic friend or 2 who is willing to Lie and say they "witnessed you" violating the restraining order, and you will be arrested and jailed. Caller ID is easily faked, so watch out! Your ex boyfriend can simply have someone call him from a pay phone, and say it was you threatening him! If he has a "witness" who claims she knows your voice, you are screwed. Some people with mental illness are already extremely paranoid and hyper vigilant, due to extreme, uncontrolled anxiety.
    The whole world is "out to get them". God help you if one of these people gets a restraining order against you. Just as Pathological Liars make great car salesmen, some mentally ill people become quite convinced people are 'out to get them'. This makes them very believable to the Police because they believe their own delusions. Armed with a restraining order, these mentally ill people can become your worst legal nightmare! And all because some Judge did not do their job by allowing you the chance to prove their mental incapacity in Court.
    I receive several emails a week from people in restraining order situations, asking for Legal advice. I am not a criminal defense attorney, so I can only share my Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order experiences. The best time to fight a restraining order is before it is granted. You want to fight like a hooked fish at the very first hearing to see if the temporary restraining order becomes permanent.

  4. Wow, I can't believe courts are frivolous enough to issue a restraining order to someone who has self-admitted mental problems. I think this shows a lot of what is wrong with the legal system today. There needs to be more equal justice as it can damage families and lives when these things are issues unnecessarily

  5. I found that states like Minnesota, charge a $350 filing fee to get restraining orders. I'm sure this cuts down on the number of frivolous tro's that are served there. I just can't belive that my friend was denied one here in Orange County. Her ex beat the crap of out of her car with a golf club, and cut up a bunch of her clothes, after breaking into her apt. Even with photographic evidence, she couldn't get a tro. Then my friend and I get them, for allegedly posting the truth about him on public websites. So far, the result has been in our favor. We have been writing about him louder and bigger, and he gave us the ammo. We've attracted the attention of the national media, and a well known author of women's issues.

  6. Also, I've added a youtube video of my petitioner verbally abusing an employee. It would be funny, if it weren't so frightening. Listen to it, then wonder, how a 6'4", 230 lb male, full of such rage, could have possibly been afraid of 2 women. If you want to short cut straight to the video, here's the link:Andras Szieberth typical verbal abuse theonewiththesecrets, or copy and paste:

  7. I was stalked at my home by an emotionally disturbed woman who was married but apparently unsatisfied. She got close to me through my mother who’d just been diagnosed with cancer (this woman was a cancer specialist). After nightly hanging around my house for months, she disappeared and then applied for a restraining order to ensure that no one whose opinion she valued would get wind of her conduct. (I was alleged to be a danger to her, her husband, her friends, and even her mother who lived in a different time zone.) She wasn’t crazy but may qualify as a psychopath: narcissistic, egocentric, manipulative, and very practiced at lying. The horror you underscore in your posts—Chris and Paul, both of you—is how easy it is for someone who’s psychologically or emotionally off to exploit a system that’s designed to take a lie, extreme exaggeration, or delusion at face value. A little poise or paranoid conviction combined with a dash of hysteria, and someone who’s unstable is all but certain to gull a judge. Then the “fixation” your “victim” says you have on him or her becomes real, because all you can think about is clearing your name. And your outrage over his or her violation or the court’s dereliction may then be characterized as a vendetta, etc. I don’t believe in restraining orders period, because I think the system itself is flawed and that in a majority of cases petitioners are simply exploiting it to exact petty vengeance or avoid owning their own responsibility in a dispute. That’s why many feminist scholars object to it: it shifts responsibility for acting like a rational adult onto the court, which steps in like a scolding parent. It’s nauseating to see the courts use words like dignity in reference to this process when it caters to the neurotic and people who never outgrew their diapers.


  8. WOW! Todd, I'm just now seeing this post. It's so well stated. Let's pursue our quest to write to different organizations, and shine a light on this blatant abuse of our courts.