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Love Is Blind - Trying To Break Bad Relationships

At her brothers wedding, our wedding was supposed to be next!
 Verbally and Emotionally Abusive relationships can often lead to Domestic Violence, and Restraining Orders. These toxic relationships can often be hard to break. My personal relationship actually ended when my ex girlfriend Eileen Riordan got a Hillsborough County Restraining Order against me, then deceived me into violating it over one year ago.

Eileen Riordan makes a mockery of the Hillsborough County FL Legal System by claiming fear to get a restraining order, using me to find and move her into an apartment, loan her money, then calling the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy's to have me arrested at will!
She also committed perjury during a Hillsborough County Bond Hearing, to keep me in Jail. She had all kinds of contact with me during the restraining order, but it mattered not to the Hillsborough County Legal system she has learned how to manipulate so well.

At No Doubt Concert 2009 With Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order In Effect,
Showing We Were Contacting Each Other Despite The Restraining Order!

She has had "domestic violence problems" with 2 other men in Hillsborough County besides me, and she has 1 active Law Suit she is trying to collect on I highlighted in Red.
(I plan to contact the defense attorneys for her Apartment Complex to make them aware of her many pre existing medical conditions/facts I know about this law suits to insure no false claims are made)
I think it is safe to say Eileen Riordan "knows her way around the Hillsborough County legal system" :)

Name Case Id Case Desc Case Type Created Status Party Birth Year


12/31/2009 Closed - 07/01/2010 D004

01/08/2001 Closed - 01/24/2001 D001

I was placed on 2 years Probation, and prohibited from any contact with her.  Hillsborough County  Judge Manuel Lopez acted to protect me from her, and also made it a crime for her to see me!  Eileen married her new boyfriend Warren Earl "Butch" Jewell, who was also listed as a witness along with his Mother for her in a restraining order violation she tricked me into.
Susy, Ellen, Me, and Dawn

Over a year had passed, Eileen Riordan was married to Butch Jewell, and I had dated several girls, including this last girlfriend who was living at my house.  One day her friend Sandy contacted me, to sell me a Credit Card Machine. We got to talking, and Eileen's name came up. I told Sandy I was still in Love with Eileen, even though it had been a year. I also told Sandy we were not allowed to contact each other.
"Gothic Princess" Eileen and "Caveman Chris" at Halloween Party With Hillsborough County Restraining Order In Place 2007
 It took about 3 weeks for the Credit Card machine Sandy sold me to get programmed, and her and I got to know each other better. Though she is Eileen's girlfriend from childhood, I had met her only a few times when Eileen and I were together. During this 3 week period, my friend and Eileen's daughters ex boyfriend Anthony Creelman came back in my life as an employee of my business. Eileen contacted him, asking him to contact me, and the next thing I knew, we started seeing each other again, though she was still married! Eileen apologized profusely for all the Hillsborough County Florida legal problems she caused me, promising to "make it all up to me".  I sent the girl that was living with me away, so Eileen and I could be together. I even told Sandy about Eileen and I, and she told me Eileen told her she Loved me, and did not love her husband Butch Jewell, and planned to leave him. Because Eileen told her best friend of  her "Intentions" I trusted her again. Sandy even said "If Eileen double crosses you again Chris, there will be hell to pay"
Sandy acted like she was upset abut what Eileen had previously done to me. So, it was about 3 to 4 weeks of happiness being with Eileen again. She told me how she did not Love her husband Butch, and only married him because with me out of the picture , she had no one to support her. She told me she had been depressed over me going to jail, and not being able to contact me. I asked her WHY she waited for a year to contact me, and she said" Chris, I was afraid after all I did to you, you would not want me back".  About a week before Eileen's marriage to Butch Jewell, she did attempt to contact me on Yahoo. I refused her connection request, thinking it was just a way to have me arrested. In retrospect, I should have called The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, and had her arrested for contact! (more on that later)

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While her husband was at work, we were always together. We both called each other behind her husbands back, and she said she was careful to erase all the outgoing and incoming calls. She planned to go to Japan to see her Son and new Grandson. Before she left, she wanted to make sure we could see each other legally again, so she wrote a letter to Hillsborough County Judge Lopez telling him she loved me, and requesting that he allow us to see each other again, Legally. She even asked to send the Hillsborough County court papers to her Aunt Carol's home, so her husband Butch Jewell would not find out.

Eileen and I at Apollo Beach 2006 with Hillsborough County Restraining Order in Effect against me!
Before she left for Japan, I told her about my Blog post about her and I. I explained to Eileen that because of her lies about me, I now have a criminal record that was harming my Tampa Roof Cleaning Company, and making it difficult to meet a new girl before she came back into my life, since they check you out on the Internet. I also told her it was my HOPE that my Blog Post would have a Happy Ending with her and I getting married! I never tried to hide this Blog from her, I had no reason to. Everything on it is true to the best of my recollection, and backed up with proof! Our restraining order story, though she may not like it, , highlights this Blogs Political Position that the current laws regarding restraining orders here in Hillsborough County are unfair. It is our position that the minute a Woman claims Fear to get a restraining order against a Man, and is found to be contacting him during the restraining order, that order of protection should be declared null and void on the Spot!

Well, Eileen left for Japan, and asked me to set up a SKYPE Account, so we could stay in touch. She called me from SKYPE in Japan, asking how the court thing went, and IF we could see each other Legally. I tried to return her call, and I thought she answered. It SAID "Eileen M Riordan" but it turned out to be her Husband Butch Jewell on her computer at home! To make a long story short, once her husband found out about us, Eileen ceased almost all contact with me! Eileen and her Aunt Carol returned from Japan, and I was scared to death that Eileen was going to go into Hillsborough County court for the hearing, and do something to get me into trouble. Anthony Creelman and his wife were also concerned, so they asked Eileen if she had any bad intentions regarding me. Eileen offered to make a video to show to the judge, since she said she did not want to go to court. Eileen concocted a bullshit story for her husband that her "only intention" was to get me off probation, and even used the video she made as "proof", though the letter to  Hillsborough County Judge Manuel Lopez says she loves me.

Her husband has called me repeatedly with a threatening tone for "messing with his wife".  Judge Lopez granted Eileen's request for us to see each other legally. Since that time, Eileen has attempted to get me trespassed from her apartment complex, as well as making several calls to my Probation Officer trying to get me arrested, and complaining about this Blog! I just found out Eileen Riordan contacted the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, and told them that Anthony Creelman "told her" I was actively stalking her at her apartment.
Anthony Creelman lives and works with me, and he told me he never told her that. He has even made a comment on this Blog to that effect.
Filing A False Police Report is a crime here in Florida, Anthony Creelman and I will be asking the Hillsborough County States Attorney for prosecution of Eileen Riordan for this, along with the other documented Perjury Charges she committed against me in Court.

"Gothic Princess" Eileen and "Caveman Chris" at Halloween Party With Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order In Effect 2007
I have scratched my head wondering WTF happened to Eileen and I, it seemed as if we were back in Love again. All my friends pointed out that her husband finding out about us was no "excuse" for Eileen's "come here, now go away" behavior. After all, she said she planned to leave him, so he would have found out sooner or later about us anyway!  My friends also pointed out that I TOLD her about this Restraining Order Blog Post, and IF it was really the "problem" it could ALL Go Away with a single mouse click! They say Love Is Blind, and I really believed her. I share my story for the readers of this Hillsborough County Restraining Order Blog that they might relate, and learn from my mistakes. Maybe we can get the laws changed someday ?

Here is what my friends have pointed out to me, and finally made me see the light about Eileen.
Eileen Riordan never had ANY plans to get back with me at all. More likely, she had plans to Get BACK at me for this Blog! My friends point out that her friend Sandy popping up at my home was all part of the plan to "feel me out", to make sure that if Eileen contacted me, I would not call Police. I believe her husband Butch was in on the plan all along. As evidence of this, Eileen was with me the time he returned home from work early. He called 7 times in a 15 minute period, and even had his Mother call Eileen! Worried he may have found out about us and harm Eileen, I asked her to play me his messages. I heard one of his messages to her saying "Hey Baby, are you OK, I am very worried about you !" I believe Eileen told him she was meeting up with me, all part of her plan to make me fall in Love with her again, HOPING when she broke it off I would do something stupid so she could have me arrested, and my probation violated.
I think Butch Jewell knew exactly what she was up to, and got worried when she was gone so unexpectedly  long.

Remember, I respected and complied with the Hillsborough County Restraining Order for over a year. I believe she felt the only way to get back at me for this Blog was to have the restraining order dropped, make me fall in love with her again,  lull me into a false sense of trust and security, then hope I came around so she could call the police.

It is 2/2/2011, and my probation officer just called saying Eileen's husband just called, saying I was "stalking them"  That is a LIE. She has also continued to contact Anthony Creelman, asking to talk with me, as well as sending him text messages saying to tell me she "was sorry" for contacting my probation officer! 

Readers of this Blog, I had Planned to let all of the past go as far as Eileen and I are concerned. But in light of her recent attempts to have me arrested and trespassed, after just asking the judge to see me legally, I am not so inclined anymore.

In my original blog post on this matter, written days after I got out of  Hillsborough County Jail, I called for Perjury Charges to be brought against her. I don't think I mentioned I planned to make the Florida Board of Nursing aware she is on disability for mental health problems, and cuts herself when stressed ?

As another example of the current restraining order laws needing changed, can you believe I was actually prohibited from trying to protect the public from these self admitted mental health problem of this Florida Nurse ? I was advised that because of the restraining order she was able to get against me, that even a Nursing Board Complaint could get me in trouble by causing Third Party Contact!
Here, in her own handwriting, are her many mental health issues, and her admission she cuts herself.

It is my  belief I must act on this before her mental health problems possibly compromise the health care of a patient. (she currently holds a valid Florida LPN Nursing License)
License Verification
Data As Of 2/2/2011


License/Activity Status
License Expiration Date
License Original Issue Date
Discipline on File
Public Complaint
Address of Record


The information on this page is a secure, primary source for license verification provided by The Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance. This website is maintained by Division staff and is updated immediately upon a change to our licensing and enforcement database.

I have her own testimony in court she cuts herself, backed by certified transcripts, to assure patients will not be possibly compromised. I was actually prohibited from filing a Nursing Board Complaint in the past, as I was advised I could be arrested for third party contact since a restraining order was in place! I will add this Email she sent me when I accidentally found it while working on her computer (and threatened to break up with her for) to the Florida Board Of Nursing Complaint. Here she is (A Licensed Nurse), revealing my medical information to a Lesbian Stranger she had just met on Adult Friend Finder, a website where you go to meet people for casual sex. I did not care as much about her meeting a Lesbian on a Casual Sex website (though her email to the Lesbian indicates we were a "couple" at the time) but a Nurse is considered a medical professional, and is not allowed to reveal my medical information under HIPPA Guidelines for Nurses.
I spoke to the Nursing Board today, and they asked me to be sure to include this email correspondence of hers to the Lesbian in my complaint. I will also be including the letter she wrote for me and my attorney admitting her many mental conditions, and her cutting herself.

eileen riordan <> wrote:
Hi Kris,
       Thanks for e-mailing me back so fast. I feel like I have a new friend to talk to about things I'd not dare ask anybody else. Like you said, get rid of the current guy, he has already called me 3 times today. I had a doctors appt. and I wanted to do something with one of my friends tonight and he is insisting I spend the evening with him. I don't want to, I know he is going to try his best to get me to go to bed with him and I don't want to. He has not gotten any from me in 8 months now, I keep making up excuses. His name is Chris and he was very rich back in the day but he lost everything to drugs, including his little boy Joey at the age of 3yrs. old. The state took him away from him and his 2nd wife because of drugs. This is many years ago and he doesn't do drugs anymore. As a result of his addictions he has **** and ******* and I don't want to end up with any ********, I have enough health problems to deal with. I almost died of Anorexia Nervosa, I got down to 62lbs. and my doctor told my family I would be dead in 2 weeks if I didn't get into the hospital. I am 5 feet 2inches and my currant weight is 86lbs. I was in the hospital for 3 months and I have been back there 3 times. Yes, I do go to therapy once a week and see my psychiatrist once a month and I am on medications.
        This Chris treats me like a princess if I do everything HE wants me to do,but I'm NOT married and last time I checked, I am free, white and over 21!  As a matter of fact he just called and I didn't answer so he left a nasty message on my answering machine and he just called my cell phone twice, all within 2 minutes.I hope I haven't bored you to death with my problems but its nice to have an internet friend !
                   Please e-mail me back when you can, I would like to see what you think about all this crap I just told you.
                                               Take care, talk to you soon !        Eileen

Kris Harmon <> wrote:
Hi Eileen,

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about the pain that's been inflicted on you by men. I think the FIRST thing you have to do is get rid of the current guy somehow. My last partner had bipolar disorder and while she wasn't violent, I do have some understanding of how serious it is. It's a dangerous thing that he's trying to isolate you from your family and friends. You mentioned that it wasn't worth losing your nursing license over the guys who were doing drugs, but it's also not worth losing yourSELF to these kinds of men. Are you in therapy at all? If not, I think it would do you a lot of good. I don't mean to preach at you, because I'm certainly not an expert, and it's easier said than done, but please figure out how to get away from this man so you can take care of YOU and your children. Does he live with you?

About the Adult Friend Finder Web site, I can see why you would have trouble talking to people there. It's not exactly the kind of place you go to discuss serious and personal least from what I've seen. I'm still kind of new there, too. I wouldn't worry about trying to check out lesbian bars. I don't think they're the best places to meet women, but that's just my opinion. There are wonderful resources on the Internet that you can use privately...not like you'd be seen at a bar. I don't know where you live, but there also might be a local (or the next town over) chapter of PFLAG (parents and friends of lesbians and gays). They usually hold regular meetings it might be place that you could go that would be safe and you could get information. Also, try this Web site:

You'll have to register (for free) but there are lots of people in there seeking and giving advice...would probably be a great place for you to start.

If you really want to meet women for dating, maybe try the Yahoo personals. I've met some really nice women that way.

The bottom line is YOU WILL BE OK! Just deal with one thing at a time but like I said, first make sure you're safe.

Feel free to email any time, ok?
Talk to you soon.


I will post more  when I have time for our readers, in the hope they can learn something about my experiences and mistakes in a bad relationship. Unfortunately, many people in a really bad relationship like I was fail to recognize or admit it, and wind up victims on the wrong side of a Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order by people like Eileen who thrive on this sort of drama and control. I Loved Eileen, but little did I know (or refused to see) she was bad mouthing me to nearly every one, except ME! In keeping with the theme of this Love Is Blind - Recognizing A Bad Relationship post, here is another occasion where I failed to see Eileen was cheating on me. This is another email I found the same day I found the one she wrote the Lesbian, and she also sent this to me. Notice how she is playing the religious role to get her ex husband John who she also claims beat her over 20 years of their marriage back. I was so proud of myself after I accidentally found these emails on her computer when she asked me to fix it. I calmly told her it was over, and walked out of her apartment w/o even raising my voice, let alone any Domestic Violence!  

These emails (I have the originals in my possession) are but a SMALL example of what Eileen put me through. She was careful to alienate me from her friends and family, to keep me unaware of her constant bad mouthing of me to anyone she was trying to get "sympathy" from or "bond with". This is how she operates and attracts "new friends" (fellow co dependents)  by making people feel sorry for her.  All her friends and family ever heard was Eileen's "side of things", backed by angry phone messages I left on her phone that made me look bad. 

eileen riordan <> wrote:
My Dearest John,
         I bought Alexis AAA for her car and her travels, when I called to add her to my policy, they were running a special and it only cost me 15.00 for the year for her with all the benefits. I thought that was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I also wanted to tell you that I started to go to the Crossings Church and I love it!!!!!!!
I have every Friday and Saturday off and I have to work Sunday through Thursday, I finally got a regular schedule which is great so I can now plan for things that I need to do or want to do. It is unusual that I would get those 2 days off as such a new employee but I feel that God gave me favor with these people and I really like my job.
      I get ready for work and then I go to the 11:00AM service at The Crossings Church and it is just down the road from my new appartment right off of Faulkenburg or the entrance off of Lumsden. David and Ruth invited me to go with them and I felt the Holy Spirit so strong in there and the Pastor was great at relaying the Word of God. I understood everything he was talking about. Why don't you come check it out and see what you think about it, I think you would like it as well. They have a lot of programs to offer as well. So, I get up Sunday morning, get ready for church, go to church, then we go visit Dad, eat, then I go to work. It works out perfectly even though I have to work.
     I just thought I would share this with you. Take care of yourself. Have a great day!!!!!!!
                    I still LOVE YOU and there could never be another YOU and I was told to let my feelings be known because we are not promised tomorrow. I Love You With ALL My Heart and I am deeply sorry for ANYTHING that I have EVER done to hurt you. Please tell me how you feel. You don't have to live the rest of your life alone just because of what happened with Margie. I know that Larry has had a bad time with women and I feel like some of his bitterness towards women have rubbed off on you and I really think you should do for yourself and feel for yourself and live for yourself. None of us are getting any younger.
                    I just felt I needed to tell you this. I feel like I am still married to you and I left a message on your phone the other day and I caught myself starting to say," I love you " at the end of the message. I DO LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL. I will die alone because there is NO other man in this entire world that I want anything to do with and I won't.
                         LOVE,   " ALWAYS AND FOREVER " ( remember, you used to sing that song to me all the time, and whenever I hear it on the radio, I think of you singing it to me and it makes me cry )                       Love,  Eileen

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Now, after I walked out of her apartment, she blew my home phone up with poor me/suicidal messages begging me not to leave her! Here is an email of apology for the Love Letter she wrote to her ex husband John. Notice how she bad mouths her ex husband  (after she just begged him to take her back)  and then attempts to "rescue" me from her Family (More on her poor, innocent family members later!) This Email to me was written in 2007, Long AFTER I supposedly "Drug her down 3 flights of stairs, and ran her over with my Car!  I admit, I did say her Ex Husband John had gotten fat and goofy looking, and I thought I was a better looking Man.

Dear Chris,
      I don't even know how to start this out. I appologize for what I did from the bottom of my heart. I can truley undrstand how you feel right now. I have already thrown up 3 times already. No matter how you look at this, I was wrong and I am so sorry. I am telling you the truth that I was so glad that when I checked my e-mail the next day I saw that the letter never got to him. Sometimes I get depressed and get tired after I take my night time meds.,then I do stupid shit like this.
     I LOVE YOU, and ONLY YOU. I can't emagine my life without you. You have always been here for me no matter what, you treat me better then anybody in this entire world has ever treated me. You treat me like a princess while the rest of the world shits all over me starting with my family members. You are a very handsome man with a very big heart.
    I truely did not care one bit that my family members were coming over here today and you were here, because I love you and I don't give a shit what they think or say, this is MY house, and you are my boyfriend.
    I was so proud of you that you went to anger management on your own and it really has helped you. You are right, John is fat and goofy looking and not as well educated as you and being educated is a big deal to me. I really don't know why I wrote that letter to him, and please feel it in your heart to forgive me. I will do everything and anything you want me to do to proove my love and dedication to YOU and ONLY YOU, just tell me what you want me to do. I have had such a good time with you these past 2 weekends and I was looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow before I went to work. I was even excited about going to look for your new truck.
    Please, Chris, let me proove my love and commitment to you, I just can't even thinkof how my life would be without you, I consider you as my best friend too. I can't live without my Love and my Best Friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(it's updated for today's economy) at Yahoo! Games

 Staying with the Love Is Blind - Trying To Break Bad Relationships theme of this post, to possibly help others recognize the signs of a bad relationship and prevent Domestic Violence, I offer this. I was BLIND to a lot of what was really going on in my failed relationship with Eileen. Eileen has a daughter who was always smart beyond her years.  One day, I asked her "Alexis, what do you think is THE problem with your Mom and I" ?  She told me "Chris, are you aware that my Mom is bad mouthing you constantly to me, our family members, and all her friends" I was totally shocked. Her daughter said her and her family were so sick of hearing about how "bad" I was they told her to leave me, or else! Nearly every friend Of Eileen's I met gave me bad vibes or the "evil eye". I honestly thought her friends and family were just "weird people", and had no earthly idea why they gave me the cold shoulder. It IS true I did not want to be around them, so Eileen is partially correct in saying "Chris did not want me around my family and friends".  But who wants to be around unfriendly people ? Little did I know at the time that Eileen was filling their heads with bullshit, and outright LIES about me, never ever telling any of them all the wonderful things I did for her. In retrospect, I think I was a "good target" for her emotional abuse. I am not an innately violent person, but I do admit to being very persistent, and wired a bit differently. Before Anger Management, I did scream and yell at her out of sheer frustration, and called her some really awful names. I NEVER hit her, ever. But I did grab her wrist once, momentarily. One of Eileen's favorite things to do was make plans with me, and tell me to pick her up at 8 pm for instance. I would make dinner reservations, then go to get her and her car would be gone. I would call and call, nicely at first, then as I lost my temper as she totally ignored my calls, leave terrible messages, because she did this to me over, and over, and over again. Little did I know, she was intentionally pissing me off by standing me up, then ignoring me, so she could "show" whatever person she was attempting to attract sympathy from "How Bad Chris  Treats Her") Of course, when she played them the 10 horrible messages, she was always careful to erase the 20 nice "Hey Honey, where are you" ones that preceded them!  She was quite successful in portraying me out to be a "Madman" to her family and friends by cleverly pruning the phone messages, and omitting HER part in things. She actually CULTIVATED phone messages of me losing my temper and yelling at her, and would save them to play at every opportunity she got to make me look bad.
The second time we met, she started bad mouthing several friends and family members to me, playing the victim. I was smart enough to see this pattern initially, and wondered silently to myself "Am I going to wind up like her friends and family someday by being bad mouthed"  But by then, it was too late. I swear I fell in Love with Eileen the minute I met her. My emotions took over from my perceptions, and before I knew what happened, I was in a bad relationship.
Eileen and I are very different in this respect, she is very much a people pleaser, and I am not. She seemed to have a deep seated need to be rescued that her and I do not share.  She was involved in a tragic accident as a child, and got a lot of well deserved attention because she was badly burned. It is my belief she never "grew out" of that. She has told me she feels her family treats her like shit, and sometimes I felt she felt the only way she could get any attention from her family was to make them "feel sorry" for her. In other words, it is my belief Eileen NEEDS a "Bad Guy" in her life, and if she don't have one, she will "make one" . Remember Readers of this Blog, she came after ME, a full year after our break up,  and she is currently married to someone else! We had our  recent affair, she got me to fall back in Love with her, and for no reason whatsoever, broke it off without so much as an "I am sorry Chris, I changed my mind phone call"  To add insult to injury, she has attempted to get me trespassed, and arrested on several recent occasions, including Lying to the Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy's ! Of course, she portrayed herself to her husband and some family members that she "Only tried to get me off Probation, because it was hurting my business" She has told some of them "You KNOW how Chris Tucker is".  This is classic "Come here, now go away when I say" Emotionally Abusive Controlling Behavior.
Readers of this Blog, if YOU or someone you know is in a relationship like I was in, GET OUT!
It is my belief Eileen Loves Me, as much as she is capable of that emotion. But it is my opinion that playing the victim, and getting rescued by people is more important then her need for Love. In her world, today's "good guy" can be tomorrows "bad guy", and tomorrows "bad guy" can be next weeks "good guy" as she vacillates from victim, to persecutor, to rescuer. You can see this pattern by the emails.

I am not a Psychiatrist, and can only guess about someones Mental Health Conditions. Here is an excellent article I found about what it is like to be in a relationship with a person who has Borderline Personality Disorder .

Restraining Orders and BPDs

Some use them like candy. They get restraining orders on their partners regularly because of their black and white thinking. Many of the more advanced borderline personality disordered will have a number of restraining orders on others and themselves.

Why Restraining Orders?
Borderlines have such black and white thinking that you are either good or bad in their minds — you are either evil and out to do them wrong, or you are their savior. Ironically, these thoughts about a single person could almost co-exist inside a person.
Once the BPD splits and views you as all bad in the moment, they will do everything that they can to get you out of their life. Remember that borderline personality is a chronic feeling of emptiness, so getting you out of their life also becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.
One time, I asked the BPD that I was involved with, “what happens if I actually leave when you have one of these episodes?”
She responded with, “I always thought that’s what I deserve, to be alone.”
You can’t have a normal, fully functional relationship with someone who thinks that they deserve to be alone. Given a borderline’s instability and their self-loathing, this could come out in a number of harmful ways.
A true borderline continually plays the victim role. They have to be the victim of someone, something, constantly. As the partner of a borderline, they will be the victim of you.
Protect Yourself
If you are (or were) in a relationship with a borderline, you need to be aware of the restraining order trap and steer clear of it. The problem with a borderline relationship is that things can get so bad so quickly, and you don’t know when it is going to happen, that you can find yourself in a terrible situation with very little notice.

Watch for the following warning signs when dealing with a borderline:
  • Threatening to contact the police: Many times these are false claims that are again trying to play the victim. However, they could be real, and I’d recommend staying away from anyone who wants to call the police. I know, you can usually calm them down. It’s not your job, and you need to maintain your self dignity. Leave any situation where the borderline is threatening to call the police.
  • Physical violence: When an extreme fight breaks out, the borderline may hit, kick or scratch at you. At this point, your body’s fight or flight responses take over as adrenaline rushes through your veins. DO NOT FIGHT. WALK AWAY. I can’t stress this enough. Even if the borderline hit you square in the face, once you throw a punch, you may be defending yourself to the police or a judge. Walk away. You don’t want to be with someone who is physically violent with you.
  • Beginning to play the victim role, of you: Follow me here. Once the borderline starts to become the victim of you and your actions, your world will be turmoil. I’m taking a leap here as I personally stayed involved with the borderline as she tried to be the victim of me over and over again, but maybe you’ll be smarter than me. Believe me, in the long run, it’s better. You don’t want to be with someone that views you so poorly, even if they also idealize you. In the end, they don’t treat you well, and you can find someone that treats you better.
What To Do If Someone Has Filed A Restraining Order Against You
First, get an attorney to defend you. Get the best attorney that you can afford as they will provide you with sound legal advice. I’m not an attorney and don’t play one on TV, so I don’t want to overstep my advice here.

Defend yourself to the fullest extent that you can. Be sure to have no contact with the borderline if at all possible. If children are involved, of course, you’ll need to work through this.
You don’t want to be with someone who is threatening to call the police on you, filing restraining orders, being physically violent or treating you like you’re a terrible person that’s out to victimize them. You can find people that will treat you well — I promise.
If you feel you must stay in a relationship with someone who treats you so poorly, be sure to have boundaries before things ever escalate. Know when and what will make you walk away from a particular situation, and try to stick to those boundaries.
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Here is Eileen in the role as the persecutor, she had broken up with me, but I am the president and founder of a large singles group. Perhaps she felt her control of me slipping away, so she has a "friend"named Michael  join my singles group to slander me!

APPROVE -- arf_the_werewoof wants to join BrandonSingles

Thursday, December 6, 2007 1:15 AM


The following person would like to join the BrandonSingles group:
Email address: arf_the_werewoof <>

Comment from user:
Chris the leader of Brandon Singles is currently stalking a young
lady....he is underhanded and a lair
He pretends to be a nice guy and treats woman like crap

This membership request requires your approval because the
BrandonSingles group is restricted, which means you must
approve each new member.

To approve or reject this pending membership using the web,
please go here:

To approve this membership using email, reply to this message.

To reject this membership using email, forward this message to

NOTE: This membership request will expire after 14 days. If you do
not take action within that time, this membership request will be
automatically rejected. Yahoo! Groups does this to maintain a high
quality of service for our users.

Thank you for choosing Yahoo! Groups.

Now, let's do a simple Google search of this email address  to see WHO it belongs to ? 
Well look at this ?

Michael John @@@@@@...10 miles.0 tickets The ... [ ]. ,Marriage,Margraf,Beaver Dam, WI,LaCrosse, WI,Rheinlander ...

Storm Results

Michael John @@@@@@...10 miles............0 tickets The last 3 years (May 2001) only had to buy tickets to about 7 games out of 20 that I ... - Cached
Now, when working on Eileen's Daughters Computer that was running slow, she told me to delete music and needless picture files, because the hard drive was full! I came across a 1/2 naked picture of her "friend" Michael  ! Eileen claimed she had no idea what a 1/2 naked picture like that was doing on her daughters computer, and to delete it! So I did, then when working on Eileen's computer months later, I found this email from Eileen  to her "friend" Mike.

Re: picture

Sunday, August 26, 2007 12:53 PM
"chris tucker"

eileen riordan <> wrote:
 Hi Mike,
      I just forwarded that e-mail that was sent to me from a friend of mine, I thought it was cool but a bit pricey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I'm sending you this e-mail to ask you to send me that picture of you that you sent me a while back, it is on my old server and I lost the picture and I really liked it. You sexy man you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have any others to share with me send them as well.
                      Thanks, have fun watching HOUSE then you need to get your handsome rest.
            I had to go to bed before you because I am not as handsome as you so I required a head start.                            Love Ya, Eileen

Check out the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta - Fire up a more powerful email and get things done faster.
 I will write more later!  (Of course, I have all the original emails that Eileen Riordan sent me, lest anyone think I made all this stuff up)

Restraining Order Blog is not meant to harass, directly or indirectly contact, harm, imtimidate, bring any emotional distress, stalk or cyberstalk, nor intentionally slander or damage any individual in any way. Nor is it intended to initiate any third party contact on behalf of any poster or author, or violate a current restraining order in any way. If you feel there is anything on our Restraining Order Blog that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention. Our Restraining Order Blog Legal Staff will examine your request promptly, and any post you find offensive will be reviewed and possibly removed in a timely mannner


  1. This is in regards to Eileen Riordan saying I spoke to her about Chris stalking her. I never said such a thing to her. Nor would I ever say anything remotely like that as her paranoia would make it out to be worse than it is. I can't believe she through my name out there to the cops saying I was telling her things, this only proves of her lies.

  2. Thanks for posting the truth Anthony about Eileen Riordan. Though everything posted on this blog about her is the truth, backed up by proof, it matters not to Eileen. As you saw by the information on the computer screen of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy, Eileen lied, and used YOUR name to try and have me arrested for something I did not do. She actually called the police to try and have me arrested by giving false information to a police officer. She has called my probation officer, as has her husband Butch Jewell, with untrue allegations concerning me, and complaints about this blog. Thank You for standing up for me, and helping me expose her lies and deceit. This restraining order blog has had over 39,000 page views, as of this comment on 2/9/2011. We have many readers I feel can benefit from me sharing my restraining order with them.
    These one sided Hillsborough County Restraining Order Laws must be changed. Or people like Eileen Riordan will continue to use the Hillsborough County Legal System for their own hidden agenda's.

  3. Chris,
    I don't know Eileen, but I DO know Michael, and I can tell you from experience that he is not what he appears to be. On the surface, he seems to be a "nice guy", but once you REALLY get to know him, you realize that he is extremely selfish, self-centered, and shallow. I also suspect that he has closeted homosexual tendencies (if you spent time with him, you would understand why...). My advice to any woman who comes in contact with HIM would be to run like hell, and don't look back.

  4. Anonymous,
    I have seen all emails, heard all phone calls and have been there first hand to see everything that has happened between Chris Tucker and Eileen Riordan. I can say that Chris Tucker may have had a few bad choice words, but he has NEVER threatened her any harm, nor has he ever committed any act of violence towards Eileen Riordan.

    As I see it in relationships there will always be conflict and fighting *my own relationship see's this from time to time.* Everything Chris Tucker has done would be considered normal for any relationship, as for Eileen she has always used the "law" to "win" their verbal disagreements. This is a pattern that has been going on for years, Chris Tucker being a forgiving person that he is has always given Eileen Riordan another chance.

    (I will write more later)

  5. I will admit to losing my temper and yelling at Eileen, and calling her some names that were absolutely terrible, in the EARLY part of our relationship. However, I voluntarily and w/o any court or restraining order enrolled myself in Anger Management Classes that I completed. Eileen herself acknowledges this in one of the emails to me that I published on this Blog. There is absolutely NO excuse for what I said, and I take full responsibility for it. It was said in anger, but I still said it.
    This whole blog post is not about "Eileen and I".
    Her and I ended over a year ago, though she came after me a few months ago, telling me, Judge Lopez, and everyone around me she "Loved Me", and was going to leave her husband Butch Jewell to be with me, when she returned from Japan. Like Anthony Creelman posted in his comment above, my whole relationship with Eileen was me forgiving her, and taking her back for all the bad legal stuff she did to me.
    It is quite clear to me now she never had ANY intentions to be with me. I believe it was her plan to make me believe she was sincere, TRY to get me to fall back in Love with her by calling and being with me nearly every single day, and then cut off all communications in an attempt to "hurt me" for this Blog.
    This Blog has had over 41 thousand views from readers I hope will benefit from our restraining order story. Perhaps our story may actually prevent domestic violence, by providing an example of a bad relationship they may relate to.

  6. My Reply to the "Anonymous said" on February 15, 2011 10:58 PM" who makes false claims and is acting all like
    – Proverbs 6:16-19
    The reason "de-Friended and proof of you breaking another one the 9th/Exodus 20:16
    as well as Jn 15:10-12
    and James 4:11

  7. "De-friended"? We were never friends....only acquaintances, more or less. But I heard enough stories from a few people who DO know you to make me feel sorry for any woman who has the misfortune of coming in contact with you.

  8. Thanks Chris,
    for extra emails not posted here you sent from the anonymous EX of mine (anonymous post
    Lets it be know this EX of mine chased me around for a 1 & half while she was secretly married...lied about it...apparently suffers from "sour grapes"
    reply to:Anonymous said...

    I don't know Eileen, but I DO know Michael, and I can tell you from experience that he is not what he appears to be. On the surface, he seems to be a "nice guy", but once you REALLY get to know him, you realize that he is extremely selfish, self-centered, and shallow. I also suspect that he has closeted homosexual tendencies (if you spent time with him, you would understand why...). My advice to any woman who comes in contact with HIM would be to run like hell, and don't look back.
    February 15, 2011 10:58 PM

  9. Do what I'm doing... File a PFA back, coupled with harassment by communication, and be sure to include that she's filed a restraining order against you. She could get jail time for it. And as for my ex, good, the bitch deserves it. It reaches a point where enough is enough, it wasn't a game to me but it is now to her, well... I'm better at games, and I always will be. Stop going in the defense and crush her soul. It's what I've finally decided to do.

    The best defense is a good offense.

  10. I tried to tell Eileen and everyone close to her she has Borderline Personality Disorder.
    I reported her mental condition to the Florida Board of Nursing, and here is the result of the information I filed.

    She was examined by the Nursing Board Psychiatrist and found to have not only Borderline Personality Disorder, but drug addiction. In fact Eileen Riordan had Amphetamines in her system when she was examined.

  11. Nothing wrong with getting revenge against an evil woman, Anonymous. And I'm a scientist. I read the report. Honestly, women like that need to be immediately removed from the health care worker system. I'm just another anon that came across the website. Also, Chris needs to find a way to get away from this woman ASAP. She's too messed up. There are two sides to every story. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. People who are one-sided are either trying to swindle people or are too ignorant to address both sides. Chris seems to want to get revenge for what she did to him. Is that very kind? Nah. But then again, maybe evil/crooked people shouldn't screw with goodhearted people, because goodhearted people can turn mean, too. People want revenge when they feel wronged.

    1. These comments seem like a inside plant of BS just to make one's self feel better

  12. Also, there should be no reason why couples shouldn't be able to yell at each other. Just a bunch of liberal American television crap. Such disillusioned people with false fantasies. Argumentation is a cornerstone of generating understanding. If people can't deal with arguments, then maybe they shouldn't be together. The only time I yelled at my ex was when I told her to leave or stop calling me because she was acting crazy.

  13. CHris i do not know much about your situtation, I am about 1 year out and getting to the point of being scared

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