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Temporary Order Of Protection NYC, NY

 I just received this email from a reader in NYC.
""I'm hoping you may be able to send me in the right direction.  I am a 42 year old woman, I own my own retail shop in NYC, I have lived w/ my boyfriend for a year. He was drinking got aggressive bruised my elbow.  Next day he showed up at the shop drunk and making a scene, cop drove by and saw this.  Had my partner sit, asked me what was going on and I said he was drunk and could he make him leave because he gets stupid and aggressive. Cop asked me what I meant and I said look at my bruise, he gets stupid. Cop arrested him, told me I had to close up and fill out paperwork, I did and Temporary Order Of Protection was placed. charges were not filed for Domestic Violence but for contept ( he came home, police showed up and arrested him again) I pleaded with the DA to remove Temporary Order Of Protection to no avail. In an attempt to force him into a 18 month program, Temporary Order Of Protection was attached to contempt charge. He plead guilty to that and a five year Order Of Protection was placed , minutes say can be lowered to limited when treatment facility sees fit. Problem is he has been sitting in jail for 3months and may be better off finishing jail time in Feb.
We need to fight this Temporary Order Of Protection crap. We have never called the police. We have never had any other fights. The court simply wanted to use this law as leverage to get my boyfriend to do as they wished.
I have 20 affidavits from the community stating that they have never witnessed a problem including our family doctor.
Who can help me fight this Order Of Protection? Please help me, we are a family, he worked with and lived with me.  Please eemail or call me if you can I am desperate to get my family back together.""


  1. The Police saw the bruise on your arm, and acted to protect you with the Temporary Order Of Protection. The problem is his anger when he is drinking. He must get some help for his drinking, or you are going to continue to be abused. The affidavits ain't gonna help you fight this Temporary Order Of Protection, since NYC Police witnessed the bruise. It is quite commmon for abused women to protect their abusers! You should have thought about this before you showed the NYC Police the bruise.
    I seriously doubt the State of New York is going to drop the Order Of Protection, or the charges he already pled guilty to.

    I am quite sure he is claiming he will never do this again,,but he will, unless he gets help with his drinking problem. But for help to work, he must hit a bottom in his disease of alcoholism. I question WHY he has not asked the jail or the judge to send him to a treatment facility ?

  2. Why wouldn't send him into a rehabilitation? In order for him to work with his disease of alcoholism..

  3. You want my sister laine to have a talk with him? He will not harm any one again even if he drunk. It will help him if his heart does not give out. Sincerely, Frank E.