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Accused Of Stalking In Tampa !

Here is an email from someone accused of Stalking in Tampa.


I read your stalking blog with great interest.  My concern is similar but I am being accused of stalking my daughter's ex-boyfriend in Tampa.  She says I sent pictures to his school in Tampa of him engaing in underage drinking.  The fact is, this boy has used and lied to my daughter for 9 months straight, and I sent him a facebook message asking him to stop and to leave my daughter alone.  His mother is upset about him getting in trouble at school and that is why I believe she has filed this claim with Tampa Police.  I cannot afford a lawyer and the hearing is tomorrow in Tampa.  Do you have any specific hints for someone falsely accused of Stalking in Tampa?

Thanks, (name hidden to protect privacy from stalking charges)


  1. I am not a stalking attorney in tampa, so this is just my opinion. But as a parent myself, I understand your concern for your daughter. Tampa Police are all too quick to charge people under the new Tampa Stalking Laws. What used to be simple harassment, has now become stalking in tampa in the current police state florida has become. I do not believe your conduct in an official action, like reporting underage drinking to a school, or to the police in tampa, qualifies under the law. As far as Facebook goes, they must PROVE you posted the message. If anyone else uses your computer, they could have done it! As long as the message was not threatening, and you were not asked to stop, I fail to see how any court in Tampa could convict you of stalking. I would demand a jury trial, and hope you get some other parents on your jury in Tampa Court. They will most likely agree with your actions to protect your little girl from this teenage drunk! Stalking in Tampa is a serious charge. I would ask for a court appointed attorney at the very least, and demand a trial by a Tampa Jury. Or better yet, seek out a good private attorney in Tampa who defends against stalking charges. Tampa police and the States Attorney in Tampa just loves to over charge people under the tough new stalking laws, in the hopes of getting an easy conviction to a lesser charge. Please seek out the advice of a stalking attorney asap!

  2. Thank you so much for responding! Tomorrow morning is some kind of hearing, in a jury room, filled with lots of other people that have been accused of stalking. The affidavit she filled out said I was trying to discredit her son because of the pictures that I didn't even send. I am bringing phone records of texts and also transcribed texts (I have been saving them for several months) where this kid tells my daughter he wants to f*** her, wants her to suck his d***, and lots of other filthy things. The facebook message was ME telling HIM to leave my daughter alone, and this woman now says I was the one doing the stalking! It was clear I sent the fb message, this I admit to, but only to get him to leave her alone. Btw, she is 15 and he is 17 but I dont know if this matters. My husband cant be at the hearing but he is writing and signing a letter at his outrage over how our daughter was being treated by this boy, and that he supports me 100% in the message I sent to this boy. I hope this helps. This woman is nuts, and won't admit her son is an alcoholic. The high school they attend even has a crimestoppers email to report crimes involving the school or the students. Last I checked, underage drinking is a crime, so even if I did send the pictures, I can't see where this would even be an isssue.

  3. I would ask for a lawyer at this stalking hearing, and try to get it postponed until you have a lawyer, if possible! Good luck, come back and let us know what happened in your stalking case.

  4. Just got home after 3 hours sitting in a courtroom. The judge actually listened to my evidence! This woman had no proof of me doing ANYTHING except chewing out this kid on facebook, which he didn't find to be stalking. The boy showed up with his mother, and let me tell you he was extremely uncomfortable when I started reading off the texts he sent my daughter. His mom was shocked,and said to me "If my son was saying these things you would have called me" and I reminded her I did try to call her but she wouldnt return my call, so she had to find out all of this in court. The judge extended the order for there to be no contact between my daughter and her son, except for school, which makes me perfectly happy. So, she went to court trying to declare me a stalker, when it ends up her son comes out with a restraining order of his own. We have to return in 6 months. I'm not sure what happens next, but I feel a whole lot better.

  5. I am so happy for you. As a person unjustly accused of stalking in tampa myself, I am glad you got justice. Just be sure your daughter does not violate the restraining order, and leaves this loser alone. Stalking charges do not always have a happy ending like yours. Many times Judges in Tampa don't even listen to your side of things.
    They hand out restraining orders and stalking convictions like candy. It is all political. If a Judge in Tampa does not issue a restraining order and/or a conviction, and that person harms someone, it will be political suicide for the Tampa Police, and the States Attorneys Office! So, all too often, the accused persons constitutional rights are thrown out the window, in the name of "Protection". You got a fair Judge in your stalking case, congratulations!