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Restraining Order Questions

Here are some restraining order questions that came to me by email recently from a reader of this Blog

Questions: (1) Can Robert put a restraining order on my son Joe if they are not related. I live  with Rob but he doesn't want Joe coming in here. ALSO, my father in law owns this house, and(2) can HE put a restraining order on Joe to not come here. Father in law doesn't live here. And he's not related to Joe.

(Joe is not adopted by either of Rob or Mr. J. I don't want to leave Rob. but i don't want him telling me my son can't come here.  this is Mr. J's house and he doesn't live here. ) Isn't a restraining order not able to be placed on non relatives, since they are already trespassers if they come here. so Rob and Mr. Jarrel can't do this to Joe , can they? am i right.

If one or the other 'does' obtain  a restraining order on Joe, can i counter  act and/or put a counter restraining order on the first restraining order.. Can "I" first, get an order of protection against robert (before he does it first)  IF he lives here,  for verbal harrassment and mental abuse, without him leaving physically, but in case he yells and threatens me,

the case is he and Joe fight and doesn't want him here. I do. And i can't leave Rob. But i won't let him tell Joe what to do.


Here are my answers, short and simple. Anyone can get a restraining order against anyone if they claim they are in fear, and get a Judge to believe them. Restraining Orders can be set up most anyway the Judge see's fit.

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