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hillsborough county restraining order against man wanting to visit his mother

Friday, July 30, 2010 4:07 AM
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Here is an email we received recently about a Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order.

My friend has been fighting his sister and her disbarred attorney husband for the past three years to have unsupervised visits and input regarding the care of his soon to be 80 year old mother.
The woman filed a restraining order in hillsborough county against her brother with the help of the state  attorney.  It recently expired and now she is trying to have it imposed again.  My friend visited his mother several times and had to PAY someone to sit in the room with him and his mother to make sure he complied with the restrictions.
This woman is a thief.  She took all of their mother's assets, including her house, and put her in a locked up facility without consulting any other family members.
Her husband loves to litigate in spite of the fact that he has been disbarred.  He practices by writing pleadings using his wife's name as a pseudonym.
It is utterly ridiculous.  My friend loves his mother and has only her best interests in mind.  Last week, an EMPLOYEE of the NURSING HOME attempted to serve hillsborough county restraining order papers on my friend.  Isn't that a conflict of interest?
It seems to me that the State of Florida must regulate nursing homes in hillsborough county, don't they?  Obviously this hillsborough county nursing home does not want to lose its cash cow by releasing the senior to other family members.
Ironically, now this woman wants to relinquish the role of conservator.  Coincidentally, she and her disbarred attorney husband are splitting up.   But as a last hoorrah, she wants to have another hillsborough county restraining order placed on the most active offspring the elder has.
It is so sad and frustrating watching this system of elder abuse continue.  At 80 years old, how much more time on this planet does she have with her son?  The daughter RARELY visits the mother in the locked down facility.  The elder does not need these kind of restrictions.  She is lucid and ambulatory.
Now the woman that conserved her mother is involved with other senior matters outside her family.  She did such a terrible job with the caregiving of her mother, money must now be the motivator.
I know money is very important to this lady, she stole it from her nephew and tried to take some from her niece.  After assaulting her niece while driving, they went to court and were told to stay away from one another.  The niece needs more protection from this vulture than a verbal reprimand.
Thank you - how can my friend combat this new hillsborough county restraining order?  He desperately wants to be a part of his mother's remaining years.

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  1. I am not a lawyer, so this is just my opinion.
    I think you need to get in front of a Hillsborough County judge to see if you can have the Restraining Order modified. A Judge can modify a Restraining Order as they see fit.
    As for the Hillsborough County Nursing Home, they are probably deceived by your friends sister, and just acting to protect their patient from the danger your friend is said to present.
    I would suggest your friend find and retain a criminal defense attorney in hillsborough county who can help you, since your friends sister has the misguided hillsborough county state attorney on her side.
    Unfortunately, the well meaning legal system in hillsborough county is often deceived by people like this.
    You must expose this farce, to fight this false hillsborough county florida restraining order.
    This is only my opinion, and not legal advice.