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Abuse of Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders

Abuse of Restraining Orders

Examples of how Restraining Orders in Hillsborough County Florida are abused
Probably the best way to illustrate how Restraining Orders in Hillsborough County Florida are abused is to present what a domestic violence victims assistance advocate has told us:
• I have witnessed Restraining Orders in Hillsborough County issued just because a family member gave another family member "a dirty look"
• I am also seeing law enforcement officers seeking Restraining Orders  just to get the girlfriend exited from the shared living space, or simply out of their life.
• I also observe real abusers turning the domestic violence system on their victims by getting the Restraining Order first.
• The consistent percentage of domestic violence plaintiffs by male/ female is 22% male 78% female. Men also abuse the domestic violence system as well.
• One of my memorable cases was a woman who had filed a Restraining Order in Hillsborough County against a law enforcement officer. They had a history of drama . 
When I interviewed her she played the victim role well. The defendant brought an attorney with him, the victims demanded $5,000 to drop the restraining orders. She also wanted additional money awarded if he ever contacted her again. The Restraining Order in Hillsborough County was dropped by the plaintiff. I am not aware of any dollars exchanging hands.
About a year later, the same woman was in a nearby county with a different defendant she had a Restraining Order against, and she dropped it as well.
The victim advocate also stated that if the courts reduced the number of  restraining orders issued it would reduce the abuse.

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