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Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order Hurts Single Mon

Here is an email we just received with Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order questions

I am a single mother of 2 wonderful boys, the eldest is 9 yrs old and the baby is 4 mos. My boys are from different fathers. Currently I have shared custody with the 9 yr old and do not have any issues however; Im now facing a custody battle with the father of the 4mo.old who I have been in a relationship with for 6 yrs.
The baby's father served me with papers to establish paternity and have filed for sole custody of the minor. He also had me served with a restraning order for domestic violence to have me removed from the home we have shared for the past 2 1/2 years and was granted temporary custody of the minor through this injunction. The allegations that he made through the injunction not only were false but he failed to provide proof of any acts that he alleged took place. In turn I filed a restraining order of my own against him with proof of domestic violence, copies of police reports of incidents that occured from 2009 to March 2010 along with pictures of injuries and also a print out of a death threat that I recieved from one of his family members. In my injunction I also stated that the child is in immediate danger due to a rottweiler that is in the residence that has a violent history. The minor's father's dog has attacked on 5 differet occasions , 4 different people, this includes myself as one of the victims and his 8yr old niece who was attacked twice by the animal. I also stated in my injunction that myself as well as for a Hillsborough County Deputy witnessed an electrical fan/heater hooked to an electrical outlet placed inside the baby's wrought iron crib, putting the child at risk of electrocution or possiblity of having fingers or toes severed. My injunction was approved and served however; my son was not returned to me because my Ex filed his injunction prior to mine and was granted temporary custody through his injunction.
On Monday, April 5th I am having to attend a court hearing pertaining to the injunction, I currently do not have an attorney and can not afford one. I did not commit any acts of violence, never have been arrested for domestic violence unlike my Ex in April of 2008. My son was born out of wedlock in the state of FL and his father refused to sign the birth certificate. There is so much more to my case and I am willing to provide additional information. I am desperate to get my baby back and in desperate need of legal help and advise so your feedback is highly appreciated.

Ms. Mom


  1. I can not give you Legal Advice on your hillsborough county restraining order case.
    But many of our members have enlisted the aid of criminal defense attorneys in tampa,or received assistance from the hillsborough county public defenders office. It is my experience that the very first hillsborough county restraining order hearing is extremely important. Once he gets the restraining order made permanent, he can have all kinds of fun and games with your life! ALL he has to do is have him and several friends LIE, and say they :seen you" and you will wind up in the hillsborough county jail, with no bond, or a bond so high, you will sit there for a long time! It is MY opinion you desperately need some kind of legal representation when you appear in Hillsborough County Criminal Court!
    If he is successful, your life will be screwed, and you can maybe kiss the baby goodbye!
    If he lied about the facts in this hillsborough county restraining order case, then what is to stop him from lying, and claim you are stalking him. With a hillsborough county stalking conviction, best of luck in retaining custody of your baby!
    And oh, it gets even "better". You see, in stupid Hillsborough County, Florida, anything you have ever been arrested for, stays on the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Web Site, for ALL to see!
    That's right, in Hillsborough County Florida, it matters not if you were convicted, or not!
    Not only may you lose your child, but you will play hell finding a NEW relationship, job, place to live, even your credit will be compromised!
    NOW is the time to fight this restraining order charge, and IMHO, w/o a good criminal defense attorney, you will lose!

  2. I was not arrested for anything, he just filed the restraining order b/c it was the easiest way to have me removed out of our residence. He was arrested on April of 2009 for domestic violence and I also have called the police on several occassions for domestic disturbaces which I included copies of the reports along with pictures of injuries with my injunction (against him). He has nothing on me b/c I never did anything wrong. I just dont understand why the judge granted him temporary custody of our child when Im the legal guardian and we have yet to establish paternity or have even set a hearing for child custody, as a matter of fact; we had mediation scheduled and he cancelled. I am trying to put my case together for when I appear in court on Monday. I have been dealing with Bayarea Legal Services since the 2nd wk of this month trying to obtain legal representation. I have done everything that they asked me to do and they tell me on Friday that they dont have the necessary resources to represent me. I am very frustrated and very upset with the judicial system here in FL and the fact that I do not have the financial support to obtain an attorney does not help....

  3. Welcome to Hillsborough County , Florida !
    It is said many come to Tampa on vacation, leave on Probation, then come back to Hillsborough County on Violation!
    It is not the Hillsborough County Sheriff that is the problem. It is the unfair, and one sided current hillsborough county restraining laws!
    In a valiant, but misguided and poorly implemented desire to protect women from domestic violence, the sheriffs and police officers and Judges have been granted IMHO unconstitutional legal power unprecedented in the "free world". In a domestic dispute, whoever plays the hillsborough county legal system the best, wins.
    Sorry, I thought you had already been arrested ?
    This hearing on Monday is most likely to decide if the hillsborough county temporary restraining order will be made permanent, or thrown out of court in Tampa for a lack of evidence, etc, etc. All I said before still applies! IF he succeeds in getting the temporary restraining order made permanent, you will get screwed, hillsborough county style!
    Remember, he has already lied to get a temporary injunction ? What is to stop him from getting his new girlfriend, and a few of her friends to say they SAW you, after the temporary order of protection is made Permanent.
    Now, if he is real clever, here is what he might do. he may even call YOU, to say "the baby wants to see you" and Promise to ignore the restraining order, maybe say it is just a piece of paper. Do NOT, under any circumstances, answer any calls from him, and report them to Hillsborough County Sheriffs at once! I am not a religious person, but if I was, I would pray for you. God help you if this TRO becomes permanent! Read my story, filed under Chris's Story on the blog ?
    SEE what happened to me. Unknown to me, my ex had been seeing someone else, and she just used me to borrow 5000.00, move her to and pick out a new apartment, fix her burned face with permanent make up. She had over 125 calls to ME when, she had a restraining order against ME, even worked for me, and made my bank deposits, stayed here too! After she got what she wanted from me, she made sure she had her boyfriend and his Mom over, to witness all the times I was "stalking her" When she got all she could from me, it was time for me to go to hillsborough county jail!
    And she set me up, thinking I would go away for years, and she not have to repay the 5000.00 loan! My hillsborough county florida restraining order story is almost too incredible to believe. She was well coached by a hillsborough county detective she went to high school with! This hillsborough county sheriffs detective was having sex with her best friend, long after high school! My ex would rent hotel rooms in her own name so this detective could carry on his promiscuity, w/o hillsborough county sheriff david gee find out!
    Yes, I went to court with a criminal defense attorney, but I believe behind the scenes strings were pulled by this hillsborough county sheriffs office detective. My bond was set at 200.000.00, and my ex had the HEAD of Hillsborough County Victims Assistance Office Margaret Laing herself come to court with here, though NO physical violence was in this restraining order violation case!
    I got Railroaded by the Hillsborough County Legal System, forced to plead guilty to charges because of unreasonable bond set on me, or sit in hillsborough county jail a year to fight.'
    I was in jail 87 days over this, my business was failing, and could have lost ALL I work so hard for. Now, I have stalking arrest, so my competitors tell prospective customers,and use Hillsborough County Sheriffs web site to steal business from me!
    I made this blog, and find out there are HUNDREDS like me, screwed by the legal system in hillsborough county, florida!

  4. The judicial system is ridiculous!!! I am confident that I will make my case. I have sufficient evidence to uphold in court unlike my ex. Im just worried about my little one, he doesnt deserve to go through any of this especially at such a young age. His older brother is upset and doesnt understand why he can't be with his little brother, he doesnt understand why his brother has to stay w/his dad and not spend time with us, it's devastating!I wish there were services out there besides Bayarea Legal Services that could provide free legal advise or representation. Times are hard and even if I was working and bringing home some money, Im sure it wouldnt be enough to hire an attorney...Im going to be checking into a domestic violence shelter for women next week and hope for the best. It's not something I want to do but it's something that I have to do...

  5. Last night my ex violated the restraining order by relaying a message through a friend so I called the police and reported it. Long and behold the Hillsborough County deputies stated that they were unable to do anything b/c he didnt relay a threat and also b/c they did not have a time in the system of when the order was served to him, they only knew that it was served Friday therefore they could not coordinate the time of the violation and the time of when the injunction was served. The only thing they said they would do is call him and review the restrictions of the injunction.THATS A BUNCH OF BULL!!!...I have seen his truck parked 2 streets down from where I am staying now and his brothers are circling the neighborhood and my 9yr old told me that his aunt was at his school this week. His aunt has no children at my son's school so the purpose of the visit was unknown. I tried to have his family served with a restraining order but b/c I didnt have the number to their residence, only the street name; they couldnt be served. Now, Im having to leave my friends home and move into a shelter b/c of all of this....

  6. Well, I was arrested and charged with 9 restraining order violations, plus aggravated stalking. The phone calls were simple "hey honey, I love you" type messages, non threatening, and elicited by my ex. Her and I were having a relationship, with a restraining order in place. That is bullshit that because the third party contact was non violent, the hillsborough county sheriffs deputys could do nothing. Any third party contact is a violation of a restraining order. The Police could have questioned this person your ex sent to relaY a message. if this person admitted to Police he was sent by your ex to relay a message, that is grounds for a violation of a restraining order arrest on the spot.