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Hillsborough County Sheriff Endorses State Attorney Pam Bondi For Florida Attorney General

TAMPA, FLA – Today, eight current and former Sheriffs from the Tampa Bay area announced their decision to support former Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney  Pam Bondi in her campaign to be Florida’s next Attorney General. Former Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi has worked at some point in her career with almost every one of the Florida Sheriffs, and their support was predicated upon her diligence in assisting them with their fight against crime.

“Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi is conservative, and Pam is tough,” said former candidate for Attorney General and former Pinellas County Sheriff Everett Rice. “But anyone who has worked with her knows that her toughness is built on the great concern she has for the safety of the people she represents, and we can be confident that she will take that same concern and toughness to Tallahassee.”

After an impressive fundraising start, Former Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi has begun to campaign in every corner of the state. This announcement is just the first of several that will highlight her broad-based support. The Sheriffs endorsing Bondi include the following:

•Jim Coats, Pinellas County Sheriff

•David Gee, Hillsborough County Sheriff

•Walter Heinrich, former Hillsborough County Sheriff

•Cal Henderson, former Hillsborough County Sheriff

•Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff

•Tom Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff

•Everett Rice, former Pinellas County Sheriff

•Charlie Wells, former Manatee County Sheriff

“I am honored by the support of these leaders,” said Florida Attorney General candidate Pam Bondi. “Just as they made a commitment to uphold the constitution and to protect Floridians, I will do the same as our Florida Attorney General.”

Pam Bondi recently resigned from the State Attorney’s office as a career prosecutor to run for Florida Attorney General. She is a 4th generation Floridian, a resident of Tampa, and is committed to being an advocate for the small businesses and working families of Florida. For over 18 years, she worked side by side with law enforcement, putting some of the state’s worst criminals behind bars.

“Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi has been a friend and partner to Florida’s Sheriffs and law enforcement agencies,” said Charlie Wells, former Manatee County Sheriff and long-time political ally of Governor Jeb Bush’s. “I know that she will continue the good work that Bill McCollum has begun and will continue to work with law enforcement to protect and defend the people of Florida.”

The Bondi Campaign kicked off their campaign on December 1 of last year and raised $200,000 in their first 30 days of fundraising, outperforming the first quarter of every other candidate that had filed prior to October 1 of last year.

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Pam Bondi Republican, for Attorney General

Published free on this Blog, because we suppport former Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi for Florida Attorney General.


  1. We do too!
    This is not an "anti law and order blog", just people who want to see the one sided current restraining order laws changed.
    We think there is something wrong with a law that grants a woman a restraining order if she claims fear, yet allows her to cantact a Man all she wants w/o fear of arrest.
    But, let the man, who may be in Love with this woman, be tricked by her into contact with him, and he goes to jail, and possibly Prison for "stalking", if enough violations of the restraining order are prosecuted!
    Us Men have feelings too, and if we are in Love, and the woman assures us the restraining order is "just a piece of paper", we have been known to do stupid, non violent or threatening things, to save our relationships.
    All it takes, under the current laws, it to leave enough "I Love You" messages on her phone, as she is leaving them on yours, borrowing money from you, sleeping with you, even having you move her to her new apartment!
    This is what happened to me! My ex girlfriend was even brazen enough to admit he allowed me to contact her during the restraining order, and that I even found, and moved her into her new apartment!
    This was right on the HCSO police report, yet I was prosecuted for two counts of Aggravated Stalking, and several violations of a restraining order!
    WHY should she be allowed to contact, borrow money, even sleep with me, when she got a restraining order based on her "fear of me"
    Yet, I get arrested , and jailed, held for 3 months with a 200,000.00 Bond I was unable to make, forced to plead guilty to avoid total financial ruin, all for being a guy in love, desperately trying to save his relationship. I believed my ex girlfriend, I trusted her, and I loved her dearly, I had absolutely no idea she was merely just setting me up for 2 major Felonies!

    Yes, I too support Pam Bondi for Florida Attorney General. I believe her to be tough, but also to be fair. Everyone I tell about my restraining order violation ordeal is in utter disbelief.
    This is because most people are totally un aware of the current one sided laws!
    It is my hope that once Pam Bondi is elected as our Florida Attorney General, that she will see to it that a woman will no longer have her cake, and eat it too.
    If, as a woman, you get a restraining order against a man, then you need to leave him alone.
    And the sheriffs office needs to have the ability to null and void a restraining order on the spot, the minute they have probable cause to believe that woman is enticing or having contact with a person she "claimed" to be in fear of.
    WE hope that when Pam Bondi is elected as Florida Attorney General, she will take a long hard look at the current restraining order laws, and act to bring change to a one sided, and unfair to men law that desperately needs changing!

  2. Pam Bondi is seeking to become Florida's Attorney General. I'm registered as a no party affiliate, but I intend to switch to the Republican Party so I can vote for Pam in the Republican Primary. Assuming she wins in the primary, I will be casting my vote for Pam in the General Election, too. I urge all of my fellow Floridian's to vote for Pam Bondi. She's a young, bright, intelligent person. She's served as a prosecutor for many years and has much experience in law. She's a fifth generation Floridian. She attended Florida schools and colleges. She's fair and will fight for the people of FL both in criminal and civil matters. If you're not registered as a Republican, do what I'm going to do with my voter registration. If you are registered as a Republican, be sure to give your support to Pam in the primary. If she gets the Republican nomination, I urge all voters in FL to support Pam in the General Election regardless your political affiliation.


  3. I am a retired Probation officer. I was assigned to Community Control. I worked with Pam many times trying to convict probation violators. She was always tough, princilpled; and conservation! I strongly endorse Pam for State Attorney General. Nick Riggio

  4. Well, I am ON Probation Nick, for 3 years, and they ran it consecutively. I spent 89 days in Jail with a 250.000.00 Bond I was unable to make.
    I was grossly and unfairly overcharged by the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office. Unable to make Bond, and facing financial ruin, I was forced to plead guilty. You can read all about it here on the Blog. It is filed under Chris's Hillsborough County Florida Restraining Order Nightmare.
    I was guilty of nothing more then being in Love, and carrying on a relationship with a restraining order in place. My ex girlfriend had TONS of contact with me during the restraining order, including actually living and working for me, even having me move her to her new apartment. She even borrowed 5000.00 dollars from me during the restraining order!

    All the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office cared about in my case was getting a Conviction. They looked the other way at all the contact my ex and I had with each other!
    The States Attorney even brought in the Victims Assistance Advocate against me in my case, though the real Victim was me!

    You talk about Principle Nick, and Pam Bondi certainly has it, in Spades!
    My case was a crime against a person, but think about that for a minute ?
    How can a woman claim to be in fear of you, when she is demonstrating otherwise by her actions ?
    The States Attorney in my case admitted in court there was a LOT of contact between my ex and I during the restraining order. If this States Attorney had any Principle, she may have realized that my ex was simply using the States Attorney's Office to get back at me, or put me in prison. so she did not have to repay the 5000.00 I lent her!

    I support Pam Bondi for Florida Attorney General, because I feel she is all about Principle! I bet if she would have been the State Attorney assigned to my case, she would have smelled a rat, and decided not to go ahead with the un necessary and malicious prosecution. As a woman herself, Pam Bondi is all about protecting women from real violence, and so am I. A Conservative like Pam Bondi hates big government, especially big government gone wrong, like it did it my case.
    I strongly endorse Pam for Florida Attorney General.