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Equal Justice Midlothian Virginia ?


I came across your blog while doing research.

Just some background on myself: I am a law enforcement officer that genuinely believes there are women, children, and MEN that need protection from abusers. However, I feel that the number of (mostly) women that abuse Protective Orders are far more vast than those that experience violence and sincerely need protection. Right now, I am experiencing this within my family.

I was looking on the Internet for someone that can assist my brother, who has been named (by his wife) as the respondent on an order, issued without his knowledge, presence, or defense. During my research, I found a place in Midlothian, Virginia claiming to advocate EQUAL JUSTICE. Their website is Rapidly, I found that they do not advocate actual EQUAL JUSTICE. Please read below to see how and why I came to this conclusion. If you feel it is appropriate, I would like you to include this on your site because it not only serves as a testament to the inequality involved in protective orders and domestic violence, but also shows that there is at least one woman that understands this struggle.

Thank you,

(Name Hidden By  Request)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been researching equal justice in Virginia, as my brother has been named as a respondent on a Preliminary Protective Order (which was awarded to his wife on an ex parte basis after an Emergency Protective Order was initially given by a magistrate. The police did not get the order, nor did they assist, as there was no sign of physical abuse.) As you know, an order issued on an ex parte basis severely violates a person's right to defend themselves against false charges which, in this case is what her allegations are. She is controlling, manipulative, and threatening, yet she's the victim? Of course, because she's the woman. There is much research and evidence to be found on the Internet that illustrates how protective order abuse is increasing in the USA. More often than not, they are issued to women; women that like to play the victim to suit their needs. Do not misunderstand me. I work in law enforcement and know that there are both women and MEN that sincerely need protection from abusers. My sister-in-law is not one of them, however she could benefit from a good psychiatrist.

My brother was immediately removed from his home, a home he pays for, and has not seen his two sons in days, although they are not listed on the order. Under law, he can take his children whenever he pleases but, given the order in place, he cannot for fear of violation. In the meantime, his wife, the petitioner, continues to call and leave notes for my brother, in an attempt to get him to violate the order. He has contacted law enforcement, the courts, and magistrates and they all state that she is allowed to do this.

Your site claims, EQUAL JUSTICE AMERICA but, on your home page, this is stated:

"As a result, women and children victimized by domestic violence do not get the legal help they desperately need."

What of the men that are falsely accused, that are removed from their homes, children and even jobs, due to the rantings of an abusive female? In this case, a female that was charged for assault on my brother by law enforcement, some time ago, because there were visible signs of abuse?

Your site is hardly advocating EQUAL JUSTICE but, perhaps, you can direct me to someone that actually practices what your site claims to? I am looking for someone to assist my brother in fighting these false claims in Frederick Co, VA.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you consider changing your site's wording and assumptions.


  1. i too am currently going through the same situation. i havent seen my son in a year. i went to the hearing and they gave her the order w/o letting me prove that she was the violent one. im in the state of florida which is known to be a state all about women. so i desperately continue to look for my side to be heard and maybe i can makke a diffrence for men in my shoes. i filed a rehearing so that i can be heard lets see what happens on that date. god bless.

  2. I sincerely wish you luck in Florida, a state all about women, and doing what is politically correct if you are a Judge. The rights of us Men are routinely ignored in the name of "protection" for women in Florida. This is nothing new. Throughout History, corrupt governments have used several causes to take away freedom from their unfortunate citizens. All a woman has to do is claim fear, and a restraining order in Florida will be granted, regardless of if it is needed.

  3. I too am going through something a little different. I have a protective order against me via my wife. She came home and started a fight and we shouted and I smacked a box that was close by and asked her not to scream at me, She started to tear the house apart and was trying to throw items through a screen window, got hit in the eye when something came back. Six days she took out the order and I was removed from my house that I own alone. Her story has changed at least five times and some of her family members are going to court on my behalf. We are in Virginia, what can i do?

  4. Not much, except do not violate the protective order for now, until you go to court.
    I am not a lawyer, and I suggest you see a good criminal defense lawyer in Virginia.