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Monkey Stalking Citizens Of Tampa Florida!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A monkey is on the move, stalking people in Tampa.

Residents across Tampa Bay have spotted it five times in two weeks: climbing a tall tree in East Tampa; sitting on a back porch north of Town N' Country; crossing a road in Palm Harbor.

If it is the same monkey — and wildlife experts believe it is — it has traveled at least 21 miles in 11 days.

It is believed to be a macaque, among the more temperamental in the primate family, also among the most plentiful.

No one knows where it came from. Eleven people across Florida have licenses to own macaques as personal pets. Another 41 breed or exhibit macaques. But no one in Tampa, FL has reported a missing macaque.

The macaque (pronounced muh-kak) was spotted again Monday in Palm Harbor, less than half a mile from where it was observed at an apartment complex on Sunday. One person reported seeing it hop over a wall. Another said it crossed the street and disappeared into the woods.

Several efforts have been made to trap it in a cage, and tranqulize dart it.

So far, the monkey has the upper hand on Tampa Police.

Tampa Residents have been advised to go and get a restraining order against the Monkey, and call the Tampa Police Department if it violates it.
A Tampa Police Spokeswoman told residents to remain calm, and call the nearest Tampa Police Station if sighted.
Tampa Police also said it if is seen more than 3 times, in the same tree, they will have the Monkey jailed on aggravated stalking charges, and sent to primate prison!

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  1. lol this shit is sooo funny is look like my friend dewin he looks like he got no teeth lol