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Tampa Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws

Tampa Florida Stalking Laws

Tampa Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws

Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida is engaging in a willful and malicious course of conduct that continuously harass a person with a credible threat, either expressed or implied, that places the victim in fear that they will suffer bodily harm, injury or even death. Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida  is a serious offense. It is a third degree felony, with a sentence punishable up to fifteen years in prison.

Florida laws make a distinction between misdemeanor stalking and felony or aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida. Aggravated stalking occurs when there is an injunction or order of protection in place and the stalker repeatedly violates that order. Repeated violations in Tampa Florida mean two or more incidents of stalking against you or your immediate family within the past six months.

Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida requires a minimum of two offenses to prove that it wasn't an isolated occurrence. Some examples of aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida is repeated episodes of threatening or harassing behavior such as phone calls, following and shadowing a person or showing up at their home or place of employment.
Aggravated stalkers in Tampa Florida comes from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The motivations of a stalker is as complex as the human mind. Most aggravated stalkers in Tampa Florida are men who have lost their control over their victim. The victim is usually someone the stalker knows and was involved in a prior intimate relationship. The stalking in Tampa Florida began after the relationship ended, or when there was a perception in the mind of the stalker, that he was somehow mistreated.

In Tampa Florida, there is a movement to pass stricter laws to help stop aggravated stalking. Spending time in jail sometimes allows a stalker to do some serious reflection about their current situation and to make some changes to their violent and destructive behavior.

Florida Appellate court has reviewed the stalking statue and the statue was found to be constitutional. In Florida, aggravated stalking laws have come under question because , what constitutes stalking , can fall into a very vague area. In stalking cases in Tampa Florida, there is usually little physical evidence and the arrest and prosecution is based on the credibility of the victim.
It has become common practice in Tampa, Florida to overcharge simple restraining order violations with the tough Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws as a tool to ensure a criminal conviction!
Once you are looking at prison time, getting you to plead guilty to a lesser charge is childs play for the prosecutor, even if you are not really guilty!

Restraining and protective orders in Tampa Florida are issued to keep stalkers at a safe distance from their victims. Whether a protective order works is debatable. In Florida, the law allows its law enforcement officers to arrest violators of the protective order without obtaining an arrest warrant.

Police in Tampa Florida encourage victims of aggravated assault to document the abuse by their stalker. They advise victims to keep a diary or log of the stalker's activities. They caution the victim to change their phone number and their door locks. Keep the car doors locked at all times and if you are followed drive to the nearest police station in Tampa, Florida.


  1. my ex girlfriend has gotten me charged with aggrivated stalking in pinellas county. she repeatedly lied and said she was going to drop the injunction. now i am facing jail because she wanted to lie, not only to me, but to her boyfriend at the time. i feel like she is using the system to protect her lies to her new boyfriend about our relationship! i am currently represented by a PD, for i cannot afford an attorney at the moment. what are my chances of not gettting jail time for her lying¡

  2. This "stalking" bullshit happened to me in Hillsborough County!
    My ex has PTSD, is paranoid, and scared of her shadow. She would get restraining orders to "win" a simple disagreement, then come over crying, saying she made a mistake. She would promise to drop the injunctions, or they would simply expire.
    Little did I know that while she was with me, she was telling everyone who would listen how scared she was of me, to attract sick attention.
    She Loved to play the victime.
    She finally met another guy, after we had been seeing each other with a restraining order in place. Out of the blue one evening, she called to break up with me. Since she had cut her wrists up in front of me, and attempted suicide several times, I was concerned. I drove over to the Apartment I moved her iinto just one day before all this, and guess what ?
    Her new boyfriend, his mother, and my ex were all sitting there outside!
    I was arrested, and charged with aggravated stalking! She had to make it look good, at my expense, for her new boyfriend!
    Good Luck staying out of jail. She has the law on her side, you violated the restraining order, because you loved and trusted her.
    Women have figured out how to use the system to gain advantages in a Divorce, or to get rid of an old boyfriend. Even if you prove that contact was consensual, it don't matter!
    The Hillsborough County States Attorney in my case was so brazen, she freaking admitted in Court my ex and I had been having consensual contact during the restraining order!
    You would have THOUGHT that Hillsborough County Judge Manuel Lopez would have thrown this bullshit out of his courtroom ? He did not, and he kept a 250,000.00 Bond on me, making it impossible to fight the charges. The resukt is I am now on 3 years Probation, my good name has been ruined, and my competitors in my business are using this against me to steal my customers!
    My only crime was being in love with, and trusting a crazy, vindictive Girl!
    Stalking is a hard charge to convict on. They charge you with it to get an easy guilty plea to a lesser charge. I am not an attorney, so this is only my opinion. Good Luck with your Stalking Charge, and stay the hell away from her, for good!

  3. Sir, please excuse me for being presumptuous, but PLEASE do not play victim. I had a stalker in Hillsborough county and I couldn't even get a restraining order against him. Tampa does NOT make it easy for a victim, I can tell you from personal experience.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you were unable to get even a restraining order, the first step in protecting yourself against a real stalker. Did you try going to some of the Tampa Domestic Violence centers ? They will help you fill out and perhaps better word a restraining order.
    Did you report each and every Stalking incident to the Police, document it, and have witnesses ?
    I would think if you brought enough police reports into court about this stalker, a restraining order would be granted in Tampa ?

  5. IT'S a good thing you don't live in Pinellas County. The person that takes out a restraining order for stalking that didn't even take place, causes more harm to the alledged subject. Then the restraining order tells the alledged subject that they can't all, go by, or have any such contact with the reported victim, but yet the reported victim can go by the alledged victims house that lives in another city, have him followed and is even caught on tape. The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office says Pinellas County is the only one that has their law allowing the reported victim to have the right to drive by the alledged subjects house. They told him he has to avoid her totally knowing he does not even go looking for her. If he happens to spot her on his street, he has to go inside. She has caused so much mental anguish for him. She tells the court that she is terrified of him and in fear for her life, but then goes by his house, drives looking for his vehicle (witnesses have seen this) He has never been in trouble with the law, has so many high profile friends, IS A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, but yet has no recoil. The restraining order is suppose to be for 5 years. I just can't figure that out.
    What can be done. In Dade County, you have to prove stalking exist before a person can be arrested. The restraining order is issued for 6 months, if there is no stalking or harrassing of any kind, then it is tossed out. This person-reported victim has done this to many people. She needs to be put away.

  6. this country is finished , just look at what there doing to us , specialy man, almost like theres a plot to under mind man, for complete control of our families. what a joke , god speed your coming because these trolls are everywhere.