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Tampa Domestic Violence Resources

This Tampa Domestic Violence Blog is NOT against REAL victims of domestic violence.
Only against the misuse of Domestic Violence laws.
We realize that some Tampa Domestic Violence crimes really do happen, often leaving the victim in fear.
As a public service, we are publishing these Tampa Domestic Violence resources, so thatDomestic Violence Victims can find help and shelter.

Domestic Violence

Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office

Domestic Violence Page

Intervention Services

PO Box 4772

Tampa, FL 33677

Tel. (813) 247-5433

Tel. (813) 247-7233

Tampa Domestic Violence Intervention program for domestic violence assailants

Tampa Domestic Violence Prevention Projects, Inc.

13701 Bruce B Downs Blvd Ste 110

Tampa, FL 33613

Tel. (813) 978-3960

Tel. (813) 866-7355

Anger management and domestic violence intervention

Tampa Domestic Violence Project Dove

405 N Reo Ste 260

Tampa, FL 33609

Tel. (813) 287-2210

Tampa Domestic Violence Psychological rehabilitation program for children who have witnessed domestic violence

Spring of Tamba Bay

Tampa Domestic Violence Outreach Services/Consumer Counseling

5118 N 56th St Ste 131

Tampa, FL 33610

Tel. (813) 621-7233

Tampa Domestic Violence Domestic violence support groups, counseling, and case management

Spring of Tampa Bay

Tampa Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter

PO Box 4772

Tampa, FL 33677

Tel. (813) 247-7233

Tel. (813) 247-5433

Tampa Poice Department

Domestic Violence Page

Tampa Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program

700 E Twiggs St Rm 711

Tampa, FL 33602

Tel. (813) 272-6472

Tel. (813) 272-6472

Sexual Abuse, Child or Adult

2-1-1 and Hotline Services 2-1-1

Tampa Domestic Violence Abuse Reporting Hotline


Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

209 S. Morgan St

Tampa, FL 33602

Tel. (813) 228-0011

Tel. (813) 264-9955

Sexual Abuse / Hotline Services

Te. (813) 234-1234

Adult Protective Services, FL Dept Of

Children & Families

Tel. (813) 233-2360

Child Abuse Council

Tel. (813) 673-4646

Tampa Domestic Violence Child Protection Team

Tel. (813) 251-8007

Hillsborough Co. Crisis Ctr.

2214 E. Henry Ave

Tampa, FL 33610

813-238-7273 (RAPE)

Office 813-238-8411

Family Emergency Ctr.

2960 Roosevelt Blvd.

Clearwater, FL 34620

(727) 530-7233

Alpha House of Tampa, Inc.
201 S Tampania Ave
Tampa, FL 33609
Tel. (813) 875-2024

Tel. (813) 875-3307

For pregnant women in crisis situations

Center Against Spouse Abuse (CASA)
P.O. Box 414
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33731
Tel. (727) 895-4912

Fax (727) 821-7101

Crisis Line (727) 898-3671

Child Net

839 W Dr MLK Jr Blvd

Tampa, FL 33613
813) 232-1343
(813) 752-1335

For mothers of children less than 5 Y/O and pregnant women

Clerk of Cicuit Court, Hillsborough County

Domestic Violence Contacts

Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Victim Assistance

Tel. (813) 272-6423

Family Service Center – Clearwater

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

Joshua House

Childrens Home Society

Tel. (813) 949-8946

Emergency shelter and counseling center for abused children

Mary  Martha House

Tel. (727) 645-7874

Tampa Domestic Violence Sexual Abuse Intervention Program

Tel. (813) 272-KIDS

Tampa Domestic Violence Crime Prevention Resources

Community Services
Tampa Domestic Violence  Stalking Resources

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