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Roses vs Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders ?

Roses vs Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders

If your relationship with your romantic partner is dissolving, it is far to easy to place ALL the blame on someone else!
Remember, it takes TWO to argue ?
Ask yourself what is your part in the failing relationship, and what can you do about it ?
The only person you can change, is yourself.
Perhaps voluntary enrollment in hillsborough county anger management classes, or therapy will give you a different way of looking at things ?

It is possible you may be in a relationship with an impossible to please partner.
If that is the case, leave!
But perhaps it is not ALL your partners fault the relationship has degraded to verbal, emotional, or even physical abuse, or a hillsborough county fl restraining order!
If a restraining order is in place, do not under any circumstances violate it.
But if the relationship is in a downward spiral, I have found buying her Roses to be an effective "peace offering"
Romantic Partners need to feel loved, we all do.

Sometimes just the simple, and relatively inexpensive act of buying her Roses may buy you some time to show her you intend to change.
That is, IF the relationship is worth saving.
My friend Yolanda is a floral designer, and sells Roses and Flowers out of her home.
Her overhead is very low, so she offers great prices on Roses.
If you feel a hillsborough county restraining order is about to be obtained against you, sincerely saying your sorry, buying her Roses, and getting help with YOUR problems might prevent it, and save your relationship ?
Think about it .......

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