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Lee County Florida Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed !

Lee County FL Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed !

Mother Accused of Domestic Violence in Lee County, FL
Lee County Domestic Violence Attorney Gets  Case Dismissed!

Caught up in the stress of daily life, a Lee County mother of 3 found herself facing serious domestic violence charges. Her 12 year Lee County Florida marriage was strained and her actions became erratic. For several years prior she had been treated for chronic depression and anxiety. She had been prescribed anti-psychotic medications but was inconsistent with her dosage. When her behavior became argumentative and even abusive towards her 72 year old Lee County Florida husband, he called the police. The Lee County Florida woman was arrested and charged with Battery on a Person 65 Years of Age or Older, under Fla. Statute 784.08. The Court also issued a Pre-Trial Release No Contact Order, maintaining that the defendant have no contact with her Lee County Florida husband.

The husband was forced to care for their two younger children himself while his wife struggled with her mental health issues. Unfortunately, her Lee County Florida Legal problems continued and she was obsessed with contacting her husband. She did not comply with the Lee County Florida No Contact Order and was arrested a second time for Battery against her husband. Cape Coral Police also charged her with violating the Pre-Trial Release Condition, under Fla. Statute 741.29(6), a First Degree Misdemeanor in Lee County Florida.

Facing the remorse of her actions, the woman sought help through professional counseling and church services. In light of their long term marriage and commitment to their children, the Lee County Florida couple wanted to reconcile their differences and reunite the family.

Being found guilty of domestic violence in Lee County Florida can have serious penalties and consequences for both the individual and their family. Battery on Persons 65 Years of Age carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. The defendant sought the experience of the Lee County Florida criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law to help avoid a conviction and the long term consequences of these allegations.

Lee County Florida Domestic Violence Attorneys at Musca Law saw the honest attempt the defendant had made by attending a recovery group focused on women's anger through her church. The couple had also been seeking professional help from a marriage and family therapist. Our attorneys motioned the Court to lift the No Contact Order and take consideration of the defendant's husband having no objection, as well as his desire to reconcile his marriage. The Motion to Lift the No Contact Order, was modified to No Violent Contact and continue with counseling. On the charges of Battery, the State Attorney's Office issued a Nolle Pros, and the case was Lee County Florida criminal domestic violence case was dismissed


  1. A restraining order is a worthless piece of paper goto and you will see in Lee County Florida it results in double homocide

  2. I tried the link you posted, but you have to register to even see the forum! If you want people to hear your story, I would suggest setting your forum so anyone can READ it. You can always make it so you have to register first before you post. Just a suggestion to help you get your restraining order story told.

  3. When you dont want the murderers family to have access to family photos and other info you dont want then to see I have to keep it that way. If someone doesnt want to register they dont need to know our story. Court Tv aired the trial live fo 2 weeks.

  4. I would be more then happy to publish a complete story on the Restraining Order Blog for you. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.