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Hillsborough County's Best Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr

Hillsborough County Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr

Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr, I wll be sorry to see you leave the bench.
In all my many restraining order cases caused by me trusting my ex girlfriend, you were by far the fairest Hillsborough County Court Judge I ever encountered.
In fact Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr, one restraining order you threw out of court due to lack of  evidence, my ex girlfriend almost carbon copied.
She then took basically the same restraining order motion in front of Judge Christine Vogel who granted it.
I want everyone in Hillsborough County Florida to remember how fair you were Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr.
I hope who ever replaces you will be 1/2 the person  you were Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr!

The 13th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is now accepting applications to fill a vacancy on the Hillsborough County bench created by the retirement of Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr., effective January 31, 2010.

Applicants must be residents of Hillsborough County, registered voters, and members of the Florida Bar for the past five years.

The application form to relace Judge Raul C. Palomino, Jr  has been recently amended and the current application can be downloaded from The Florida Bar’s Web Site at, or obtained electronically by contacting JNC Chair Pedro F. Bajo, Jr., at (813) 223-7333.


  1. Best Judge ever? That may have been true before he put his retirement plans ahead of his duties as a judge. I never expected that he would summarily dismiss a case that involved a child's safety so that it would not interfere with his target retirement date. He needs to retire ASAP as he has lost all credibility and is now simply a taxpayer burden.

  2. Best Judge???? I lost all respect for the court because of Judge Palomino. I was called into court for a TRO on my minor daughter, brought by a seriously deranged classmate in HS, all charges put forth were PATENTLY false. When in court, I was asked if I would like to respond, and upon doing so was quickly lectured for 10 minutes by this "Best Judge:". It was EXTREMELY hard not to be in contempt, because in my mind, I was in contempt. If this idiot is the epitomy of reasoned Judgement, then we as Americans are F'd. Screw you Palomino, I lost all respect for the courts because of your pompous, GODLIKE presence.

  3. Bull this guy violated my civil rights and gave control of a business to an embezzler without one act of violence list. Court papers were manipulated, and as far as I am concerned he is crooked.