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Hillsborough County State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI

I just saw this story about a Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office aide suspended over a  DUI.
Though I am not a happy camper with the handling of my recent violation of a restraining order case by one particular Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney, and Victims Assistance Advocate Margaret Laing,  I feel a need to comment on this story.
People, we must realize that even Hillsborough County State Attorney aides are HUMAN too, and are subject to problems in life, as we all are.
I mean, get real. Go to any Bar in Hillsborough County on a Football Sunday, and over 1/2 the patrons are legally drunk when they leave the bar!
This man was having problems with his marriage, for crying out loud!
His world was coming apart, and he turned to Alcohol as a temporary escape from the emotional pain he was certainly in.
Why do we want to crucify this poor man, who has served us at the Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office for so many years ?
Alcoholism is a disease, lets see to it this Man gets treatment, and not ruin his career with the Hillsborough County State Attorney Office ?
And, lets see to it he gets a New Wife, who will not "drop a dime" on him the next time he has a weak moment ?
Read the story, and decide for yourself ?

Hillsborough County State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI

TAMPA — The man who represents the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office on numerous local boards has been suspended from his job after being arrested by Tampa Police on a charge of driving under the influence.

His wife turned him in to Tampa Police.

Elvin Martinez Jr., 38, refused to take a breath test or perform field sobriety exercises for Tampa police officers, according to incident reports.

"Just take me to jail," he told a Tampa Police officer.

Martinez, who was released from jail after posting $500 bail, could not be reached Monday for comment.

The son of a retired Hillsborough County judge, Martinez works as the community relations administrator for Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober. He has served as chairman of the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance and the Family Justice Center, which helps domestic violence victims.

The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office will ask the governor to appoint a special prosecutor to handle his misdemeanor case, Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi said.

"We're aware of the situation and are looking into it,"Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi said. "He is suspended pending the investigation."

Martinez's troubles began just after 10 p.m. Friday, when his wife called 911 to report to Tampa Police that her husband was driving recklessly. Alicia Martinez, a judicial assistant for a Hillsborough County judge, said she was following his blue van on Armenia and Hillsborough avenues and that he had crashed into her black Toyota Camry but kept driving.

A Tampa Police officer caught up with the vehicles and saw Elvin Martinez almost crash into another vehicle and then drive in the center of a two-way road toward his home, the Police report said.

He pulled into his driveway and stopped. He told Tampa Police officers he had driven around the block "to avoid his wife," according to the Tampa Police report, which noted that the couple was having marital problems.

Martinez said he had not collided with his wife's car, claiming that the damage to his van had been caused by his children's bikes.

A Tampa Police Officer noted that Martinez's sentences "made little sense," his speech was slurred, and his breath smelled of alcohol. Inside the van, the Tampa Police officer found an empty plastic cup that smelled like beer on the floor board, and an unopened can of still cold beer.

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