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Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi

This Blog supports Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi's run for election for Florida Attorney General.
Look at the compassion of Pam Bondi for these victims of a serious crime, reflected in her body language, in the above image!
Then, watch this Pam Bondi Video
I feel, based upon Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi's record as a Prosecutor, that she will make an excellent Florida Attorney General.
My friends at the Brandon Chamber Of Commerce are totally in support of her bid to be Florida Attorney General, and so am I.
Watch this second MSNBC National News Pam Bondi Video ?
See Pam Bondi take on the "bleeding heart" liberal defense attorney, and set her straight!
This Blog is NOT "anti law and order", just against the one sided current Florida Restraining Order Laws!
Perhaps Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will do something about the one sided current laws, and make it also a crime for a person having a restraining order against someone to have, or entice contact with that person ?
Here is a great article about Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi taking no bullshit from Baseball Pitcher Dwight Gooden.

I was at Brandon Florida Attorney Cliff Curry’s Brandon Chamber Of Commerce Christmas Party recently.

Attorney Cliff Curry announced that Pam Bondi is running for Florida Attorney General!

I was in the middle of the crowd at this Brandon Chamber Of Commerce event when the announcement was made.

The applause for Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi was overwhelming!

Pam Bondi obviously has the support of the people of Brandon, Florida !

And MY support as well!

As a person who has battled drug addiction in the past, I know how important it is for an addict to “hit bottom”.

Recovery from drug addiction is not possible until the consequences of using exceed the “pleasures” of drug addiction!

I will always remember Pam Bondi as the hard nosed Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney who FINALLY “stood up” to Dwight Gooden, and allowed him his chance to finally “hit his bottom”

It is called “Tough Love”

I am SURE Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi was under a lot of “pressure” to give him a mere “slap on the wrist”

Because Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi did not “cave in” to this pressure, it is my belief we can trust her to look out for the interests of the People of the State Of Florida!

Good Luck to her in her run for Florida Attorney General !
I can not vote, but if I could, I would "pull the voting booth lever" for Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi without any reservations!
Here are some issues that should be of great concern to every citizen of Florida that Pam Bondi has pledged to make some of her priorities as Florida Attorney General.

Pam Bondi will ensure that public safety is the highest priority of government.

She will advocate, as our new Florida Attorney General, for adequately funding local law enforcement and corrections.

Continue the fight against Medicaid and Mortgage fraud.

Pam Bondi will continue the fight against gangs and Internet crime as Florida Attorney General .

Protect Floridians' Second Amendment right to self-defense.

People of Hillsborough County Florida, Pam Bondi is "one of our own".

This blog trusts her to look out for us as our NEW -  Florida Attorney General!

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