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Hillsborough County Aggravated Stalking Conviction Overturned On Appeal

 Aggravated Stalking Hillsborough County Florida

It is the opinion of the Restraining Order Blog that many of the current hillsborough county florida domestic violence and aggravated stalking laws will ultimately be found un constitutional by the Supreme Court.
Police are having a field day with these aggravated stalking laws, and grossly overcharging men in simple "he said, she said" cases with serious criminal charges.
Below is another victory for Hillsborough County Florida Men where the aggravated stalking conviction was overturned on appeal.
As always, if you are facing a Hillsborough County Aggravated Stalking Charge, be sure and get  the best Hillsborough County Florida Aggravated Stalking  Attorney you can afford!
Be aware that a Hillsborough County Aggravated Stalking Charge if a restraining order was in force carries Prison Time!

Butler v. Florida, 715 So.2d 339 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1998)

The appeals court found that the defendant's aggravated stalking conviction should be overturned. The court held that the evidence did not prove that the victim suffered any "emotional distress," nor was there any evidence establishing a "series of acts," as required by the statute. The court found that the incidents that did occur (defendant struck victim on one occasion, threw a chair through a window on the same occasion, was insistent and abusive with the victim at her child's school on another occasion, and then returned to the school and physically attacked the victim) were disjointed and discrete from each other and were not instances of repeated harassing conduct.

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