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Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa Florida

  Tampa Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer (813) 687 2252

Located in Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County)

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney John Musca  (813) 687 2252 is Hillsborough County's  premier criminal defense Lawyer. Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca is dedicated to helping clients fight their criminal charges in Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay, and throughout the state of Florida.

Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca (813) 687 2252  provides individualized attention for each and every client, Attorney Musca ensures careful consideration of each client's unique circumstances and then relies on his experience and and years of legal know-how to select and implement a winning criminal defense strategy. For many years, his clients have trusted his integrity, loyalty and honesty to achieve a just snd fair result and to simply ‘do the right thing'. The same is true whether the case requires criminal defense in Hillsborough County Florida, or surrounding Tampa Bay area criminal defense.

Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca (813) 687 2252  knows that his clients who have been charged with crimes -- from domestic violence, violations of restraining orders, aggravated stalking and DUI, to drug crimes and sex offenses-- stand to face a vast array of harsh legal consequences if convicted. These consequences may include jail or imprisonment, fines, probation, community service, and mandatory counseling. Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca understands how these penalties can hinder his clients’ standards of living, their reputation,  and overall freedom.

This is why Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney John Musca always gets involved from the very beginning of his clients’ cases to ensure that they are given the effective legal advice and guidance they need to be prepared from the start.

(813) 687 2252 Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca

Located in Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County)

For many years, Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca (813) 687 2252 has been helping clients in Hillsborough County, surrounding cities and counties and throughout the state of Florida aggressively fight their criminal charges.  Lawyer John Musca is committed to providing each of his clients with exceptionally strong, honest and reliable legal representation, both in and out of the court room.

Practice Areas of Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca (813) 687 2252

Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca (813) 687 2252 handles both misdemeanor and felony cases involving: restraining orders, stalking, violent crimes, drug crimes, homicide/murder/manslaughter, sex crimes, fraud crimes, DUI, theft, domestic violence, aggravated stalking, traffic, and probation violation. Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca also provides legal representation for clients who are dealing with arrest warrants, restraining orders, school suspensions and bond motions.

Contact Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer John Musca today, at (813) 687 2252  to discuss your Tampa or Hillsborough County Florida Criminal Defense matter!

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