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anger management near Hillsborough County, Florida

Anger Management Hillsborough County Florida

I found the article below relating to Anger Management in Hillsborough County Florida.
For 6 years, through 4 restraining orders, I tried to make an impossible relationship "work", so I voluntarily enrolled in a Anger Management Program in  Hillsborough County Florida.
It was through the nice people at The Centre For Women in Tampa, Florida.
I completed it, and must say it did help me, and I learned a lot about myself in the process!
They have a sliding scale fee, in case you are low on Cash ?
I was recently in the Hillsborough County Jail for violating a fradulently obtained restraining order, and again I voluntarily enrolled in their Domestic Violence and Anger Management Class.
We learned any kind of abuse is all about power and control.
I NEVER hit my ex girlfriend, or threatened her in any way.
But I do admit I have yelled at her a time or two.
Mostly, out of frustration.
She emotionally abused me too, but that is no excuse.
IF you are court ordered to go to Anger Management Classes in Hillsborough County Florida, it is my opinion you make the most out of it ?
You MIGHT learn a liitle something about yourself in anger management classes, if you keep an open mind.
Chances are, if you are reading an anger management blog post, or have a restraining order against you, you may want to look at IF you have an anger problem ?
Anger is a normal emotion, but too much anger is not a good or healthy thing !
In fact, it is said that having constant Anger is like pissing in your own pants, the person most effected is YOU!
Enjoy the anger management near Hillsborough County, Florida article below.

My friend Chris has just started implementing some anger management tips into his life. Before he did this, he was a total wreck; he wasn't able to hold down a job and when he did for a respectable amount of time eventually he would try to pick at every mistake he could find with his employer.

Thank goodness Chris finally came to his senses and realized that his deep anger was causing misery for himself and his family. He made a conscious decision that he was going to change things for the better, much to the relief of himself and his family.

The first thing Chris did was sit down and figure out the underlying cause of his anger. In his case, the main reason was pretty obvious and it didn't take much time to find. However, there were a couple of smaller incidents that were also adding to his problem. In Chris's case, he wasn't able to change what had happened or contact those involved, but just understanding what was causing his anger helped him realize what was going on.

Once Chris understood his anger, he needed to forgive those he felt that had wronged him. In his case, he wasn't able to directly contact the parties he felt he had been wronged by, but in his heart he was able to truly forgive them and leave his baggage and anger behind.

After forgiving those he felt he was wronged by, he then was able to ask for forgiveness from those he had really hurt in the past. Asking helped him realize that his is not able to change the past, but he was able to feel that he had closure in these situations. This way he didn't feel guilty every time he thought about those he hurt.

The hardest thing for Chris to do was start to think positive every day. He first had to start to believe that positive energy really does attract positive energy. I told him to perform a little experiment and take one whole day and spend it with a smile and his face and in his heart; then see how he felt by the end of the day. Even write down how people treated him differently. Then I asked him to spend the next day growling and grumpy so he could compare the difference between the two feelings.

From this experiment, Chris was able to learn that I was right and start to make the conscious decision to smile more and be more positive throughout his day. This was the real turning point for Chris and taking care of his anger issues.

I am really glad that Chris was able to resolve the anger that was inside of him. He is a more enjoyable person to be around now and he is starting to be more successful.

I think the anger management tips that Chris used to make his life better could really help anyone, whether they have a problem with their anger or not. There are many more ways that can help someone with their anger and I share them at

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Here are some Hillsborough County Florida Anger Management Classes.

Anger Management Classes near Tampa, FL

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8875 Hidden River Parkway, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 381-0080‎

Stress Reduction, Problem Solving, Time and Anger Management‎

601 South Magnolia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-3600‎

Carlton Academy Day School‎

205 North Brush Street, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 944-2856‎

Behavior Management Services‎

3639 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL‎ - (941) 954-1105‎

Clinicians Group‎

5939 Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL‎ - (727) 582-8000‎

Category: Anger Management

David Thomas, PhD‎

3910 West Alva Street, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 872-8022‎

"Anger management Tampa, anger counseling tampa, anger classes tampa, anger therapy tampa,anger counselors tampa bay,anger management classes tampa ..."

Clinicians Group‎

1661 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL‎ - (727) 582-8000‎

Category: Anger Management

CHEER! Counseling‎

1206 Mitchell Street, Brandon, FL‎ - (813) 620-4900‎

"Fun with socialization, art, music, tactile exercises, anger management, sand and water play. Kids will have a great time. Camp is being run by Dr ..."

Anger Management Consultant Alison Platt‎

205 North Orange Avenue, Sarasota, FL‎ - (941) 954-1105

anger management classes near Hillsborough County, Florida

Deborah Dunn‎

305 17th Street East, Palmetto, FL‎ - (941) 366-2224‎

"Services include: working with individuals, families and couples involved with the Safe Children Coalition, pre and post adoption counseling, anger ..."

Metropolitan Community Church‎

2904 South Concordia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-8437‎

"The Centre for Women offers workshops on everything from anger management to interview preparation in addition to support groups. Class sizes are ..."

PathSeeker Center‎

Suite 14, 4905 Van Dyke Rd., Lutz, FL‎ - (877) 273-3548‎

"Products And Services: Accepting New Patients, ADD & ADHD, Adolescent Counseling, Adult Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavior Modification, ..."

Tampa Police Deptartment‎

3818 West Tampa Bay Boulevard, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 354-6600‎

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Reinach James M‎

309 South Fielding Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-2922‎

"Products And Services: Accepting New Patients, Adult Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Chemical Dependency, Cognitive Therapy, Counseling ..."

American College Of Physician‎

Ste 200, 4890 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 287-2000‎

"(Ed.) The Practice of Control: Executive Coaching/Anger Management for Physicians. Anderson and Anderson, Brentwood, CA) 1. Identify Your Feelings. ..."

Pediatric Therapy Services‎

206 Ridgewood Avenue, Brandon, FL‎ - (813) 662-1060‎

"Anger Management in Tampa, FL - Local Florida Anger Management Results 1-10 ..."

202 West Bearss Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 264-9955‎

"Each teen learns the types of aggression and anger, respect for society and self, anger management strategies, skills to improve communication and to be ..."

Centre For Women‎

305 South Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-8437‎

"Products And Services: Adolescent Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Assessments, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Counseling, Career Counseling, ..."

Crane Rosario S PhD‎

4144 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 875-0122‎

"Adolescent Counseling; Adult Counseling; Alternative Lifestyles Counseling; Anger Management; Anxiety; Art & Play Therapy; Assessments; Aviation Crisis ..."


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