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Relationship Counseling Tampa FL

Relationship Counseling Tampa FL

Here are some relationship and individual therapists and counselors in the Tampa, FL area.

Jo-Ann H. Bird,
8019 N. Himes Ave., Suite 400

Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 361-4552

Practice: Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Board Certified Clinical Sexologist


Brenda Crawford-Clark,
2701 W. Busch Blvd., Suite 114

Tampa, FL 33618

(813) 936-1519

Practice: Weight issues, trauma, family, marriage, troubled kids and teens, relationship problems, loss, adoption, anxiety, stress, job problems and eating disorders.


Caroline Hatton,

8019 N. Himes Ave. Suite 400

Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 541-3509

Practice: Individual, Family, Marital and Group Counseling with adults, adolescents and children. Specialty areas include: survivors of abuse, depression, anxiety, and much more


Donna M. Hunter,
4023 N. Armenia Avenue, Suite 102

Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 784-0297

Practice: Trauma, Dissociation, Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Family Transitions, Gay Lesbian Issues, Step-Parenting


Linda M. Peterman,
4023 N. Armenia Avenue, Suite 102

Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 404-3174

Practice: Anxiety, depression, domestic violence, anger management, career counseling, disabilities, grief, personality disorders, relationship issues.


Heather A. Pyle,
612 West Bay Street

Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 857-9044

Practice: Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents, and Couples. Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, women's issues


Lynn A. Santiago,
306 East Oak Ave

Tampa, FL 34602

(813) 228-0911

Practice: Certified sex therapy, general mental health


'Ginger' Diane E. Watts Wayne,
3930 Venetian Way

Tampa, FL 33634

(813) 843-7165

Practice: Clinical Hypnosis, Addictions, Anxiety and Stress Reduction, Mood Disorders


If you and/or your partner need Relationship Counseling in Tampa FL, be sure and get help before your relationship becomes violent!


Fight Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders

Reasons To Fight Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders

Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order defendants risk the following:

•loss of family and friends;

•loss of their home;

•loss of property;

•loss of income;

•loss of good reputation;

•loss of gainful employment;

•loss of career;

•loss of the constitutional right against self-incrimination, or of constitutional and civil due process rights;

•loss of the constitutional right to bear arms

•restricted constitutional right to freedom of speech;

•restricted constitutional right to freedom of association;

•restricted freedom of movement;

•financial ruin, for the accused and for the family of the accused;

•loss of constitutional parenting rights;

•devastation of a child’s parental relationship with the accused;


total loss of all constitutional and civil rights in Hillsborough County FL, and of all freedom, upon conviction for any deviation outside of the numerous, complicated, confusing, and draconian limits imposed by these Hillsborough County FL restraining  orders.


All because the Hillsborough County FL judge suspects that the accused made one phone call too many.

It is absolutely essential that Hillsborough County FL restraining order defendants vigorously defend against any request for restraining orders of any kind.

The material presented in this Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order Blog Post is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal or other professional advice in Hillsborough County FL for any purpose. No attorney/client relationship, and no confidential relationship of any kind, is formed by reviewing or using this material in any way, or from any direct or indirect contact with any Hillsborough County FL attorney arising from that review or use. If you need legal or other professional services, consult with the appropriate, competent Hillsborough County FL criminal defense attorney, or other legal professional.

Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order Blog is not meant to harass, directly or indirectly contact, harm, imtimidate, bring any emotional distress, stalk or cyberstalk, nor intentionally slander or damage any individual in any way.
Nor is it intended to initiate any third party contact on behalf of any poster or author, or violate a current restraining order in any way. If you feel there is anything on our Restraining Order Blog that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention. Our Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order Blog Legal Staff will examine your request promptly, and any post you find offensive will be reviewed and possibly removed in a timely mannner


Hillsborough County FL Restraining Order Abuse

Easy to get, hellish to deal with, restraining orders have become the ultimate weapon in domestic disputes.

By Cathy Young

One day three years ago, Harry Stewart, a divorced father of two, was bringing his 5-year-old son back from a scheduled visit. He walked the boy to the front door of the mother's apartment building and opened the door to let him in.

For this offense, 44-year-old Stewart is now serving a six-month sentence in the Norfolk, Virginia House of Corrections.

 Stewart was convicted in June of violating a restraining order that prohibited him from exiting his car near his ex-wife's home. He got a suspended sentence conditional on completing a batterers treatment program, in which participants must sign a statement taking responsibility for their violence.

That was something Stewart refused to do. He has never been charged with spousal assault and insists that the only violence in his marriage was by his ex-wife against him. (While his former wife told reporters that Stewart was dangerously unstable, her examples -- that he had watched "prison movies" with his 8- and 6-year-old sons and promised to send them some live caterpillars to grow into butterflies -- seem shocking only in their innocuousness.) On Aug. 18, he appeared in Quincy District Court and again declared that he was not a batterer and would not enroll in any program that required him to admit to being one. Stewart was ordered to start serving his jail term immediately.

The Stewart case has become a rallying point for fathers' rights activists in Hillsborough County FL, some of whom picketed  that day. For years, fathers groups in Hillsborough County, FL have argued that orders of protection, intended as a shield for victims of domestic violence, often are misused by unscrupulous pseudo-victims and overzealous courts. Their claims are now getting some attention in Massachusetts,  the new epicenter of what is (depending on whom you listen to) either an attempt by angry men to roll back women's gains or a civil rights battle for our times.

In May, the Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts legislature held a hearing on the abuse of domestic restraining orders. In September, six divorced men, along with the statewide Fatherhood Coalition, filed a federal lawsuit alleging gender bias and violations of constitutional rights by domestic relations courts, with a special emphasis on restraining orders.

To battered women's advocates, and to feminists such as Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara, gripes about the restraining-order system are merely an anti-female backlash. At times, some men in the fathers groups can indeed lapse into angry rhetoric that smacks of hostility to women. But it is equally true that many women's advocates (who, unlike the divorced dads, have a good deal of influence in the legal system) seem to have a "women good, men bad" mentality that colors their view of family conflict.

 What's more, the grievances of the fathers' rights activists have support from unexpected quarters, such as Elaine Epstein, former president of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association. In 1993 Epstein, then head of the Massachusetts Bar Association, wrote a column in the association newsletter titled "Speaking the Unspeakable," which charged that the "frenzy surrounding domestic violence" had paralyzed good judgment.

"The facts have become irrelevant," she wrote. "Everyone knows that Hillsborough County FL restraining orders and orders to vacate are granted to virtually all who apply, lest anyone be blamed for an unfortunate result ... In many [divorce] cases, allegations of abuse in Hillsborough County FL are now used for tactical advantage."

There are stories of attorneys in Hillsborough County FL explicitly offering to have restraining orders dropped in exchange for financial concessions.

Even feminist activists are willing to allow that Hillsborough County FL restraining orders can be misused as a "coercive tool" -- by men. In 1995,  Stephen Gruning broke into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Stuart, and went on a shooting rampage, wounding her and killing her brother and her new boyfriend. When press reports revealed that Gruning had earlier obtained two temporary Hillsborough County FL restraining orders against Stuart, women's advocates were quick to point out that such orders were very easy to get in Hillsborough County FL, "regardless of the facts."

In the 1970s and '80s, growing public awareness of domestic violence spurred laws which made Hillsborough County FL restraining orders (usually prohibiting any contact with the complainant) easily available against current or former spouses or cohabitants. More recently, Hillsborough County FL has moved to strengthen this legislation, extending eligibility to people who had dated but not lived together, and introducing tough measures against Hillsborough County, FL restraining order violators.

Once a  temporary order is granted, a hearing must be held within 10 days to determine whether it should be vacated or extended for a year. That's when the defendant gets a chance to defend himself -- in theory. The hearing, however, is usually limited to a he said/she said exchange in which, many lawyers say, the defendant is given little credit. (Of course, the accused is not always a he; about 18 percent of restraining orders issued in the state last year were granted to men.) The normal rules of evidence do not apply in Hillsborough County, FL; hearsay is commonly allowed, while exculpatory evidence can be kept out.

 A defendant in Hillsborough County, FL who insists on a full evidentiary hearing can be forced to wait for months. In one case, the transcript shows, the judge denied an attorney's request to call witnesses who would dispute the complainant's story, saying, "I don't need a full-scale hearing ... I don't care about that." The Hillsborough County, FL judge also declared that the issue was not even "who's telling the truth," only whether he felt the woman was genuinely fearful.

 While a Hillsborough County, FL restraining order is a civil remedy, its target is subject to criminal sanctions -- up to two and a half years of imprisonment -- for conduct that is not only normally legal but quite benign, like getting out of the car and holding the door for a child. (This includes contact that is clearly accidental, or even initiated by the purported victim: Even if you came over to the house at your ex-spouse's invitation, you don't have a legal excuse.)

Stewart has several other charges pending in Hillsborough County, FL, mainly for failing to stay confined to his vehicle: for picking up the children on foot when his car had broken down, and for exiting his car during visitation exchanges, once when his son needed help with a package and another time when one of the boys stumbled and fell while running toward the car.

In 1994, in a somewhat similar case, Sal D'Amico, a father of three, was arrested and ordered into a Hillsborough County, FL batterers intervention program ,because he got out of his car to pet the family dogs while picking up his kids for a visit. Five months later, he was fined nearly $600 for returning a telephone call from his son. (Like Stewart, D'Amico has never been criminally charged with assaulting his wife, whose claims of ongoing violent abuse were uncorroborated by any evidence.)

 And those men are the lucky ones: Other fathers in Hillsborough County, FL have been denied all contact with their children, or allowed to see them only in a supervised visitation center -- where, adding insult to injury, they must pay for the privilege.

 In one recent Hillsborough County, FL case, a woman claimed to be frightened by her ex-husband's search for real estate in the same town where she was moving with her children; the father, who previously had extensive visitation, was barred from all contact with the kids, even by telephone, for three weeks.

There also is some evidence to support the claims of fathers groups that courts show little regard for the civil rights of defendants when allegations of domestic abuse are involved. At a 1995 seminar for municipal judges, Judge Richard Russell of Ocean City, N.J., was caught on tape giving some startling advice.

"Your job is not to become concerned about the constitutional rights of the man that you're violating as you grant a restraining order," he said. "Throw him out on the street, give him the clothes on his back and tell him, see ya around ...The woman needs this protection because the statute granted her that protection ... They have declared domestic violence to be an evil in our society. So we don't have to worry about the rights."

Judge Russell's comments, printed in the New Jersey Law Journal, earned him a mild chiding from the Administrative Office of the Courts. By contrast, in Maine two years ago, Judge Alexander MacNichol was denied reappointment by Gov. Angus King after battered women's advocates complained that he was insensitive to women applying for restraining orders -- despite the lack of any evidence that his alleged insensitivity had put anybody in harm's way. Many court employees, male and female, who supported the judge said that he simply listened to both sides of the story.

But that is exactly what many battered women's advocates believe the courts shouldn't do. Some of them are quite candid about it.

In February, in the wake of several domestic murders in the Seattle area, two officials of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence wrote an article in the Seattle Times urging judges "to believe every woman who expresses fear of an intimate partner" and to deny accused men all contact with their children. (The advocates also tend to embrace extremely broad and vague definitions of abuse that have also found their way into official domestic violence intervention programs -- not only physical assaults but verbal putdowns, "criticizing you for small things," "making you feel bad about yourself," "threatening to leave," even "denying you sex.")

 The notion of women falsely crying abuse is anathema to Hillsborough County, FL domestic violence activists; for many feminists, talk about spiteful, manipulative ex-wives sets off a misogyny alarm. Yet to recognize that such acts are possible, one need not see women as uniquely vindictive or devious, only as human. The advantages of a Hillsborough County, FL restraining order to the complainant -- exclusive possession of the home (with the alleged abuser often required to continue paying the rent or mortgage), temporary and probably permanent sole custody of the children -- can be tempting. So can, let's face it, the opportunity to make your ex very miserable.

 Indeed, while Hillsborough County, FL fathers' rights activists undoubtedly have a point when they say that men claiming to be victims of domestic abuse are generally viewed with far more skepticism, it's certainly not just women who have taken advantage of the system.

Those who pooh-pooh claims of widespread Hillsborough County, FL restraining-order abuse are fond of citing an analysis of public records showing that 54 percent of men named in domestic restraining orders in 1992-93 had a history of drug or alcohol offenses, 48 percent had been charged with a violent crime (though not necessarily convicted) and one in four had been in jail or on probation before the order was granted.

Yet these numbers hardly refute claims that the targets are frequently non-abusive men. It is entirely possible for most of the defendants to be a bad lot and for a sizable minority to be wrongly accused.

The specter of mortal danger hovers over the debate on Hillsborough County, FL restraining orders, often making rational discussion impossible. It's hard not to seem callous if you question whether an average of 20 women slain annually by husbands, ex-husbands and boyfriends in Florida which has a population of over 35 million, amounts to an emergency that warrants the suspension of Hillsborough County, FL civil rights (any more than the nearly 200 non-domestic homicides that take place in the state every year).

 "How you balance [due process] with a real victim's need for protection is a tough issue," says Friend, whose clientele has included abused women and men as well as disenfranchised parents. Even when there has been no physical violence and there are no overt threats, she says, a woman's fear can be based on real but subtle danger signals. Or it can be a paranoid response to media sensationalism that makes it look like slaughtering the wife and the kids is a fairly typical male response to divorce in Hillsborough County, FL. Or it can be a convenient "abuse excuse." Without mind-reading, it is often impossible for the courts to make those distinctions. But the "better safe than sorry" approach can turn into something disturbingly akin to presumption of guilt in Hillsborough County, FL.

 The tension between preventing future harm to victims and protecting the rights of the accused in Hillsborough County, FL is a notoriously thorny problem. Some of the same dilemmas are posed by recent measures against sex offenders who have completed their sentence -- though they, at least, have been actually convicted of a crime.

 But do the tough Hillsborough County, FL restraining-order policies help victims? A man who is ready to kill a woman and either take his own life or face a murder rap surely won't be deterred by a charge of violating a court order. Virtually all the research  concludes that the orders have little if any protective effect, except perhaps for women who were not severely victimized in the first place. If so, peddling these orders to people in real danger is like giving cancer patients a drug that cures the common cold.

 University of Rhode Island sociologist Richard Gelles, a leading authority on domestic violence, also cautions that the more the legal system is bogged down in trivial pursuits, the less likely it is to single out the serious cases that do require urgent intervention.

 Nor is there any evidence that an effort to curb frivolous Hillsborough County, FL restraining orders will endanger lives. When the courts in New Jersey began to issue fewer restraining orders as a result of appellate rulings that tightened the definition of domestic violence (excluding verbal abuse without persistent harassment or threats), an outcry from battered women's advocates was quick to follow -- but a rise in the domestic homicide rate was not.

 Nevertheless, at least for now, efforts to reform Hillsborough County, FL restraining-order legislation in ways that would provide more protection for defendants are given little chance to succeed. Perhaps because the war on domestic violence in Hillsborough County, FL is a more politically correct cause than the war on crime, the plight of people abused by restraining orders has not attracted the sympathy one can usually expect for casualties of prosecutorial and judicial zeal. The American Civil Liberties Union has stayed mum on the subject. Until recently, the media has ignored it as well, and remains uneasy with it. The issue largely continues to be seen (despite a growing number of women on the receiving end of restraining orders) in terms of men trying to snatch back the power newly gained by women in Hillsborough County, FL.

Perhaps, for this attitude to change, we would have to start seeing women and men as truly equal. Then we would recognize that women, no less than men, are capable of abusing the power they're given, and that the protection of women does not justify the surrender of civil rights any more than the protection of men in Hillsborough County, FL.

 Then we might even recognize that the sympathy due a woman who lives in fear of her abusive ex-husband should also be extended to the father who can be hauled off to the Hillsborough County Jail if he makes a phone call to wish his daughter a happy birthday.

Hillsborough County, FL Restraining Order Blog is not meant to harass, directly or indirectly contact, harm, imtimidate, bring any emotional distress, stalk or cyberstalk, nor intentionally slander or damage any individual in any way.
Nor is it intended to initiate any third party contact on behalf of any poster or author, or violate a current restraining order in any way. If you feel there is anything on our Restraining Order Blog that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention. Our Hillsborough County, FL Restraining Order Blog Legal Staff will examine your request promptly, and any post you find offensive will be reviewed and possibly removed in a timely mannner


Roses vs Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders ?

Roses vs Hillsborough County FL Restraining Orders

If your relationship with your romantic partner is dissolving, it is far to easy to place ALL the blame on someone else!
Remember, it takes TWO to argue ?
Ask yourself what is your part in the failing relationship, and what can you do about it ?
The only person you can change, is yourself.
Perhaps voluntary enrollment in hillsborough county anger management classes, or therapy will give you a different way of looking at things ?

It is possible you may be in a relationship with an impossible to please partner.
If that is the case, leave!
But perhaps it is not ALL your partners fault the relationship has degraded to verbal, emotional, or even physical abuse, or a hillsborough county fl restraining order!
If a restraining order is in place, do not under any circumstances violate it.
But if the relationship is in a downward spiral, I have found buying her Roses to be an effective "peace offering"
Romantic Partners need to feel loved, we all do.

Sometimes just the simple, and relatively inexpensive act of buying her Roses may buy you some time to show her you intend to change.
That is, IF the relationship is worth saving.
My friend Yolanda is a floral designer, and sells Roses and Flowers out of her home.
Her overhead is very low, so she offers great prices on Roses.
If you feel a hillsborough county restraining order is about to be obtained against you, sincerely saying your sorry, buying her Roses, and getting help with YOUR problems might prevent it, and save your relationship ?
Think about it .......


Notes From Jail V: The Janice Letters

Restraining Order Blog is not meant to harass, directly or indirectly contact, harm, imtimidate, bring any emotional distress, stalk or cyberstalk, nor intentionally slander or damage any individual in any way.
Nor is it intended to initiate any third party contact on behalf of any poster or author, or violate a current restraining order in any way. If you feel there is anything on our Restraining Order Blog that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention. Our Restraining Order Blog Legal Staff will examine your request promptly, and any post you find offensive will be reviewed and possibly removed in a timely manner.

As I've mentioned in the past, when one is a guest in jail as an inmate, their mind becomes altered often due to a toxic combination of hope and misery. We as inmates all react to this alteration that occurs in different ways.

In my case, I regressed often. I regressed back to my high school days, and my first love, who was a girl named Janice. As a result, I composed the following while in jail some time ago:

I remember my first night in jail. This happened soon after Molly's free team or army of legal professionals began their surprise attack on me. I spent this night in a holding unit after spending hours in booking. I remember laughing in the booking area with others due to a drunk there mumbling things half asleep. I had no fear then, nor do I now.

As I slept in this holding unit, I dreamed somehow about the love I felt deeply for my first love, a girl named Janice. What I felt in this dream was incredibly pure, and as peaceful as I imagine death to be.

Such a feeling has been largely absent in my life during the course of my previous marriage in particular. I believe this is why I dreamed so wonderfully that night in jail. It filled a great void within me, this dream.

That, and this holding unit reminded me greatly of boot camp in many ways that I experienced at the age of 18. Janice was very much in my life then- when I left her to go in the military.

So with Janice, my first and only true love, she is friends with the girl next door when i grew up, whose name is Missy. I had a huge crush on Missy when I was in my early teen years. Missy was my first real crush on a girl.

So Missy's friend Janice found me attractive. I found Janice pretty, but rather plain. My skills at judging women were premature at this stage in my life. It turns out that Janice is far from plain- she is rather exceptional in many ways.

Janice and I were very much in love with each other between the years of 1983 and 1984. We actually lost our virginity to each other during this time in the back of her pea green 1973 Chevy Impala one summer night in the year 1983.

After I graduated high school in the year 1984, I decided I needed to improve myself greatly- for Janice. So I joined the Navy as a medic. I've always had an interest in helping others, and in medicine. This passion remains alive within me to this day.

Our relationship ended as many do at our young ages at the time soon after I left for the military. I've never forgotten about Janice- and I still think of her daily. She married the same year I did in 1990. She had two daughters with her husband before they divorced in the year 1998.

It was great being in love with Janice. i would re-live this great and joyful pain of such love in a New York minute. Even this pain was quite devastating at times, I would always strive to see and visit with Janice whenever I could, and whenever she would allow me to do so.

I wished to hold her. So when I was fortunate enough to see Janice, I'd experience the most welcome pain in my heart- as it would really stop when I'd first catch sight of Janice during those years after our break up in 1984.

I'd hold Janice, and I would pray to the romantic Gods that seconds would manifest into minutes. So I would hold and hug Janice as long as I was allowed to do so. I would close my eyes as I would completely absorb her as I held her. I would never trade this pain I continue to feel within me.

Not long ago, when I was making a lot of money, I'd visit Janice at her home a few times a month- and we would talk into the late hours of the night. this was after Janice divorced her husband. I never got intimate with Janice this year or so I did this- did these visits with her.

I enjoyed the harmless time with Janice. Also, at times, I'd try and financially help Janice and her daughters- when she would allow me to do this. Janice was a schoolteacher, and did not make a lot of money. I did not mind helping her in this way at all. I considered myself rather wealthy at the time.

Janice finally re-married to a fairly decent guy, and she moved to Erie, PA 4 years ago. By chance, I saw her at a store only the day before she moved. That was the last time I saw Janice. I did however speak with her on the phone only months ago. Like I said, she is always in my thoughts.


Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Shelter

Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Shelter

The Spring of Tampa Bay is a well known Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Shelter.

If you have been the victim of Hillsborough County Domestic Violence, and have no where to go to escape the Domestic Violence situation you are currently in, contact The Spring.

The Spring of Tampa Bay

Hotline number: (813)247-7233

PO Box 4772

Tampa, FL 33677

Administration: (813)247-5433

FAX: (813)247-2930

The Spring Of Tampa Bay is a  Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Shelter

Florida Domestic Violence Shelters

Here are some Florida Domestic Violence Shelters

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) Sarasota FL 34234 Business #: 813-365-1976 Hotline/Crisis: 813-365-1976

Center Against Spouse Abuse, Inc. P.O. Box 414 St. Petersburg FL 33731 Business #: 813-895-4912 Hotline/Crisis: 813-898-3671

Refuge House of Leon County, Inc. P.O. Box 4356 Tallahassee FL 32315 Business #: 904-921-0692 Hotline/Crisis: 904-681-2111

The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc. P.O. Box 4772 Tampa FL 33677 Business #: 813-247-5433 Hotline/Crisis: 813-247-SAFE

Mary Rubloff  YWCA  Harmony House West Palm Beach FL 33401 Business #: 407-833-2439 Hotline/Crisis: 407-655-6106

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Tallahassee, FL 32308 (904)668-6862

Another Way Florida Domestic Violence Shelter . P.O. Box 529 Archer FL 32618 Business #: 904-493-2522 Hotline/Crisis: (800)369-6700

Hope Family Services Florida Domestic Violence Shelter , Inc. P.O. Box 1624 Bradenton FL 34206 Business #: 813-747-7790 Hotline/Crisis: 813-755-6805

Family Life Center P.O. Box 2058 Bunnell FL 32110 Business #: 904-437-3505 Hotline/Crisis: 904-437-3505

Spouse Abuse Shelter of RCS P.O. Box 10594 Clearwater FL 34617 Business #: 813-442-4128 Hotline/Crisis: 813-442-4129

The Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter P.O. Box 1540 Cocoa FL 32923 Business #: 407-631-2764 Hotline/Crisis: 407-631-2764

Sunrise of Pasco County Florida Domestic Violence Shelter , Inc. P.O. Box 928 Dade City FL 33526 Business #: 904-521-3120 Hotline/Crisis: 904-521-3120

Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. P.O. Box 142 Daytona Beach FL 32115 Business #: 904-255-2130 Hotline/Crisis: 904-255-2102

Aid to Victims of Domestic Assault, Inc. P.O. Box 667 Deray Beach FL 33447 Business #: 407-265-2900 Hotline/Crisis: 407-265-2900

Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc. P.O. Box 676 Fort Lauderdale FL 33302 Business #: 305-760-9800 Hotline/Crisis: 761-1133

Abuse Counseling & Treatment, Inc. P.O. Box 60401 Fort Meyers FL 33906 Business #: 813-939-2553 Hotline/Crisis: 813-939-3112

Safe Space Domestic Violence Services P.O. Box 4222 Fort Pierce FL 34950 Business #: 407-595-0042

Shelter House Florida Domestic Violence Shelter , Inc. P.O. Box 220 Fort Walton Beach FL 32549 Business #: 904-833-3772 Hotline/Crisis: 904-863-4777 Toll Free #: (800)44ABUSE

Sexual and Physical Abuse Resource Center (SPACE) P.O. Box 5099 Gainesville FL 32602 Business #: 904-377-5690 Hotline/Crisis: 904-377-8255 Toll Free #: (800)393-SAFE

Metro Dade - SouthDade Victim's Center Homestead FL 33030 Business #: 305-247-4249 Hotline/Crisis: 305-247-4249

CASA/Citrus Abuse Shelter Association, Inc. P.O. Box 205 Inverness FL 34451 Business #: 904-344-8111 Hotline/Crisis: 904-344-8111

Hubbard House, Inc. P.O. Box 4909 Jacksonville FL 32201 Business #: 904-399-1000 Hotline/Crisis: 904-354-3114 Toll Free #: (800)76-ABUSE

Help Now of Osceola Florida Domestic Violence Shelter , Inc. WIN (For Women in Need) P.O. Box 421302 Kissimmee FL 32742 Business #: 407-847-8562 Hotline/Crisis: 407-847-8562

Peace River Center Florida Domestic Violence Shelter P.O. Box 797 Lakeland FL 33802 Business #: 813-682-7063 Hotline/Crisis: 813-682-7270

Domestic Abuse Shelter, Inc. P.O. Box 522696 Marathon Shores FL 33052 Business #: 305-743-9465 Hotline/Crisis: 743-4440

Metro-Dade Advocates For Victims Miami FL 33138 Business #: 305-758-2546 Hotline/Crisis: 305-758-2546

Shelter for Abused Women of C. C. P.O. Box 10102 Naples FL 33941 Business #: 813-775-3862 Hotline/Crisis: 813-775-1101 Toll Free #: (800)780-HELP

Rape Crisis/Spouse Abuse Center P.O. Box 21193 Ocala FL 32678 Business #: 904-622-8495 Hotline/Crisis: 904-622-8495 Toll Free #: (800)736-4461

Martha's House, Inc. P.O. Box 663 Okeechobee FL 34973 Business #: 813-763-2893 Hotline/Crisis: 813-763-0202

Quigley House, Inc. P.O. Box 142 Orange Park Fl 32073 Business #: 904-284-0340 Hotline/Crisis: 904-284-0061 Toll Free #: (800)339-5017

Harbor House Florida Domestic Violence Shelter , Orange County Center Against Domestic Violence. 407-246-7007 x220

Women's Residential & Counseling Center Orlando FL 32801 Business #: 407-425-2502 Hotline/Crisis: 407-425-2502

Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program Panama City FL 32401 Business #: 904-769-7989 Hotline/Crisis: 904-763-0706

Favor House of Northwest Florida, Inc. Pensacola FL 32501 Business #: 904-434-1177 Hotline/Crisis: 904-434-6600

The Salvation Army Florida Domestic Violence Shelter P.O. Box 1050 Port Richey FL 34673 Hotline #: 813-856-5797

Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies, Inc. P.O. Box 234 Punta Gorda FL 33951 Business #: 813-639-5499 Hotline/Crisis: 813-627-6000 Toll Free #: (813)475-6465

Mary and Martha House Florida Domestic Violence Shelter P.O. Box 1251 Ruskin FL 33570 Business #: 813-645-7874

Domestic Violence Tampa Florida

Domestic Violence Tampa Florida

This Blog understands there are very real cases of Domestic Violence in Tampa Florida.

Here are some Domestic Violence Tampa Florida phone numbers and contacts if you have been a victim of Domestic Violence in Tampa Florida.

Are you the victim of Domestic Violence in Tampa Florida ? If so, you are not alone. Every year, hundreds of Tampa Bay citizens are physically abused by family members or residents in their own homes.

The following local organizations can assist in bringing an end to the Domestic Violence in Tampa Florida, and with the process of recovery from abuse.

Alpha House of Tampa, Inc.
201 S Tampania Ave
Tampa, FL 33609
Tel. (813) 875-2024
Tel. (813) 875-3307
For pregnant women in Domestic Violence crisis situations

Child Net
839 W Dr MLK Jr Blvd
Tampa, FL 33613
(813) 232-1343
(813) 752-1335
Domestic Violence in Tampa Florida resource for Mothers of kids less than 5 Y/O and pregnant women

Clerk of Cicuit Court, Hillsborough County
Domestic Violence Tampa Florida Contacts

Hillsborough County Domestic Violence
Victim Assistance
Tel. (813) 272-6423

Domestic Violence Tampa Florida Intervention Services
PO Box 4772
Tampa, FL 33677
Tel. (813) 247-5433
Tel. (813) 247-7233
Intervention program for domestic violence assailants

Domestic Violence Tampa Florida Prevention Projects, Inc.
13701 Bruce B Downs Blvd Ste 110
Tampa, FL 33613
Tel. (813) 978-3960
Tel. (813) 866-7355
Anger management and Domestic Violence ntervention Tampa Florida

Project Dove
405 N Reo Ste 260
Tampa, FL 33609
Tel. (813) 287-2210
Psychological rehabilitation program for children in Tampa Florida area who have witnessed domestic violence

Spring of Tamba Bay
Outreach Services/Consumer Counseling
5118 N 56th St Ste 131
Tampa, FL 33610
Tel. (813) 621-7233
Domestic Violence Tampa Florida area support groups, counseling, and case management

Spring of Tampa Bay
Confidential Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter Tampa Florida
PO Box 4772
Tampa, FL 33677
Tel. (813) 247-7233
Tel. (813) 247-5433

Hillsborough County Victim Assistance Program
Margaret Laing
700 E Twiggs St Rm 711
Tampa, FL 33602
Tel. (813) 272-6472
Tel. (813) 272-6472

protective order petitioner initiates contact with the respondent

What if the protective order petitioner initiates contact with the respondent?

A protective order does not prohibit the petitioner from contacting the respondent. If the petitioner contacts the respondent, the petitioner is not in violation of the protective order (as long as he or she is not a respondent in another case). Contact initiated by the petitioner also does not nullify or void the protective order. However, by contacting the respondent, the petitioner may make it more difficult to prosecute violations of the order. It may also decrease the petitioner’s chances of receiving a protective order against the same person in the future.

What a crock of chit ?
HTF can a court grant a protective order based on "fear "by the petitioner, yet turn the other way when she contacts YOU ?
This is a bullshit protective order law, if ever I saw one.
This is exactly the type of legal tyranny the founding fathers of our country tried to escape from in England!
Chit, why dont we just bring back "witch craft trials", and be done with it ?


Tampa Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws

Tampa Florida Stalking Laws

Tampa Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws

Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida is engaging in a willful and malicious course of conduct that continuously harass a person with a credible threat, either expressed or implied, that places the victim in fear that they will suffer bodily harm, injury or even death. Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida  is a serious offense. It is a third degree felony, with a sentence punishable up to fifteen years in prison.

Florida laws make a distinction between misdemeanor stalking and felony or aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida. Aggravated stalking occurs when there is an injunction or order of protection in place and the stalker repeatedly violates that order. Repeated violations in Tampa Florida mean two or more incidents of stalking against you or your immediate family within the past six months.

Aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida requires a minimum of two offenses to prove that it wasn't an isolated occurrence. Some examples of aggravated stalking in Tampa Florida is repeated episodes of threatening or harassing behavior such as phone calls, following and shadowing a person or showing up at their home or place of employment.
Aggravated stalkers in Tampa Florida comes from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The motivations of a stalker is as complex as the human mind. Most aggravated stalkers in Tampa Florida are men who have lost their control over their victim. The victim is usually someone the stalker knows and was involved in a prior intimate relationship. The stalking in Tampa Florida began after the relationship ended, or when there was a perception in the mind of the stalker, that he was somehow mistreated.

In Tampa Florida, there is a movement to pass stricter laws to help stop aggravated stalking. Spending time in jail sometimes allows a stalker to do some serious reflection about their current situation and to make some changes to their violent and destructive behavior.

Florida Appellate court has reviewed the stalking statue and the statue was found to be constitutional. In Florida, aggravated stalking laws have come under question because , what constitutes stalking , can fall into a very vague area. In stalking cases in Tampa Florida, there is usually little physical evidence and the arrest and prosecution is based on the credibility of the victim.
It has become common practice in Tampa, Florida to overcharge simple restraining order violations with the tough Florida Aggravated Stalking Laws as a tool to ensure a criminal conviction!
Once you are looking at prison time, getting you to plead guilty to a lesser charge is childs play for the prosecutor, even if you are not really guilty!

Restraining and protective orders in Tampa Florida are issued to keep stalkers at a safe distance from their victims. Whether a protective order works is debatable. In Florida, the law allows its law enforcement officers to arrest violators of the protective order without obtaining an arrest warrant.

Police in Tampa Florida encourage victims of aggravated assault to document the abuse by their stalker. They advise victims to keep a diary or log of the stalker's activities. They caution the victim to change their phone number and their door locks. Keep the car doors locked at all times and if you are followed drive to the nearest police station in Tampa, Florida.

stalking laws in hillsborough county florida

Here are the stalking laws in hillsborough county Florida.
As Men, we must be careful in hillsborough county florida not to violate any stalking laws.
Some Women engage in what is called "come here, now go away" behavior.
One minute they Love the candy, flowers, phone calls, emails, and our undivided attention.
The next minute, when they get mad, or want sick attention or sympathy, we are "stalking them" LOL
This gets these sick little Drama Queens and "Pseudo Victims" attention, and sympathy from well meaning, but often misinformed family, friends, and Law Enforcement.
With the current obsession in Tampa over domestic violence, it is far too easy to wind up in our hillsborough county jail for "bothering her".
I was in a bad 6 year relationship, where breaking up, then going back together again, was as common as eating every day.
That was "our relationship pattern", break up with each other, and the other partner "begged to be taken back".
Buying flowers, leaving letters, phone messages, emails, sending gifts, etc, etc, was what we both did, when one of us was mad at the other.
However, once a restraining order is in place, this will get you in big trouble, and sent to the jail in hillsborough county florida!
What was once common to the relationship, is now a serious crime, all because she got pissed off, and manipulated the hillsborough county court system into granting a restraining order against you.

Now, the "rules" of the relationship have changed, and some women in Tampa will use a restraining order to "get back at you".
They know you still are in Love with them, and how easily they can persuade you into violating  that restraining order to face stalking charges.
Do NOT violate the order of protection, whatever you do, no matter how much you still Love her!

Learn from my mistakes guys ?
In hillsborough county florida, once she gets a restraining order against you, find a new girlfriend, no matter HOW she begs and pleads you not to leave her.
Do not fall for her lies that the restraining order in hillsborough county florida is "just a piece of paper", and she can drop it at any time.
This is how women are coached in hillsborough county by the men haters,  to set you up to violate a restraining order, and allow hillsborough county Florida stalking charges to be brought against you!

Find another girlfriend who will appreciate the attention and Love you have to give them ?
Go to Brandon Singles Group Guys if you are a decent person, and get out of that  bad relationship with an impossible woman.

We have a lot of really nice women who possibly will appreciate you, and the love you have to give the right woman.
Why waste your time, and risk going to jail for stalking, in a relationship that is going nowhere?

I am pretty sure the reason stalking incidents in hillsborough county florida have gone up so significantly is because the definition of stalking in Tampa, Florida has changed. Twenty years ago, if you broke up with someone and they tried to get you back, sending you flowers, candy, calling unexpectedly, showing up at your house or work, that was just called being romantic in hillsborough county Florida. Look at the movie "Say Anything" for example, the famous ghetto blaster scene. By today's standards the dude would be arrested. Now a days if you ask a woman in Tampa out twice, you could get tagged as a stalker in hillsborough county florida.

This is not to say there aren't real incidents of obsessive or violent stalking in hillsborough county Florida. You hear about it in the local Tampa news all the time. I know a few women who it's happened in the Tampa Singles Group I am President of, and it's seriously creepy. But I'm sure most of the stalking incidents reported in hillsborough county are simply ordinary run-of-the-mill jilted lovers, good people who just take a few weeks to realize the five year relationship is really over.

And of course in our paranoid Tampa culture, these incidents are red-flagged as stalking in hillsborough county. I guess what I'm saying is that I seriously doubt there's been any increase in stalking lately. It's just that there's a name and a stigma for it now. There's also been a dramatic increase in fines for failure to wear a seat belt in the past 30 years, mostly because it wasn't considered a crime in the past in hillsborough county, Florida.

By this modern definition, pretty much any break-up song is a stalker song. Any good person who's ever loved someone deeply enough and is not over it the instant the relationship ends, calling, begging, pleading, holding onto hope, is a stalker in hillsborough county Florida. Situations like this should be differentiated from the obsessive, creepy, violent, intrusive kind of stalking that's the real problem in today's culture. If this were the case, I'm sure the numbers would be far less than 8%."

Here is video about "Stalking" by The Police - LOL

Just my opinion, you understand.?
Here is another video of a currently popular song in hillsborough county florida.
Watch it, and LISTEN to the lyrics ?
She is talking about "STALKING", LOL
Maybe it is a good thing Lady GaGa in this video don't live in Tampa FL, because the course of action in a failing relationship she is singing about like "Chase you down  until you love me" will get you arrested for stalking in hillsborough county florida !!!!

Section 784.048. STALKING in Hillsborough County Florida; DEFINITIONS; PENALTIES. 1997.

(1) As used in this section, the term:

(a) "Harass" means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person in hillsborough county florida that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose.

(b) "Course of conduct" means a pattern a conduct composed of series of acts over a period of time in hillsborough county florida, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of "course of conduct." Such constitutionally protected activity includes picketing or other organized protests.

(c) "Credible threat" means a threat made with the intent to cause the person in hillsborough county florida who is the target of the threat to reasonably fear for his or her safety. The threat must be against the life of, or a threat to cause bodily injury to, a person.

(2) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person commits the offense of stalking in hillsborough county florida, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(3) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person in hillsborough county florida, and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury, commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(4) Any person who, after an injunction for protection against repeat violence pursuant to s. 784.046, or an injunction for protection against domestic violence pursuant to s. 741.30, or after any other court-imposed prohibition of conduct toward the subject person that person's property, knowingly, willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person in hillsborough county florida commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(5) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses a minor under 16 years of age commits the offense of aggravated stalking in hillsborough county florida, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, so. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(6) Any law enforcement officer may arrest, without a warrant, any person he or she has probable cause to believe has violated the provisions of this section for stalking in hillsborough county florida.


anger management near Hillsborough County, Florida

Anger Management Hillsborough County Florida

I found the article below relating to Anger Management in Hillsborough County Florida.
For 6 years, through 4 restraining orders, I tried to make an impossible relationship "work", so I voluntarily enrolled in a Anger Management Program in  Hillsborough County Florida.
It was through the nice people at The Centre For Women in Tampa, Florida.
I completed it, and must say it did help me, and I learned a lot about myself in the process!
They have a sliding scale fee, in case you are low on Cash ?
I was recently in the Hillsborough County Jail for violating a fradulently obtained restraining order, and again I voluntarily enrolled in their Domestic Violence and Anger Management Class.
We learned any kind of abuse is all about power and control.
I NEVER hit my ex girlfriend, or threatened her in any way.
But I do admit I have yelled at her a time or two.
Mostly, out of frustration.
She emotionally abused me too, but that is no excuse.
IF you are court ordered to go to Anger Management Classes in Hillsborough County Florida, it is my opinion you make the most out of it ?
You MIGHT learn a liitle something about yourself in anger management classes, if you keep an open mind.
Chances are, if you are reading an anger management blog post, or have a restraining order against you, you may want to look at IF you have an anger problem ?
Anger is a normal emotion, but too much anger is not a good or healthy thing !
In fact, it is said that having constant Anger is like pissing in your own pants, the person most effected is YOU!
Enjoy the anger management near Hillsborough County, Florida article below.

My friend Chris has just started implementing some anger management tips into his life. Before he did this, he was a total wreck; he wasn't able to hold down a job and when he did for a respectable amount of time eventually he would try to pick at every mistake he could find with his employer.

Thank goodness Chris finally came to his senses and realized that his deep anger was causing misery for himself and his family. He made a conscious decision that he was going to change things for the better, much to the relief of himself and his family.

The first thing Chris did was sit down and figure out the underlying cause of his anger. In his case, the main reason was pretty obvious and it didn't take much time to find. However, there were a couple of smaller incidents that were also adding to his problem. In Chris's case, he wasn't able to change what had happened or contact those involved, but just understanding what was causing his anger helped him realize what was going on.

Once Chris understood his anger, he needed to forgive those he felt that had wronged him. In his case, he wasn't able to directly contact the parties he felt he had been wronged by, but in his heart he was able to truly forgive them and leave his baggage and anger behind.

After forgiving those he felt he was wronged by, he then was able to ask for forgiveness from those he had really hurt in the past. Asking helped him realize that his is not able to change the past, but he was able to feel that he had closure in these situations. This way he didn't feel guilty every time he thought about those he hurt.

The hardest thing for Chris to do was start to think positive every day. He first had to start to believe that positive energy really does attract positive energy. I told him to perform a little experiment and take one whole day and spend it with a smile and his face and in his heart; then see how he felt by the end of the day. Even write down how people treated him differently. Then I asked him to spend the next day growling and grumpy so he could compare the difference between the two feelings.

From this experiment, Chris was able to learn that I was right and start to make the conscious decision to smile more and be more positive throughout his day. This was the real turning point for Chris and taking care of his anger issues.

I am really glad that Chris was able to resolve the anger that was inside of him. He is a more enjoyable person to be around now and he is starting to be more successful.

I think the anger management tips that Chris used to make his life better could really help anyone, whether they have a problem with their anger or not. There are many more ways that can help someone with their anger and I share them at

Article Source:

Here are some Hillsborough County Florida Anger Management Classes.

Anger Management Classes near Tampa, FL

Western Judicial Services, Inc.‎

7829 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 930-9595‎

Category: Anger Management Counseling

Rothstein Management Group‎

8875 Hidden River Parkway, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 381-0080‎

Stress Reduction, Problem Solving, Time and Anger Management‎

601 South Magnolia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-3600‎

Carlton Academy Day School‎

205 North Brush Street, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 944-2856‎

Behavior Management Services‎

3639 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL‎ - (941) 954-1105‎

Clinicians Group‎

5939 Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL‎ - (727) 582-8000‎

Category: Anger Management

David Thomas, PhD‎

3910 West Alva Street, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 872-8022‎

"Anger management Tampa, anger counseling tampa, anger classes tampa, anger therapy tampa,anger counselors tampa bay,anger management classes tampa ..."

Clinicians Group‎

1661 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL‎ - (727) 582-8000‎

Category: Anger Management

CHEER! Counseling‎

1206 Mitchell Street, Brandon, FL‎ - (813) 620-4900‎

"Fun with socialization, art, music, tactile exercises, anger management, sand and water play. Kids will have a great time. Camp is being run by Dr ..."

Anger Management Consultant Alison Platt‎

205 North Orange Avenue, Sarasota, FL‎ - (941) 954-1105

anger management classes near Hillsborough County, Florida

Deborah Dunn‎

305 17th Street East, Palmetto, FL‎ - (941) 366-2224‎

"Services include: working with individuals, families and couples involved with the Safe Children Coalition, pre and post adoption counseling, anger ..."

Metropolitan Community Church‎

2904 South Concordia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-8437‎

"The Centre for Women offers workshops on everything from anger management to interview preparation in addition to support groups. Class sizes are ..."

PathSeeker Center‎

Suite 14, 4905 Van Dyke Rd., Lutz, FL‎ - (877) 273-3548‎

"Products And Services: Accepting New Patients, ADD & ADHD, Adolescent Counseling, Adult Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavior Modification, ..."

Tampa Police Deptartment‎

3818 West Tampa Bay Boulevard, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 354-6600‎

"Anger Management Classes - Corporate Anger Management Program Employee Anger Management Training. SITEMAP. Home. For More Information. Jim Bakar ..."

Reinach James M‎

309 South Fielding Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-2922‎

"Products And Services: Accepting New Patients, Adult Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Chemical Dependency, Cognitive Therapy, Counseling ..."

American College Of Physician‎

Ste 200, 4890 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 287-2000‎

"(Ed.) The Practice of Control: Executive Coaching/Anger Management for Physicians. Anderson and Anderson, Brentwood, CA) 1. Identify Your Feelings. ..."

Pediatric Therapy Services‎

206 Ridgewood Avenue, Brandon, FL‎ - (813) 662-1060‎

"Anger Management in Tampa, FL - Local Florida Anger Management Results 1-10 ..."

202 West Bearss Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 264-9955‎

"Each teen learns the types of aggression and anger, respect for society and self, anger management strategies, skills to improve communication and to be ..."

Centre For Women‎

305 South Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 251-8437‎

"Products And Services: Adolescent Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Assessments, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Counseling, Career Counseling, ..."

Crane Rosario S PhD‎

4144 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL‎ - (813) 875-0122‎

"Adolescent Counseling; Adult Counseling; Alternative Lifestyles Counseling; Anger Management; Anxiety; Art & Play Therapy; Assessments; Aviation Crisis ..."

Hillsborough County State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI

I just saw this story about a Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office aide suspended over a  DUI.
Though I am not a happy camper with the handling of my recent violation of a restraining order case by one particular Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney, and Victims Assistance Advocate Margaret Laing,  I feel a need to comment on this story.
People, we must realize that even Hillsborough County State Attorney aides are HUMAN too, and are subject to problems in life, as we all are.
I mean, get real. Go to any Bar in Hillsborough County on a Football Sunday, and over 1/2 the patrons are legally drunk when they leave the bar!
This man was having problems with his marriage, for crying out loud!
His world was coming apart, and he turned to Alcohol as a temporary escape from the emotional pain he was certainly in.
Why do we want to crucify this poor man, who has served us at the Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office for so many years ?
Alcoholism is a disease, lets see to it this Man gets treatment, and not ruin his career with the Hillsborough County State Attorney Office ?
And, lets see to it he gets a New Wife, who will not "drop a dime" on him the next time he has a weak moment ?
Read the story, and decide for yourself ?

Hillsborough County State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI

TAMPA — The man who represents the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office on numerous local boards has been suspended from his job after being arrested by Tampa Police on a charge of driving under the influence.

His wife turned him in to Tampa Police.

Elvin Martinez Jr., 38, refused to take a breath test or perform field sobriety exercises for Tampa police officers, according to incident reports.

"Just take me to jail," he told a Tampa Police officer.

Martinez, who was released from jail after posting $500 bail, could not be reached Monday for comment.

The son of a retired Hillsborough County judge, Martinez works as the community relations administrator for Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober. He has served as chairman of the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance and the Family Justice Center, which helps domestic violence victims.

The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office will ask the governor to appoint a special prosecutor to handle his misdemeanor case, Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi said.

"We're aware of the situation and are looking into it,"Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi said. "He is suspended pending the investigation."

Martinez's troubles began just after 10 p.m. Friday, when his wife called 911 to report to Tampa Police that her husband was driving recklessly. Alicia Martinez, a judicial assistant for a Hillsborough County judge, said she was following his blue van on Armenia and Hillsborough avenues and that he had crashed into her black Toyota Camry but kept driving.

A Tampa Police officer caught up with the vehicles and saw Elvin Martinez almost crash into another vehicle and then drive in the center of a two-way road toward his home, the Police report said.

He pulled into his driveway and stopped. He told Tampa Police officers he had driven around the block "to avoid his wife," according to the Tampa Police report, which noted that the couple was having marital problems.

Martinez said he had not collided with his wife's car, claiming that the damage to his van had been caused by his children's bikes.

A Tampa Police Officer noted that Martinez's sentences "made little sense," his speech was slurred, and his breath smelled of alcohol. Inside the van, the Tampa Police officer found an empty plastic cup that smelled like beer on the floor board, and an unopened can of still cold beer.

State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI - St. Petersburg Times

State Attorney's office suspends aide over DUI - St. Petersburg Times

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Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi

This Blog supports Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi's run for election for Florida Attorney General.
Look at the compassion of Pam Bondi for these victims of a serious crime, reflected in her body language, in the above image!
Then, watch this Pam Bondi Video
I feel, based upon Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi's record as a Prosecutor, that she will make an excellent Florida Attorney General.
My friends at the Brandon Chamber Of Commerce are totally in support of her bid to be Florida Attorney General, and so am I.
Watch this second MSNBC National News Pam Bondi Video ?
See Pam Bondi take on the "bleeding heart" liberal defense attorney, and set her straight!
This Blog is NOT "anti law and order", just against the one sided current Florida Restraining Order Laws!
Perhaps Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will do something about the one sided current laws, and make it also a crime for a person having a restraining order against someone to have, or entice contact with that person ?
Here is a great article about Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi taking no bullshit from Baseball Pitcher Dwight Gooden.

I was at Brandon Florida Attorney Cliff Curry’s Brandon Chamber Of Commerce Christmas Party recently.

Attorney Cliff Curry announced that Pam Bondi is running for Florida Attorney General!

I was in the middle of the crowd at this Brandon Chamber Of Commerce event when the announcement was made.

The applause for Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi was overwhelming!

Pam Bondi obviously has the support of the people of Brandon, Florida !

And MY support as well!

As a person who has battled drug addiction in the past, I know how important it is for an addict to “hit bottom”.

Recovery from drug addiction is not possible until the consequences of using exceed the “pleasures” of drug addiction!

I will always remember Pam Bondi as the hard nosed Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney who FINALLY “stood up” to Dwight Gooden, and allowed him his chance to finally “hit his bottom”

It is called “Tough Love”

I am SURE Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi was under a lot of “pressure” to give him a mere “slap on the wrist”

Because Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi did not “cave in” to this pressure, it is my belief we can trust her to look out for the interests of the People of the State Of Florida!

Good Luck to her in her run for Florida Attorney General !
I can not vote, but if I could, I would "pull the voting booth lever" for Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi without any reservations!
Here are some issues that should be of great concern to every citizen of Florida that Pam Bondi has pledged to make some of her priorities as Florida Attorney General.

Pam Bondi will ensure that public safety is the highest priority of government.

She will advocate, as our new Florida Attorney General, for adequately funding local law enforcement and corrections.

Continue the fight against Medicaid and Mortgage fraud.

Pam Bondi will continue the fight against gangs and Internet crime as Florida Attorney General .

Protect Floridians' Second Amendment right to self-defense.

People of Hillsborough County Florida, Pam Bondi is "one of our own".

This blog trusts her to look out for us as our NEW -  Florida Attorney General!


Tampa Restraining Order

Tampa Restraining Order

If someone is seeking a Tampa Restraining Order against you, you should strongly consider retaining an experienced and aggressive tampa criminal defense lawyer to represent you at the hearing. We at Restraining Order Blog strongly urge you to fight like hell at the very first Tampa Restraining Order hearing, before the order is made permanent!
While a Tampa Restraining Order is a civil order, it appears on your HCSO (criminal record). A Tampa Restraining Order gives the recipient enormous power over you; the complainant need only telephone the Tampa Police to report having seen you drive by her home to have you arrested – which if true, of course, is a crime in Tampa.
You ex wife/girlfriend may even enlist the "aid" of her new boyfriend, who will jump at the chance to "eliminate his competition" by lying in support of her, to have you put away in Jail or Prison!
 Moreover, if you have already been arrested because the complainant accused you of domestic assault and battery or some other crime, the hearing on the Tampa Restraining Order may be your lawyer’s only chance to cross-examine the complainant. Such an opportunity may prove critical to your defense against the Tampa Restraining Order.

Tampa Restraining Order Blog is not meant to harass, directly or indirectly contact, harm, imtimidate, bring any emotional distress, stalk or cyberstalk, nor intentionally slander or damage any individual in any way.
Nor is our Blog intended to initiate any third party contact on behalf of any poster or author, or violate a current restraining order in any way. If you feel there is anything on our Tampa Restraining Order Blog that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention.

Restraining Order Ruling Will Curb False Claims

 Restraining Order Ruling Will Curb False Claims

This is a great restraining order article from our good friends at

By Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks

Mary Ellen Schoonmaker’s recent column "I'm sure you didn't intend to hurt her" (7/17/08) criticizes a controversial new New Jersey court ruling which raises the burden of proof for domestic violence restraining orders. Schoonmaker says the ruling will cost abused women “time…that could save lives” and laments “Anyone who thought New Jersey's progress in protecting women against domestic violence was safe should think again.”

Schoonmaker is correct to be concerned about protecting abused women, but she misunderstands certain aspects of the restraining order issue.

Under current law, it is very easy for a woman (or sometimes a man) to allege domestic violence and get a restraining order. The standard is “preponderance of the evidence” (often conceptualized as 51%-49%), and judges almost always side with the accusing plaintiff.

Under New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act, the accuser need not even claim actual abuse. Alleged verbal threats of violence are sufficient, even though it’s almost impossible for the accused to provide substantive contradictory evidence.

The order boots the man out of his own home and generally prohibits him from contacting his own children. In recognition of the gravity of these orders, the new decision holds the current standard of proof unconstitutional and requires the stricter “clear and convincing evidence” standard.

To Schoonmaker’s credit, unlike many advocates of easy access to restraining orders, she does recognize that the orders are sometimes misused. There is a large body of evidence to support this contention.

For example, the Family Law News, the official publication of the State Bar of California Family Law Section, recently explained:

“Protective orders are increasingly being used in family law cases to help one side jockey for an advantage in child custody…[they are] almost routinely issued by the court in family law proceedings even when there is relatively meager evidence and usually without notice to the restrained is troubling that they appear to be sought more and more frequently for retaliation and litigation purposes.”

An article in the November, 2007 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal explains:

"If a parent is willing to abuse the system, it is unlikely the trial court could discover (his or her) improper motives in an Order of Protection hearing."

These orders have become so commonplace that the Illinois Bar Journal calls them "part of the gamesmanship of divorce.”

The orders are sometimes ludicrously easy to get. For example, in 2006 a New Mexico woman even got one against New York TV host David Letterman. She claimed he was inflicting “mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation" on her--via his TV broadcasts from 3,000 miles away! Typifying many, the Letterman judge explained, "If [applicants] make a proper pleading, then I grant it," as if what matters is not the accused’s guilt or innocence, but instead whether the accuser knows how to fill out a form properly.

Family law attorney Bruce Pitman, who often litigates domestic violence restraining order cases in Bergen County, says:

“Anybody who practices family law sees people who abuse the restraining order process. Some create false allegations or take minor or insignificant acts and use them to remove their spouse or partner from the home for advantage in litigation. Such abuses undermine victims of real abuse and violence who seek protection.”

Schoonmaker cites the 1991 Kathleen Quagliani case as an example of a woman who could have been saved. Just a few weeks before New Jersey passed the DVPA making it easier to obtain restraining orders, Quagliani had been denied a proper order. A week later Quagliani was murdered by her husband. But would a restraining order have really saved her life?

A restraining order is only enforceable against a law-abiding man--a violent spouse intent on killing his ex is not going to obey it. Quagliani’s husband beat her to death with a baseball bat in front of their child—would he really have been deterred from doing so out of fear of violating his restraining order?

Restraining orders have become a weapon used for advantage in divorce and child custody litigation, effectively giving women the right to banish men from their homes and their children whenever they see fit. It is entirely appropriate that New Jersey require substantive evidence of abuse before granting them.

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I and many other men have been, and are the victims of spurious or vindictively motivated restraining orders; all which is necessary to obtain a restraining order, under the current law is an UNSUBSTANTIATED, accusation of abuse, or claim of fear of potential abuse, no matter how outlandish or bizarre. NO PROOF is needed or asked for, and the man is automatically assumed to be guilty, and is thrown out of his home, deprived of his children and property, with no recourse but a very short Hearing sometime in the future, and there is NO PENALTY for lying to the court in order to deliberately injure another person, and no provision is made for accusations made by the mentally ill. The violence against women act is a good law, but is out of balance and dangerous to many innocent men, who are often unaware that the order has been filed until the police show up to throw them out of their home. Penalties must be added for lying to the courts to obtain false restraining orders, in order to deliberately and falsely injure another party.

We the people of the United States of America, demand that our Lawmakers address this gross inequity in the law and redress the wrongs done by ensuring that the abuses will be stopped and that deliberate abuses will be punished by law.
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"I and many other men have been, and are the victims of spurious or vindictively motivated restraining orders; all which is necessary to obtain a restraining order, under the current law is an UNSUBSTANTIATED, accusation of abuse, or claim of fear of potential abuse, no matter how outlandish or bizarre. NO PROOF is needed or asked for, and the man is automatically assumed to be guilty, and is thrown out of his home, deprived of his children and property, with no recourse but a very short Hearing sometime in the future, and there is NO PENALTY for lying to the court in order to deliberately injure another person, and no provision is made for accusations made by the mentally ill. The violence against women act is a good law, but is out of balance and dangerous to many innocent men, who are often unaware that the order has been filed until the police show up to throw them out of their home. Penalties must be added for lying to the courts to obtain false restraining orders, in order to deliberately and falsely injure another party. We the people of the United States of America, demand that our Lawmakers address this gross inequity in the law and redress the wrongs done by ensuring that the abuses will be stopped and that deliberate abuses will be punished by law."
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