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Victims Assistance Advocates

Victims Assistance Advocates

Here are the dirty tricks that the system uses against the REAL victims of restraining orders - those falsely accused.

After over a decade of defending persons falsely accused of abuse in restraining orders, some clear patterns emerge. These "dirty tricks" are used again and again against restraining order defendants, because they work so well in court.

Dirty Trick No. 1

The So-Called "Victim Witness Advocate", usually working out her own tortured past in an orgy of revenge against men, will tell the woman how to falsely claim she has been abused or fears abuse.

Every court now has a strange creature on its staff known as a victim-witness advocate, whose job is to assist women to obtain restraining orders. This odious person is paid for by tax dollars, often from a "Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA) grant. They are usually horribly maladjusted, and seek the job in order to wreak revenge on some figure in their own life, real or imagined, who may have wronged them in the past. The advocate, inevitably a woman, often deeply emotionally scarred, is frequently working out her own twisted past vicariously through the women she "helps", and is intent on taking it out on every man she can ruin, through her "clients". If you wanted revenge on the male of the species, there is no better job.

This so-called "advocate" will sit with the woman seeking a restraining order, and help her fill out the application for it, and give her the language that she knows will provoke the judge to issue an order. That is why the same phrases appear so often:

Read the rest of this excellent Victims Assistance article, written by our friends at

I posted the above article from Massoutrage. I personally did not have a good experience with one Hillsborough County Victims Assistance Advocate.
I am posting the video below to present another side to the story about Victims Assistance.

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