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Tampa teacher charged with aggravated stalking

Another "He Said, She Said" Arrest for aggravated stalking.
Unfortunately, under our current stalking Laws, all a disgruntled EX has to do is keep calling the Police with her new boyfriend, or other co conspirators as "witnesses" you stalked her.
This poor man will have the stalking arrest forever on his record, even if he wins in court!

Tampa teacher charged with aggravated stalking
By Alexandra Zayas, Times Staff Writer

TAMPA — A Hillsborough County teacher was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated stalking after, deputies say, he called his ex-wife and threatened her with violence.

Steven Ernest Hoskinson, 50, used to teach at Smith Middle School but was out for much of last year for health reasons. He was set to start the school year as a math teacher at Rampello Downtown Partnership School, but the Hillsborough School District has sent a letter telling him to stay home.

District spokesman Steve Hegarty said Hoskinson will remain on a paid leave of absence until the School Board votes on whether to suspend his pay.

Hoskinson and his ex-wife divorced seven years ago. Court records show she filed a domestic violence complaint against him in May, but a judge dismissed it, citing insufficient evidence.

He then was accused of calling his ex-wife and threatening to bash her face in, said Hillsborough sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter. He was picked up Monday on a warrant at his Davis Islands home at 6:20 a.m. and released from the Orient Road Jail on $2,000 bail shortly after.

Alexandra Zayas can be reached at or (813) 226-3354. Times researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this story.


  1. Unfortunately, no one knows what really happened. People will say and do anything to keep a child from the father. Even violate court orders. However, because they are a woman, the man is automatically thought to have to pay child support. However this was not the case. It was a deliberate act to keep the child from her father and ruin his career.

  2. The Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office has "lobbied" the Tampa Police and HCSO to start using the new Aggravated Stalking Laws in Domestic Violence cases. It almost guarantees the States Attorneys Office here in Hillsborough County Florida a Domestic Violence conviction.
    Why ? Because Aggravated Stalking is a serious Felony that can carry mandatory incarceration in Florida State Prison. People will almost always plead guilty to a lesser offense when the State Attorney offers it, vs facing certain time in Prison, whether really guilty, or not.
    Thus, The Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office looks "good" at re election time, as they Trumpet their "high conviction rate". All a high conviction rate really means is Hillsborough County Citizens are being so grossly overcharged, they have little choice BUT to plead guilty, or face financial ruin fighting city hall.
    Unfortunately, as in your opinion above, people have figured out ways to use the domestic violence laws in Tampa to get an advantage in a divorce, or child custody case. Law enforcement officers in hillsborough county are being used as unwitting allies in this deception. It is very sad.

  3. It is very sad indeed, Very sad that someones Lies can and do send people to Jail or Prison everyday, The states the county's and the city's Earn a lot of Money/Capital from these Propaganda Cases.

  4. 68% to 78% Of All Races Officers Tampa Police Officers, Hillsborough County Sheriffs Officers, State Troopers, DOT Officers Etc are Very Trigger Happy They know its very easy to justify the Killing of of Anyone They Chose, With a Simple Lie or a Reply like I was in Fear of my Life, or The Old I Thought he or she had a Gun, or the Claim he or she went into there pockets or he or she reached for something, he or she walked,ran or advanced towards me.

  5. After the 2 tampa florida cops got shot, I can undeerstand why the police in hillsborough county would be scared or nervous. If I get pulled over at night, I turn on my cars interior lights, and do what the cop asks of me. I keep my hands where they can see them, and don't do anything sudden or stupid. While I agree there are some cops that may be better suited for desk duty because they are scared, I would be too. They never know when a routine traffic stop may be the end of their lives.

  6. The original case complaint against him in May, was dismissed by a judge , citing insufficient evidence. She imediately left that court house to the states attorneys office and filed charges on the same accusations. Tried twice for same offense. Isn't that a violation of the law in itself ? Need evedence ? Look up the time stamp when case was dismissed and accussed again. He didn't have time to leave the court house. Check phone records if you need proof he didn't make that call. Don't ruin the poor disabled man because of his inability to afford court. This woman should be tried along with others that violate rights of helpless people who just want a normal life with their children.

  7. Yes and it is also that way in a lot of other places to, here in Montana they hand out restraining orders like they were Halloween candy and there is nothing we can do about it