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Seal and Expunge Attorney in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL

Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record in Tampa Florida

Some people in Tampa suffer the consequences of having a criminal record in Hillsborough County, Florida, even through they are legally eligible to have their criminal record sealed or expunged by our Attorneys.

If you are interested in finding out more about having our Attorneys assist in sealing or expunging a criminal record in Tampa Florida, contact the Sammis Law Firm in Tampa at 813-250-0500.

Expunge Criminal Record Tampa Florida:

If the charges in your Hillsborough County Florida criminal case were dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed by the court then you may be eligible to expunge your criminal arrest record.

Seal Criminal Record Hillsborough County Florida:

If you were sentenced by the Judge to probation with a "withhold of adjudication" then you may be eligible to seal your criminal record assuming it is not on the list of ineligible offenses at the end of this page.

Contact a lawyer to find out more about how you can seal or expunge a criminal record in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Polk County, Pasco County, Manatee County, Hernando County, Orange County and Sarasota County, Florida. Find out more about the benefits of hiring a local experienced attorney to seal or expunge your county criminal record, including your arrest report, police report, mug shot, booking photo, and other embarrassing details about your arrest and criminal

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.*If you were put on probation and received a withhold of adjudication for one of the following offenses, you would not be eligible to seal or expunge your criminal record in Florida:

•Domestic violence, including misdemeanor domestic assault or misdemeanor domestic battery;

•§794 - Sexual Battery

•§825.1025 - Lewd or Lascivious act committed on or in presence of elderly or disabled person

•§796.03 - Procuring person under age 18 for prostitution

•§393.135 or §394.4593 - Sexual misconduct with a mentally ill person or developmentally disabled person

•§916.1075 - Sexual misconduct with mentally deficient of mentally ill

•§847.0133 - Delivery of obscene material to a minor

•§839 - Offenses by Public Officials or Employees

•§810.14 - Voyeurism

•§827.071 - Sexual Performance by a child

•§787.025 - Luring or Enticing a Child

•§817.034 - Scheme to Defraud

•§847.0135 - Computer Pornography

•§893.135 - Trafficking in a controlled substance

•§800.04 - Lewd or Lascivious act committed on or in presence of child under 16

•§847.0145 - Selling or Buying of minors for purposes of pornography

•§907.041 - [Listed Offenses]

•abuse of an elderly or disabled adult (aggravated);

•aggravated assault or battery

•sexual battery

•stalking or aggravated;


•aircraft piracy;


•manufacturing a controlled substance;

•child abuse or aggravated child abuse;


•lewd, lascivious assault in the presence of a child under 16 years;


•sexual activity with a minor

•act of terrorism;

•illegal use of explosives;



•home invasion robbery;

•burglary of a dwelling;

•conspiring or attempting to commit any above mentioned crimes in Florida.

Restraining Order Blog does not endorse or suggest Criminal Defense Attorneys in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Polk County, Pasco County, Manatee County, Hernando County, Orange County and Sarasota County, Florida.
This information is provided by us for our readers who may want to contact a Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney practicing seal and expunge court and arrest records law.


  1. My question involves restraining orders in the State of: FLORIDA

    I was arrested one night after a fight with my brother and charged with Domestic Battery and the DA filed an immediate Restraining Order, all because i am a law student and told the cops to submit their questions in writing to our family attorney. They didn't take too kind to that. Later the charges were NIFF'd > No Information Filed, meaning while they arrested me under the charge, they vacated the charges before any information was filed including an arrest report.

    I had this record expunged and even had the arrest removed from the database so that my picture and charging information was removed. I have heard that some people don't even get that done...

    My question relates to the RO brought against me, it never showed up till i ran a civil case search and sure enough BAM it was there. Mind you it never came up in the 1.5years after but here at 3years later it came up. Figured they are slow to process the civil case records.

    Is there a way to have the court seal/expunge or vacate the RO? I mean it didn't even expire it was removed once they decided not to charge and shows that it was cancled out.

    Im afraid to go to law professors as this is quite an embarrassment from years past as a teen.

  2. I am so sorry, I just saw your comment.
    I am not familiar with expungment law,
    My personal criminal record is so bad with all the restraining orders my ex filed against me that she tricked me into violating, I haven't a prayer of getting my criminal record expunged!
    Fortunately, those who know and are important to me know the truth!
    I would try and find an attorney, if I were you ?