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Restraining Order Attorney Brandon Florida

Brandon Florida Restraining Order Violation Attorney

 Brandon Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Ellis Faught (813) 681 4246  represented me in my restraining order violation case.
Ellis did an excellent job, considering the Hillsborough County States Attorney threw the book at me.
Restraining Order Blog does not endorse any one criminal defense attorney.
If you are charged with violation a restraining order in Brandon Florida , get a good lawyer as soon as possible.
If you are smart, the minute you are served with a temporary restraining order, get a good criminal defense attorney to represent you at the FIRST hearing, before the injunction is made permanent.
Please be aware, that your ex can play a lot of "fun and games" to get you locked up, once she has an injunction against you!
Fight It with a good Brandon Florida  criminal defense attorney.
Do not make the big mistake I did, and represent yourself, at the first hearing of the temporary injunction !

Brandon Florida Violation of a Restraining Order Defense Lawyer

Have you been served a restraining order in Brandon Florida ?
A good Brandon Florida criminal defense lawyer can help you get your life back in order.

A restraining order is a legal order that is issued by a court of law that forbids the subject of the restraining order from making contact with the person who filed for the order. Contact includes speaking with the person, being within a set proximity of the person, calling the person, emailing the person, or even writing to the person. These are often issued in cases of domestic violence. Once a restraining order has been filed, the subject of the order must cease all forms of contact. If the person does not stop contacting the filer of the order, the person can be charged with violation of a restraining order.
Under the new Florida Domestic Violence Laws, with 3 or more violations of a restraining order, you can be charged with Felony Aggravated Stalking !
When I was in the Hillsborough County Orient Road and Falkenburg Jail in Tampa, I saw plenty of people doing 6 months to one year in Jail for violating a restraining order.
Most of these unfortunate people did not have a private criminal defense attorney.
The Public Defenders Office in Hillsborough County, Florida is overworked.
It is my experience you really need a private criminal defense lawyer to keep you out of Jail.

Once a person is charged with violation of a restraining order in Brandon Florida , he/she may have to spend time in jail or pay large fines. Additionally, the order may be extended to prohibit any additional contact in the future. By violating Brandon Florida  restraining orders, people place themselves in an uncertain predicament which can result in harsh legal consequences. By consulting a Brandon Florida  defense attorney immediately upon any accusation, arrest or charge involving a restraining order violation, a person an avoid the harsh penalties that are associated with this offense.

A Brandon Florida  restraining order defense attorney may also be able to help you have a restraining order lifted. When a restraining order is sought for frivolous or untrue reasons, it is important that justice be served. A Brandon Florida  criminal lawyer like Ellis Faught may be able to help by proving that the restraining order was served based upon false accusations or information.

A  Brandon Florida Restraining Order Defense Attorney Can Help get you justice!

When a person has been charged with or arrested for violating a restraining order in Brandon Florida , it is imperative that the person consult with a skilled Brandon Florida  criminal defense attorney. A good defense lawyer can get involved from the onset of the legal process and provide valuable insight and direction. Additionally, an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney can negotiate with judges and prosecutors to possibly have Brandon Florida  restraining order violation charges reduced, or in some cases, dismissed entirely.

Brandon Florida  Restraining Order Defense Attorney Ellis Faught Jr 813 - 681 - 4246

If you have been charged with violating a restraining order in Brandon Florida , and you would like to speak with an experienced and qualified Brandon Florida criminal defense attorney, call Ellis Faught at 813 - 681 - 4246 or contact a Brandon FL Restraining Order Attorney by Email at


  1. Dear Author !
    It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.

  2. Thank You !
    Restraining Order Blog serves the useful and legitimate purpose of providing restraining order defense and experience information.
    Most people have never had a false restraining order put in place against them, and went to jail over it.
    There is something really wrong with a restraining order law that allows the "victim"
    to contact and see you all she wants, but when you see or contact her, she can put you in jail for violating a restraining order!

  3. Are you kidding? This guy looks and acts like a child molester with a law degree. I went up pro se against him and kicked his butt. My document preparation impressed Ellis so greatly that he thought a licensed lawyer did it. He's creepy and a slimeball. But, I guess is you commit slimball offenses, then you deserve a slimeball lawyer.

  4. LOL, how did you go up "pro se" against Ellis?
    He is a Criminal Defense Lawyer, represents Defendants in Criminal Cases against States Attorneys, who could hardly be called "Pro Se".
    I am not a criminal defense attorney, so I am not real acquainted with the terminology Lawyers use. But I think Pro Se means to represent yourself ? Ellis is not a hillsborough county prosecutor, he is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brandon FL.